Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for MBA Programs with Samples

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for MBA Programs with Samples

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Rahul Singha
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Mar 30, 2023 00:41 IST

The following is a sample letter of recommendation (LOR) written by a supervisor. Most often, professional LORs or LOR from a Supervisor or a Colleague are asked by Admission Committees for MBA applicants where work experience is necessary. Shiksha.com strongly recommends that applicants use this article as a point of reference only.

“As Chief Manager, Marketing, in the XXX department, at Tribal Fusion Private Limited, NOIDA, I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Mr ABC, a highly suitable prospective research student, who should undoubtedly be given a chance to prove his mettle in his desired field of study. I have known ABC for over two years now, during which time, he has been a vital part of my team at this organisation. He is my subordinate in various projects and reports directly to me.

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ABC is a professional software developer of the highest calibre, whose meticulous implementation of projects has earned him praise from all his teammates as well as seniors. He possesses strong analytical and programming skills. During his tenure, he developed projects like X, Y, and Z for the company EFG. He also possesses in-depth knowledge of analysis, design, and development in Java, J2EE technologies, as well as backend algorithm developments in MS SQL Server and Oracle.

Moreover, ABC single-handedly implemented various reports and data-fetching algorithms, which effectively generated automated reports for more than 100,000 records, and also helped in enhancing the performance of the record management team. I have received positive and noteworthy feedback from clients, who were impressed by his helpful nature and professional approach.

ABC has the innate ability to handle pressure well. He voluntarily works overtime and rarely misses any deadlines. He was even recognized as the Best Performer of the Quarter within three months of his joining. Another example of his excellent time management skills was when he ..............................

Based on our interaction, I am certain that ABC will prove to be an invaluable asset to any organization/ institution he joins. He is a sincere and skilled professional who gives his best to any project/assignment he is involved in. Thus, I highly recommend Mr ABC for admission into the graduate course at your esteemed university and wish him the best for his future.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

Chief Manager, Marketing

Tribal Fusion Private Limited, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh

Contact No: 91-12345-67890

Email: jsmith@tribalfusionlimited.com”

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Rashmita Jena

3 years ago

I am a graduate. I want to write LOR for MBA in Italy University.How to write it?

Reply to Rashmita Jena

Hi Rashmita, for MBA, mostly professional LORs are required, or at least two professional and one academic. Irrespective of the university you are applying to the format and content of the LOR will remain the same. Please go through the Professional LOR sample carefully. You may also refer to this:



Prasanna K

5 years ago

Hi, I am Prasanna and worked in two organisations earlier. In those two organisations my reporting managers are not working in those organisations any longer but they knew my skills and work. Can they give LOR as I m looking for Executive MBA programs. Earlier response is appreciated.

Reply to Prasanna K

Swameeka Medhi

5 years ago

Hi Prasanna, ofcourse you can get your LORs from former managers.