SAT 2023 Exam Registration: Check Application Process, Eligibility, Dates, Fees


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Updated on Sep 1, 2023 17:15 IST

All the students seeking admission to undergraduate courses abroad will have to appear for the SAT exam if the university accepts its scores. In order to appear for the SAT exam, the applicant will have to register for the SAT exam. SAT Registration can be done through online and offline modes. Usually, SAT registration is conveniently done online mode. In case an applicant misses out on the proposed SAT's registration deadline then there is a provision for the SAT exam's late registration too for international students. Those applying for the SAT exam in the late registration window will have to pay an additional fee. In case the applicants wish to reschedule their SAT exam dates, they can head back to their SAT registration forms and pay an additional fee, select new SAT exam dates plus SAT exam centre and submit with the fee. 

SAT Eligibility 2023

There are no particular eligibility criteria for SAT proposed by the conducting body of SAT - College Board. You need to be an enrolled high school student, with the intent of applying to foreign undergraduate universities. However, those who are below 13 years of age cannot register for SAT on their own, their parent or guardian can do it on their behalf. Plus, it is always better to appear for SAT exam in class XI or XII or after passing out from school. 

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SAT Exam Registration Dates 2023

Before registering for SAT exam in 2023, applicants must check the SAT registration dates in order to avoid late registration charges. The SAT exam registrations usually happen 3-4 weeks before the proposed SAT exam date and the late SAT registrations can be done 2 weeks before the SAT exam. In order to keep track of the SAT registrations, applicants can check out the following SAT 2023 registration dates:

SAT Exam Date 2023 (Digital) SAT Exam Registration 2023
August 26, 2023 August 11, 2023
October 7, 2023 September 22, 2023
November 4, 2023 October 20, 2023
December 2, 2023 November 17, 2023

Please note, that the above given SAT registration details are for the upcoming SAT exam only as given out by College Board. Thus, applicants must validate all details before proceeding with SAT exam registrations. 

Steps to Register for SAT Exam 2023

When applicants decide to sit for SAT, the first question that comes up is how to register for the SAT exam. Applicants can follow the below-given steps to apply for SAT exam and register well before the time and proposed SAT registration deadlines:

Step 1: Visit College Board's official website: and create your account.

How to Register for SAT

Step 2: After successfully creating your College Board account, give your personal details.

How to Register for SAT


Step 3: Create your student profile.

  • Give your high school details.
  • Give your academic details.
  • Details related to extracurricular activities.
  • College-level details: College type, college size, majors.

How to Register for SAT

Step 4: Select Test Date and Test Center

How to Register for SAT

Step 5: Upload your picture.

How to Register for SAT

Step 6: Pay the SAT test fee using a credit card or PayPal.

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Two Ways for SAT Registration 2023

There are other ways to register for SAT 2023 exam, check out the processes given below for reference:

Register by Mail

Apart from online SAT registration, aspirants can also register through the mail in India. Below mentioned the process of SAT registration 2023 by mail in India.

  • You first need ‘The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests’, which is available at schools.
  • The guide includes a registration form and a return envelope.
  • The form needs to be sent along with a demand draft.
  • The local representative of the SAT in India is the USIEF. The mailed forms will be directed to their regional office.

Q:   What is the ideal way to register for SAT exam as Indian student?


The ideal way to register for SAT exam as an Indian student is through the online mode. Since the process of online SAT registration is easier, more flexible and accessiblilty is any day better, it is only feasible to apply for the SAT exam online. The process of offline registration for SAT can be tedious and may not allow students to make changes in the already submitted application. 

Also those who wish to re-register for SAT if they miss on the already registered SAT date is possible through the online application mode and not applicable for offline registration modes. In case the applicants wish to register for the SAT exam on a late registration deadline, then this is also possible through the online mode in place of the time taking offline mode of application. 

Thus, if applying as an Indian national, the applicants can register for the SAT exam online and submit their photographs also at a later date, make possible changes at a given point of time, easily switch SAT exam dates and register for another SAT exam easily or even apply for the SAT exam on a late registration date, plus making payments for the SAT exam is for sure better and safer online rather the time taking demand draft payment for the offline mode of registration. Hence, Indian applicants should choose to go with the SAT online registration rather than the offline registration. 

Q:   What is the SAT registration fee for Indian students?


The cost of registering for SAT exam is USD 60 for Indian students. There is an additional fee for appearing for the SAT Digital exam which is around USD 43. In Indian currency the SAT registration cost is INR 4,921 approximately. The SAT registration fee + SAT Digital exam fee total makes USD 103, this amount has to be paid together while registering for SAT exam. 

However, for late SAT exam registrations, applicants will have to submit an additional fee too. The following are some of the cases where an international applicant will have to submit an additional fee while registering for SAT exam:

  • Late registration fee of USD 30 is charged from international students registering for SAT exam after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadlines.
  • In case the applicants wish to change the SAT test centre after registration they will have to pay an additional fee of USD 25 for the same.
  • For cancelling the SAT exam registration within the set timeline, applicants will have to pay USD 25.
  • However, those who cancel the SAT exam registration after the change deadline, will be charged an additional fee of USD 35.

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SAT Exam Late & Reschedule Fee 2023

Aspirants looking to change their SAT test date in India are required to pay $25 extra.

SAT Reschedule Fee Types

SAT Reschedule Fees

Date/Test Centre Change Fee


Late Registration Fee


Register by Phone


Waitlist Fee


SAT 2023 Cancellation Fee

Aspirants looking for SAT cancellation fees in India should know that cancelling the SAT test would be costly, no matter how soon you cancel the test you will not be receiving a full refund. You need to call at least 5 days before the SAT test date to receive a refund of $10. It does not matter whether you have booked a slot for just SAT test or SAT with Essay, you will only receive a partial refund.

SAT Cancellation Fee Types


Fees Charged

Cancel registration fee

You need to pay this fee for cancelling your registration by the change deadline


Late cancel registration fee

You need to pay this fee for cancelling your registration after the change deadline through test day


SAT Exam 2023 Centers

The SAT exam is conducted at the test centres in India. Almost across all major Indian states and cities, SAT conducts the exam across its designated centres. Check out the following major cities where SAT exam centres are available during SAT registrations for Indian students:

  • New Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Calcutta
  • Cochin
  • Pune
  • Mussoorie
  • Kodaikanal
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai

Please note that these cities have multiple test centres and only one SAT exam centre can be chosen at the time of registration. 

SAT Registration 2023 FAQs

Q. How to register for SAT?

A. There are six easy steps to register for SAT exam:

  1. Register on College Board website for SAT.
  2. Using the login credentials, re-login and click on SAT Registration.
  3. Begin submitting each section of the application.
  4. Choose your country and SAT exam centre.
  5. Pay the fee for SAT registration and submit your application.
  6. Also upload your headshot picture, for security purposes beforehand.

Q. What is SAT exam registration eligibility?

A. As such there are no eligibility criteria laid down by The College Board for registering for the SAT exam. However, since SAT is for admission to undergraduate programs candidates are advised to appear for their SAT while in class XII or after passing out from class XII. Also, those who decide to apply abroad for an udergraduate course admission and their university requires them to submit a SAT score are also eligible to register for SAT and appear for the exam too. 

Q. Can a student register for SAT exam after the 12th?

A. Yes, international students should ideally register for SAT after their class XII whether or not their results have been announced. The students who already make up their minds during their board exams or after board exams to apply to foreign universities can register for SAT exam. They can choose their dates with utmost care and register for those SAT exam dates when they would have some preparation for it and would be able to appear for the exam as well. 

Q. How to register for SAT in India?

A. SAT exam registration in India is similar to the common process of registering in any other country. The students can folluiow the same steps for SAT registration that have already been discussed in the article above and the answer above. SAT registration steps are are the same for all students irrespective of their country of exam and registration fees.

Q. Does College Board accept part payment for SAT exam registration?

A. No, College Board does not accept any part payments for SAT registrations. Rather the applicant will have to pay the entire amount together that too online via a credit card or through PayPal. There is no provision of accepting part payments for either SAT registration or SAT registration cancellation or for SAT exam date postponement. Applicants should ensure they have enough funds to cater to SAT registration fees and that the transaction doesn't abort in between.

Q. What all documents are required for SAT registrations?

A. In order to register for SAT exam, international or Indian students are required to just submit their headshot photograph for identification at the test centre. There is no other official government issued document required while registering for SAT exam. But these official documents would be required at the SAT test centre for the purpose of identification and double checking of information so that nobody else sits for the exam except for the authenticated candidate.

Q. Is it easy to register for SAT?

A. There are various steps to finish SAT registration and they can get tricky in between when you have to choose correct options while fillng in your details. The SAT registration includes:

  • Personal and parents' details - academic background.
  • Ranking per subject and GPA score.
  • Subject wise topics studied and till which level - Maths, English, Science & Social Studies.
  • High School activities - co-curricular.
  • Level of Education the applicant is aiming for.
  • And then ultimately registering for SAT by selecting your preferred test date and centre.

Q. Is SAT registration done once high school results are out?

A. There is no hard and fast rule that international applicants will have to register for SAT exam only when they have their GPA in hand. The students who have still not received their final GPA scores from their high school are still eligible to register for SAT exam. They can just give an estimated GPA score while registering for SAT exam after their discussion with school counsellor and designated people. Students thus, are eligible to register for SAT exam even without officially receiving their GPA scores.

Q. Can SAT registration be done five days before the exam?

A. No, students have to atleast register for SAT exam one month before the exam date. The students will not be able to register fo SAT exam five days prior to the exam. Hence its advisable for students to make up their minds beforehand, keep some time for their preparation for SAT exam and also some buffer time before applying to universities abroad else there will be a confusion and applicants will be in a no man's land and also end up losing their chance of admission in the term of application.

Q. How many times can I register for SAT?

A. Any given applicant can register for SAT exam as many times as they wish to. They can register for SAT exam atleast 12 times in a year. These 12 times can be consistently one after the other or can be with breaks as well. There is no restriction in registering for SAT exam. 




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Hello! There are 54 questions in the Reading + Writing section divided into 27 + 27 questions per module and there are 44 questions in the Math section. Please read the above-given details carefully for a better understanding.


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can I know the benefits of writing SAT exam

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Hello! Please elaborate on your query.


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It's been two years since I did my 12th, I am eligible for it in 2023?

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Hello Ishita! Yes, you are eligible to sit for SAT.


Ishita Yadav

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Its been a two year since I did my 12th?

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