Sweden Student Visa - Eligibility, Requirements, How to Apply

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Sweden Student Visa: Broadly, there are two different types of visas a person can apply for when planning to go to Sweden. A person intending to travel to Sweden for recreational purposes would apply for a Schengen Visa. This is essentially a visa that is valid for three months. It is typically used by tourists as this allows them a pass through the European Union’s Schengen Area. The other visa is called the Residence Permit for Sweden, which is a long-stay visa and can be applied for a variety of reasons. Students planning to study in Sweden have to apply for a Residence Permit or a Sweden Study Visa to legally enter the country for the purpose of the study.

Resident Permits are issued by the Swedish Migration Agency in Sweden but processed by the Swedish Embassy and Consulates in India.

Sweden Visa Processing Time

Since all visa applications are sent to Sweden, the Visa is processed in about 90 days. However, it might take longer and you are advised to start the process as soon as possible. Also, a paper application takes much longer than an online application. Hence, students are advised to opt for an online application.

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Sweden Study Visa Fees

Sweden Study Visa fee for Residence Permit for Study purposes for Sweden is SEK 1,500 at the current exchange rate. Students are required to make an online payment for the same by using a Visa or a MasterCard. (Both Credit and Bank/Debit Cards are acceptable).

Note: When making the online fee payment, you should keep in mind that the card you are using has the requisite balance and you can make international payments with the same. It would be advisable to speak with the issuing bank beforehand to be certain of the same.

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What documents are required for Student Visas to Sweden?

If you are applying for a Residence Permit in Sweden, you would have to provide certain documents. Even before you start the actual visa application, we suggest you must ensure you have all of the following documents.

  • A student must have a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months at the time of application. Also, the passport should be issued not earlier than 10 years preceding the time of application.
  • Students need an enrolment letter from a University in Sweden that clearly states the duration of the course and that they have paid (in full) the first instalment of the fees.
  • The student needs to note here that this must include a study period that is equivalent to at least 30 credits. In case your first semester does not equal 30 credits, you would have to pay a fee for two semesters. (Though this usually is not the case)
  • Proof of financial capacity: this means that you have the funds to pay for the course you are enrolled in as well as support your stay in the country. This could be in the form of a scholarship/ sponsor (public or private), student loan or own funds to the tune of SEK 9,450 for each month of your stay in Sweden, computed for the intended stay with a minimum of 10 months for every year of staying in Sweden.
  • You would be asked to provide proof of health insurance if your stay is less than 10 months. Students applying for longer stays would be provided with compulsory health insurance when they reach Sweden.
  • Class X/ XII/ Bachelors (whichever is applicable) Mark-sheet and Certificate showing clearly the year of completion of the course.
  • Your application would also ask you to submit a 1000-character (roughly 150 words) essay as to why you have chosen Sweden as the country for your studies. There is no specific format for the same but you have to give a specific reason for what you believe Sweden offers that your home country does not. 
  • Note: You are not required to submit all the certificates. The system would prompt you only to provide the last qualification/ work experience details. In case you wish to provide information for all the previous qualifications and/or work experience, you would have to provide relevant documentary proof.
  • For Paper Applications, you would need two sets of the documents – original as well as signed true copies of the same.
  • For Online, you would be required to upload the scanned copy of the original documents. Remember to scan and upload the original documents and not the photocopies.
  • Also, for online applications, the attached documents should not be larger than 2MB and in acceptable formats. PDF and JPEG are always the preferred formats for official documentation.

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How to apply for a Swedish Student Visa

Candidates are required to follow the steps mentioned below to successfully apply for their Swedish Study Visa. 

  • Confirm your admission to a Swedish university and prepare the documents as per the checklist mentioned above
  • Confirm health insurance (if applicable)
  • Fill out the residence permit application form online by logging into the Migrationsverket Website.
  • Upload the documents and submit your application.
  • Pay the visa fee of SEK 1,500 through a Visa/ Mastercard
  • Receive confirmation from the consulate/ embassy
  • Submit your biometric information and photograph at the nearest embassy/ consulate office of Sweden on receiving the email

Working while on Student Visa in Sweden?

International students can work while they are pursuing their education in Sweden. There is no upper limit to the number of hours a student can work for. However, a student is required to mandatorily complete a minimum study of 40 hours a week. Most of the Universities in Sweden have their own career cells where students can be assisted in finding appropriate part-time options.

Working after Studies

Students who have completed their studies in Sweden can apply for and get an extension of their Residence Permit for 6 months to seek suitable employment. Once the student has an appropriate job, s/he would be required to have a Work Permit for Sweden. Students can also seek a Residence Permit to start their own business in Sweden.

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Scholarships for studying in Sweden

A large number of international students prefer Sweden for pursuing higher studies. But, pursuing an education in Sweden does not come cheap. Therefore, students have to look for different ways to arrange funds to cover tuition fees and living costs. Considering the demand of the students' various universities in Sweden offer scholarships to international students. Below we have given some popular scholarships for studying in Sweden.

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Sweden Student Visa FAQs

Q. What is the student visa processing time for Sweden?

A. It takes time to process a student visa for Sweden. Sweden does not have a special kind of visa for students. Anyone seeking to stay in Sweden for more than 90 days is required to apply for a residence permit. The Swedish Migration Agency is responsible for accepting or rejecting your visa application. Therefore, your student visa applications are sent to Sweden. It usually takes around 90 days to process your visa application. Students are advised to apply for a student visa as early as possible. A Paper visa application takes much longer than an online application, hence students are advised to opt for an online application.

Q. What is the cost of a student visa for Sweden?

A. The Embassy of Sweden in India only cooperates with VFS Global in India and Nepal. The Schengen visa application fee is tied to the euro. From April 15, 2021, the visa application fee for Adults is €80, whereas for children (age 6-12) the visa application fee is €40. Citizens of countries that have signed visa facilitation agreements with the EU pay a reduced fee or are exempt from payment. Visits longer than 90 days require D Visa. The revised visa application fee from April 4, 2021, is €60. However, the visa application fee for children (age 0-6) is nil. The visitor’s permit for Adults is SEK 1,500 and for Children under 18 is SEK 750. 

Q. How to pay the visa application fee?

A. VFS global official service provider to Sweden embassy to process the visa applications in India. You can pay for your visa applications at VFS Global visa application centres in India. You can pay in cash or with a debit/credit card. If someone decides to apply directly via Swedish Embassy then you can pay fees by bank draft, UPI payments or a bank card. Payment made by Bank Draft should be in favour of the “Embassy of Sweden (Visa)”. Bank drafts have to be made for each application. Collective Bank drafts are not accepted. 

Q. What is the quickest way to get a residence permit for Sweden?

A. Students who are non-EU nationals and their course of study require them to stay in Sweden for more than 90 days, need to apply for a residence permit. However, if your course of study requires you to stay in Sweden for less than three months and you are not an EU citizen then you may need a visa instead. The fastest way to get a residence permit to study at universities and colleges in Sweden is to apply online. Since all the visa-related decisions are taken by Swedish Immigration Authority in Sweden all the online applications go directly to the Swedish Immigration Authority and are given priority. Meanwhile, if you do not wish to apply online or wish to study other than at university or college, you can submit your application documents at the Swedish Embassy in person. 

Q. How can I submit my biometrics for a residence permit card?

A. To submit biometrics for the residence permit card, the applicant is required to visit the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi. You are required to bring the passport registered in the application for identification. It is not necessary to submit your biometrics before the approval on your residence permit. You can submit your biometrics before or after a decision on your residence permit application is taken. Once you get the control number on your application, you can go to the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi during the biometrics submission hours along with the original passport to submit your biometrics. 

Q. How long it takes to get a residence permit card?

A. First you apply via an online application form to get a residence permit in Sweden. Once your application for a residence permit is accepted and you are granted a permit to stay in Sweden for longer than three months, a residence permit card is issued before you depart for Sweden. Residence permit cards are only proof of residence permit, you can not use them as Identity cards or travel documents. Your residence permit is checked by the Embassy and after that, a notification is sent to you via email. You can then visit the Embassy of Sweden along with your passport to collect your residence permit card during the collection hours at the Embassy. 

Q. Can I work while studying in Sweden?

A. Yes, you can work while studying in Sweden. If you are pursuing a course longer than three months, then you are required to get a residence permit for Sweden. The residence permit of Sweden allows international students to work while studying. However, you should keep in mind that your working hours should not affect your study and you are able to perform better academically. Working for 20 hours a week is advisable for international students, as this is the norm all over the world for international students working while studying. 

Q. Is there any scholarship for international students in Sweden?

A. Sweden is not cheap, it is one of the very expensive countries in the world for international students in terms of cost of living and cost of tuition. Therefore, the scholarship becomes one of the most desirable things for international students going to Sweden for higher education. There are several scholarships available to international students. Universities provide scholarships at their level to international students. There are several merits and need-based scholarships as well. Besides this, there are several external agencies which offer scholarships to international students.

Q. What are the documents required for a student visa to Sweden?

A. Documents required depends on what kind of visa you are applying for, for courses shorter than three months you need to apply for a normal visa. However, for courses longer than three months, you are required to apply for a residence permit. To apply for a residence permit you need a valid passport which has a validity of at least six months at the time of application. Students are also required an enrollment letter form  university in Sweden, health insurance, and essay. 

Q. Do I need to give proof of financial capacity for a student visa to Sweden?

A. Yes, you need to present a proof of financial capacity, i.e., you have funds to pay for the course you are enrolled in a Swedish university. Your proof of financial capacity should also show that you have enough fund to support your stay in Sweden. You can present proof of financial security via scholarship, sponsor, student loan or own funds. You must have at least SEK 8,190 for each month of their stay in Sweden, computed for the intended stay with a minimum of 10 months for every year of studying in Sweden. 

Q. What is a Schengen visa for Sweden?

A. If the duration of your travel to Sweden is less than three months, then you are required to apply for a Schengen visa. A Schengen visa is issued for a maximum of 90 days. Schengen visa allows you to travel across all the countries of Schengen region. All the travelers are responsible for verifying the travel restriction in place before departure. A Schengen visa is not a guarantee for entry to Sweden or the Schengen area. The Border Police of Sweden determines whether an individual meets the entry conditions or not. 

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Hello Pavan. To apply for a Sweden Student Visa you will be required to apply to one of the Swedish Universities. Once you have successfully got an acceptance letter, you can go ahead with applying for the Sweden Studnet Visa. Every university would have its individual admission criteria. Check ou


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