4 Steps to Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

4 Steps to Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

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Applying to universities abroad can be an exhausting process. All the running around to get your transcripts, the statement of purpose, and recommendations, in place, can be pretty daunting for most students. However, a call from your dream institute makes all the effort worth it. Similarly, framing your scholarship essay is a time-consuming process, but an extremely rewarding job. It is a matter of pride to study on scholarship not just for you but for your parents as well. Also, a good scholarship can cover almost all of your expenses, including return airfare, tuition fee, books, and accommodation costs.

Winning Scholarship Essay

Steps to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Here are 4 steps to write an impressionable scholarship essay:


Start by researching the scholarship you are targeting. Check out the history of the trust offering the scholarship, and figure out the key aspects they want in a successful candidate. Besides a strong academic background, generally, these trusts and societies look for qualities like leadership skills, honesty/integrity, innovative thinking, ability to take initiatives, and a well-rounded personality. Zero down on the qualities that the trust aspires for in its candidates and recollect from your life instances that can help you play out these qualities. For example, if you were the head boy/girl at school, leverage this to highlight how you steered the school’s functions through your leadership tenure. Also, researching the life stories of the past winners is a good idea as it will give you hints about the profiles that are most suited to the scholarship. You must read up on their history, and the course they are pursuing at the university, and evaluate your chances.


Once you have figured out what the scholarship-offering body is looking for, consider how you want to present your life’s story so that it suits their description. In your essay, focus on presenting information in a vivid way. Take time to plan the content that you wish to include in the essay. Do not try and look for sympathy when showing your need for the scholarship. Be determined in your approach, and present your case as a deserving student and not a distressed student. Therefore, think of instances where you emerged victorious, despite all odds in your favour. Create an outline for your essay with an idea of topics/ skills/ instances to be mentioned.

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Once you have planned your scholarship essay and are clear about all that you wish to include in it, the next step is to write it. Avoid fancy/flowery language; remember, they are not judging your word power; rather, they are interested in knowing you as a person and hearing about your qualities. Make sure to include everything asked for; scholarship applicants are eliminated quickly for not following directions. So, follow their guidelines carefully.


Errors in essays will not present you in a very good light. So, you should check for grammar mistakes before finalizing the copy. Always proofread your essay several times to figure out jumps and cuts and ensure that it flows smoothly, covering all essential requirements.

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