Sample Essays for Study Abroad: Steps for Essay Writing Tips

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As each university has its own queries and guidelines for evaluating an applicant’s profile, it is quite difficult to provide essay samples on different topics. There are numerous kinds of questions that colleges ask in their application forms; some may relate to the applicant’s professional experience or academic journey, or even some personal experiences. It is generally designed to analyse the applicant’s behaviour in different environments.

Admission Essay: What is it?

An admission essay is required by the admission committee to get an overall understanding of your profile and interest. There are many universities and colleges that do not require a Statement of Purpose (SOP) to evaluate your profile. Instead, they ask you to answer essay-type questions or about your past experiences in different situations. When answered by you, these essays portray your personality to better judge how you react in certain circumstances. This helps them evaluate your exact profile in a better way and see whether or not your profile is suitable for their course.

Types of Essay

Essays are of various types and even lengths. There are some essays that are specifically designed for UG and MBA applications. You may come across some essays that would ask you to share your leadership and management experiences, or some essays that focus on your goals with specified short and long-term career aspirations. There are also career progression essays that check your ideas on how you wish to progress in your career through the chosen course of study. Check out the different types of essays here. Check out the links to learn how to write different kinds of essays:

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A common problem that students often come across, while working on essays, is whether or not to pay attention to vocabulary or grammar. Also, they often get confused when there is a word limit in these essays. It is important for them to know that while they are writing their stories/essays they should not consider these factors in the first place, otherwise it may affect the quality of information they want to share. While writing an essay, it is essential that we feel free, as restrictions often result in loss of essential information as well as originality. However, it is always recommended that they cross-check the information provided by them at least twice, and on different days. Apart from this, a second opinion is always advisable as it helps in pointing out the mistakes that the writer can himself/herself not assess. Read: MBA Essays: Top University Essays in 2024

Step-by-Step Essay Writing Tips

Here are some writing tips to remember while drafting any essay:

  • Jot down the points: As soon as you read a topic, something comes to your mind since the freshness of thought adds weight to an essay. Each story is unique and you can make a quality essay with the essence of reality. It is essential that you note down every bit of information that strikes your mind to write after you have read the topic of your essay. However, you should not start writing in detail at this stage.
  • Read the question carefully once again: When asked in a twisted way, sometimes the topics can be confusing. It is very important to check out the question/essay topic before starting to write anything in detail.
  • Think over the points again: Whatever points you have written should be considered once again before being explained. They must relate to the question asked by the college and should be explained accordingly.
  • Make a framework: Now, you should create a rough outline of what needs to be mentioned above and what should come next. These points should relate to each other, event-wise, and make complete sense.
  • Expanding the points: In this step, you should start explaining the points noted in the first step and cross-checked earlier. The explanation should make sense and should be in flow. You should not go off track at all.
  • External help: It is suggested to take a second opinion before finalising your essay. A person who knows you or understands your profile would help in adding quality and depth to your content. Plus, you may get some extra inputs to add value to your essay.
  • Proof-read: Once you are done with writing the essay, leave it untouched for about 2-3 days. Then read it carefully and you will be able to see the areas of improvement. This happens because when you are writing something, it is quite obvious to miss out on some important detail, and also do random errors (grammatical or vocabulary-wise). When we read something after some time, we always see the flaws in it, which can then be corrected.

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It always helps if you connect with some study abroad experts to make your application more impactful. To get a clearer understanding of these tips, read the following articles:

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