Cost of Living in Ireland for International Students

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 12, 2023 19:00 IST

Cost of living in Ireland: The cost of living in Ireland forms an integral part of studying abroad. It is probably the other main component apart from tuition fees in Ireland that constitute the total cost of studying in Ireland. The cost of living in Ireland would greatly depend on a number of factors including, lifestyle choices, the standard of accommodation, leisure activities, and so on. A lot of times students going abroad to study wonder, whether part-time jobs in Ireland would fund living expenses. The short answer, No. The long answer, students are advised against relying on part-time jobs as their single source of income to fund their living expenses. However, for the benefit of our readers, we have provided an estimate of the amount of money one would look to spend around activities that make up living expenses.

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Cost of Living in Ireland

Read on as we bring together important factors that make up your cost of living in Ireland.


Students looking for accommodation could reach the country beforehand to look for housing options or book accommodation around the college, online. Note that the closer the accommodation is to the college, the more expensive it will be. However, transportation costs are affordable in Ireland, hence renting a room a little further away is never a problem.

If you share your apartment with other students or tenants, then the rent will be a lot less individually as it will be divided. The average rent for a two-room apartment within cities is around €1000-1200 per month, and €800-€900 in suburban areas. In addition to this, the student would have to pay utilities such as electricity bills and maintenance charges. On-campus boarding could cost students anything between €600-€800 per month.

Accommodation Costs in Ireland

Expense Average Cost Range per month
Option 1 - On-Campus Accommodation €600 - €680
Option 2 - Private Complex €600 - €1,000
Option 3- Private rental (house share) €500 – 600 (bills not included)


Students generally prefer a mix of eating out and cooking in. It could be slightly difficult for students to find Indian food ingredients, however, the wide range of Irish food will not allow you to miss home even for once.  Here is an average expense list for international students studying in Ireland 

Sample Shopping Costs Price
Apples / Bananas / Oranges €0.30 - €0.50
Butter 250g €1.80
Milk 1 litre €1.15
Eggs 6 pack €1.60
Bread Loaf 800g €1.50
Cornflakes 500g €3.00
Chicken Breast / Tuna 300g €3.75
Coca-Cola can 330ml €0.85
Coffee 100g €3.49
Pasta 500g €1.75
Potatoes 1kg €2.00
Rice 500g €1.25
McDonald's Big Mac Meal €7.50

Public Transportation

Commuting in Ireland is relatively convenient for international students given Ireland’s extensive public transport systems. This is an important point to consider as you would be living on your own in a foreign country and you would be exploring the country or travelling to your university/college. Hence, the affordable cost of transportation will make your movement around the country that much easier. 

Particulars Expense
Bus Ticket – Single Ride €2.10

Bus Ticket – Monthly Pass


Miscellaneous Components

This is what a typical living expenditure would look like for Indian students going to Ireland to pursue higher education. Other components that should be taken into account are, utilities, personal expenses, and leisure activities such as movie outings and restaurant visits would cost you over and above. However candidates should note that the rates could vary depending on market conditions, but this is what the candidate would be spending in Ireland.

Living Expenses in Ireland for International Students - At a Glance

Particulars Expense
Overall Expense (excluding Accommodation) €640 - €880
Overall Expense (including Accommodation) €1,240 - €1880
Mobile Phone €20
Personal Expenses (Social/Sports) €200 - €300
Utilities (Electric/Gas/Refuse) €30 - €50
Food €250 - €350
Travel (Monthly Bus Ticket) €65 - €85
Textbook & Materials €75
Nike Running Shoes €70.00
Cinema Ticket €9.00
Washing Powder 3kg €4.35
Toothpaste 100ml €2.99
Toilet Tissue 4 Roll €2.00

Note: the tabular data has been sourced from the official website of University College Cork, Ireland

If you want to know more about studying in Ireland, get in touch with us in the comments below or contact our counsellors at Shiksha Study Abroad Counselling

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