Can students apply for studying abroad on their own?

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Srishti Chatterjee
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Updated on Nov 10, 2021 16:56 IST

Can students apply for studying abroad on their own?

Studying abroad is costly, and hence, a lot of aspirants consider applying on their own to save at least the money chargeable by the overseas education consultancies. You would be glad to know that there are several free study abroad consultants, who can help you with their expertise and connections across the recognised global universities.

The procedure of applying to abroad universities is undeniably long and demands a lot of awareness. Fortunately, there are some cases where the hard work done by applicants pays off and they get the admissions from good colleges. This requires them to conduct a really good research on the abroad education industry along with patiently following the exhausting procedure till the end while keeping their hopes high even after multiple rejections. Applications made for the very first time often get rejected and it becomes really difficult to continue for those who can’t handle rejections. The time and money spent in making the applications that get rejected are entirely wasted, and you cannot get that back. To save yourself from this disappointment, you can always take help from the outside agents.

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Check out the difference between Self-Apply and Outside Agents.

Each year lakhs of students from India apply to universities abroad. Certainly, all of them do not get admits. The number of applications made by Indian aspirants is much higher than the number of admits received by them. On average, only 15-20% of students get admission abroad, out of which some percentage still cannot join the institutes for some or the other reason. The number of students who actually go and study is much less than expected. Considering such a huge difference, it can be identified that the market is full of competition. In order to rank in the top 10% of the successful students who live their dreams, one needs to be really determined and focussed.

Evidently, the students who successfully make it to their dream university have either got an excellent profile or in-depth domain knowledge. Ranging from university shortlisting to flying abroad, everything requires immense domain knowledge. The steps include:

  • Course finalisation

  • Country selection

  • Evaluating your profile eligibility

  • University shortlisting

  • Understanding the university requirements

  • Arranging transcripts

  • Preparation of supporting documents

  • Making the application to college/university

  • Clearing the college interviews

  • Filing VISA Application

  • Cracking VISA interview

  • Applying for education loan

  • Assisting you till the loan gets sanctioned

  • Booking air tickets

  • Foreign currency exchange

The list itself seems exhausting, doesn't it?

How would you feel if you had an external help to get you through all these steps without charging a single penny from you?

Did you know that thousands of students with an average or below-average candidature are living their dreams? How did they do it?

The single answer to the above questions is Study Abroad Consultants.

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With the wide array of services they have to offer, the overseas education consultants can help you in each and every step ranging from profile evaluation to confidently cracking those difficult interviews and getting through the tiring visa applications and loan approvals. The commendable jobs they do to present your profile strongly in some way helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses. They guide you with working on your weaknesses and overcoming all the obstacles you might be facing while applying on your own.

Check out the difference between Paid and Free Consultants.

The counsellors they hire to hold huge domain expertise and are aware of the latest industry trends. They are trained to serve you on a case-to-case basis, some counsellors are expert with the region you choose to study in while some are skilled with the kind of a course you wish to apply for. By conducting brainstorming sessions with you, they get to understand your academic aspirations, which they then utilise to evaluate your profiles properly and put forth an excellent shortlisting of universities where you can apply. In case you have a predefined list of universities, they help you explore the other relevant options while keeping your preferences on the top. If you are certain of applying to a particular university, they help you with the best guidance on how to reach there.

A surprising fact about taking services from the consultants is that the chances of receiving scholarships and assistantships increase. They can help you explore the multiple options available in the colleges and countries of your choice. Apart from this, the editorial services provided by these consultancies help you get all the documentation work done easily. They help you with editing the supporting documents you need while making the application, such as SOPs, Admission Essays, LORs, CVs, etc. In addition to the different kinds of specific-essays required by the universities, the editors also help you in drafting your scholarship essays. In the case of business and undergraduate courses or management studies, the applicants need to submit various kinds of university-specific essays. The consultants provide you with samples of some selected essays to refer and also give you guidelines and formats for the creation of your draft from scratch. Once these are finalised by the editors, they guide you with using these supporting documents along with your academic transcripts in making the application to your chosen university or college.

Did you know that there is a difference between University and College?

Then comes the part of the interview. A lot of acclaimed business schools evaluate your candidature with university interviews along with your transcripts, score in the standardised admission tests, supporting documents. The consultants help you prepare for the same to impress the admission committee with confidence. The next step is getting your loans and visa interviews cleared, which is a huge challenge. Students often fail to crack the difficult visa interviews due to lack of knowledge and preparation. The consultants have a major role to play in this context as well. Their tie-ups with various backs also help you get your loan approved and sanctioned easily.

With easily available information on the internet, you can always apply on your own. However, you need to be really proactive and updated with industrial trends. Following the step-by-step procedure for applying to abroad universities would require you to connect with the experts at some of the other points in time. You might also want to connect with the students already studying in your dream country or college to share their experiences and providing you with feedback. When you contact the consultancies, they can make this task much easier for you. By helping get connected you with the students already studying abroad as well as the students who availed services from them.

So what are you planning next, would you apply on your own or take help from the study abroad experts? If you have tried applying on your own before or you are going to do so in the near future, do remember to share your experiences below to help the future aspirants.


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Gaurav Khurana

a year ago


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a year ago

Hello, i am Mor Samb. i am from Senegal. currently i am international student in india. i am doing my diploma course for Automobile Engineering for three years and i will be Graduated in the year 2024. Please, can i apply for bachelor for USA after completion of my Course in india? Here is my email


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Sudha Thanmai

a year ago

Hi am Sudha , my age is 33 yrs and am planning to fly to Scotland / UK/ Canada for Job ...I did My UG in B.Sc Nursing with 3+years of experience and PG in Master's in Hospital Management with 7+ years of experience in Administration ..Could you suggest the best way to get a job in these mentioned co


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Srishti ChatterjeeStudy Abroad Expert

a year ago

Hi, we provide guidance for study abroad only, not for employment.

Hi i am vinay , i have a low cgpa of 7.2 and according to our college it is 68% and i am adamant about joining a good college (with Embedded systems course) ,will doing an Mtech and passing out with better grade help me in anyway?Currently i am a working professional

Reply to learner lifelong


Srishti ChatterjeeStudy Abroad Expert

a year ago

Yes, that will help. Additionally, you should have a good IELTS/TOEFL score as well.


Anu Minhas

a year ago

Hi m aastha... I wanted to pursue my further studies from Germany and wanted counselling and assistance from but when m requesting a call back a message is constantly being shown that my profile doesn't meet the entry requirements. Can u tell me what m I supposed to do for this?

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