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Aishwarya Bhatnagar
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Updated on Jul 19, 2023 00:33 IST

When preparing an Academic Resume, there are simple rules and guidelines which every student must keep in mind. Essentially, they are not much different from a resume you normally prepare. The big difference is the absence of some sections like summary and objective statement or aim. Apart from that, the Academic Resume is a standard 1-2 page document that aims at capturing your candidature by highlighting your achievements. Learning how to write an impressive resume requires an understanding of both the content, which you should include, as well as an understanding of which format to follow. Let's have a look at an academic CV template for international students.

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Academic CV Template

Here is the format you can follow for MS/PhD courses:

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Complete postal address with city, pin code, state and country

Contact No: _________________; Email: ______________________


Wondering how to write educational qualification in resume? Look at the section below and understand what all should be included:

What? Where? When? CGPA?

  • Postgraduate Degree (Specialization), Name of the University/ Institute, City, Year, (CGPA/ percentage) (if applicable)
  • Undergraduate Degree (Specialization), Name of the University/ Institute, City, Year, (CGPA/ percentage) (if applicable)

This is the ideal educational qualification in resume format. Applicants can follow this and then other details can follow in the correct chronological order. 



Designation, Department, Organisation, City (when-when)

  • Key role: (in bullet points) Use this space to list down your role and responsibility
  • Keep the list brief, and to the point and use action words to begin your sentences, for example, developed, created, handled, led, demonstrated, innovated, initiated etc.
  • Highlight any special award you have received in the organization, any special appreciation or any innovative idea you might have implemented. Remember to highlight the result/outcome in the latter case.
  • Project Name: Mention the name of the client/ project you have worked on if applicable
  • Technologies Employed: If you have worked on any niche technology, mention it here
  • Note: List all the organizations you have worked in, in reverse chronology which means the most recent on top, and then before that and so on. For instance, you are presently working for ABC and before that, you were working with XYZ, then first mention ABC and follow the format to list down your experience with XYZ.



What? Where? When? Mention your findings and learning in each case



Mention in detail, if any

Also mention if participated in any exchange programs and how you were selected.



An important aspect; mention in detail all projects that have been undertaken. Please use the following format:


Location: Institution, City

Duration: (when – when)

Team Size:

Brief Description: (Write a short paragraph of 50-80 words here)

Individual Role: (Write in bullet points)



Mention in detail – where have you used those skills

  • Languages: Ex. C language, PHP, CSS
  • Database Management System: Ex. My SQL
  • Operating Systems: Ex. Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Design Software: Ex. CATIA, AutoCAD



Mention if any



Mention if any



Mention if any (for example, seminars, workshops, technical presentations or fests, conferences, papers, publications etc.)

  • Use this space to mention any papers that you presented/ published, any specific seminars you presented, conferences or workshops attended etc.
  • You can create separate sub-sections if the number is too high



Mention if any, with proper details of what, where, when, your role etc.

  • Highlight any extracurricular participation/ achievements.
  • List only inter-college, district, state, national or international-level events
  • Debates/ quizzes/ sports/ theatre are all to be clubbed
  • Write in reverse chronological order
  • Avoid listing out certificates received in school until they were of national/ international level



Mention if any, with proper details

Discuss any volunteer work or social work done


Tips for Writing an Exemplary Academic CV

While the format lists the sections you must include, here are a few basics of a good Academic Resume:

  • Font should be consistent
  • The resume should not exceed two pages
  • The document should be in ‘justified’ alignment
  • Mention content under each section in bullet points (not paragraph form)
  • Do NOT use personal pronouns (like – I, me, us, we etc.) in the resume
  • Do NOT use abbreviations (like etc., i.e.).
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Ramya Ratish

a year ago

Hi, Do I write my full name on the CV according to my passport or according to my government id?

Reply to Ramya Ratish


Rahul Singha

a year ago

Hello Ramya. Please note that your Passport is a part of your government ID. Hence, It is advisable to have the same name on all government IDs to avoid any kind of confusion later on.


Narayana Gupta

2 years ago

mam i am confused about the coaching centres , from which institute I shall take classes. Actually google has mixed reactions......i have taken demo class of Top 1 %............ is it good institute ?.

Reply to Narayana Gupta

Which coaching centres are you referring to and for what? Please clearly state your query so that we can help you accordingly.

Debanshu Dhyani

2 years ago

hello , i have a question what if there a gap after my garduation ,should i mention that in my resume .Do i need to justify that ?

Reply to Debanshu Dhyani

Shilpa Saxena

2 years ago

Dear Debanshu While applying to abroad universities, it is very essential to justify the gap years. However, they need to be justified via Essays or SOPs. Only if you have a certification or proof of any activity that can be included in the CV, you must do that. Otherwise, it is not mandatory to fil


i have completed my undergraduate from an institution , in my cv should i put the institution name or the university name . thank you

Reply to Naimur Rahman Durjoy

Shilpa Saxena

3 years ago

Dear Naimur, Ideally, you should write both the institute's as well as the university's name. Follow this: Completed from affiliated to with a score of __% OR with __ CGPA in Year.



3 years ago

I have completed my Diploma and Bachelors in Mechanical Engg. I studied my UG 3 years due to direct second year (lateral entry) admission. Do I need to submit my Diploma transcripts or UG Transcripts is suffice for my Masters in Canada? And also do I need to submit my 10th transcript Please advise.

Reply to YASH RAJ

Shilpa Saxena

3 years ago

Dear Yash, You would need to provide the transcripts of both your Diploma as well as Degree to prove your eligibility for a master's degree. A University may also ask you to provide your 10th mask sheet as well. So, it is recommended that keep all your academic proofs ready.

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