Education Loan to Study in the UK: Everything You Need to Know

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Anumika Bahukhandi
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Updated on Aug 30, 2023 22:01 IST

Just getting an admission letter from your dream international university is not enough to set your career in motion. While scholarships can cover 25-50% of the study expense, the remaining expenses need to be dealt with on a cash-in-hand basis. This is where education loans play a significant role in deciding your future. The article informs about education loans for studying in the UK, banks providing loans, interest amounts, documents required, etc.

Education Loan to Study in the UK

Education Loan for Studying in UK

These days, many Indians are opting for the United Kingdom as their favourite study destination owing to its education system and the housing of the best faculty in their universities. However, the fee structure along with other expenses such as accommodation, travelling, food, etc make the United Kingdom one of the costliest countries to study abroad. Be it an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree, the applicant needs to showcase a well-structured financing plan while applying to UK universities. A certain amount of liquid assets need to be shown in the financial statement along with loan documents or scholarship letters. It should be enough to cover at least the tuition fees and living expenses for the first year of study in the country. Post that, one can work part-time to cover his/her daily expenses and tuition fees.

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To support the dreams of millions of students who want to study in abroad in countries like the UK, many Indian banks and financial institutions help Indian students with their finances. From offering a large amount of financial help to the lowest interest rate and flexible repayment period, many banks and financial institutions compete with each other to provide aspirants with the smoothest experience in achieving their dreams. Apply for an education loan through Shiksha Study Abroad partners.

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While an excellent academic record is a must for applying for an education loan, an offer letter from any of the reputed colleges/ universities also aids in quickening the pace of the whole approval process. Here is a list of the top ten universities in the UK which you can aim for, irrespective of course or programmes:

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Banks Providing Education Loans to Study in the UK

The main aim of an education loan is to aid deserving students in fulfilling their dream of studying at their chosen university by providing financial assistance. The applicant should start applying for an education loan as soon as he/she receives the unconditional offer letter from their desired university. It is so advised as the bank or the private financial institution’s loan sanctioning is time-consuming owing to various requirements and documentation processes. Also, the loan amount will not be sanctioned by the institutions until and unless you have proof of acceptance from the university (unconditional offer letter) and accordingly meet all the banks' terms and conditions. As each financial entity will have its own terms and conditions, it is in your favour to do thorough research about their requirements, maximum loan amount allowed, interest rate, repayment period and so on.

In case you're finding it difficult to apply for an education loan, you may also apply for loan through Shiksha website.

To help you get started, here are some initiatives by a few banks that are specifically tailored for aspirants looking for financial aid in studying in the UK:

Bank of Baroda (BoB)

The Bank of Baroda offers an education loan initiative called ‘Baroda Scholar Loan’ that assists Indian students with their dream of studying abroad. This initiative is open to students opting for an undergraduate or postgraduate programme, doctoral degree, or any technical job-oriented course in reputed foreign universities. No processing fee will be charged up to Rs 7.50 lakhs. This loan would cover the expenses of tuition fees, hostel fees, travel expenses, and other related expenses. One can repay the loan between 10-15 years. The maximum loan limit is Rs 150 lakhs for full-time courses.

Bank of India (BoI)

‘Star Education Loan’- tailor-made for Indian students, it is one of the famous education loan initiatives by a government bank. Available for students who have obtained admission into a graduate or postgraduate programme in a recognised institute, this scheme specifically aids courses offered by institutes like CIMA-London, UK. Expenses such as hostel fees, tuition fees, exam fees, library fees, laptop/computer, travel, and other education-related expenses are covered under this. If the course demands, this loan can also cover other expenses such as that of a laptop and the like. There is no collateral security upto Rs 7.50 lakhs.

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Central Bank of India (CBI)

The Central Bank’s loan scheme of ‘Cent Vidyarthi’ is for all those students who have obtained admission to a higher education programme in a recognised university/college in India or overseas. Their selection should have been merit-based or should have been done through an entrance test. Students whose selection has not been made through these two methods should possess atleast 50% marks in the qualifying examination. Expenses covered include tuition fees, exam fees, library fees, lab fees, travel expenses, and purchase of books, computers, etc. The scheme offers a maximum loan amount of Rs.20 Lakhs.  Also, they may dish out concession programmes on the interest rate for certain cases during the repayment period, providing upto 1% of concession. The additional benefit of this scheme is that it also provides life insurance protection to the borrowers.


Famously known as HDFC Credila, in partnership with Credila, HDFC offers upto Rs.20 lakhs in education loans for students wanting to study abroad. With flexible loan terms and low-interest rates, it also provides tax benefits to borrowers under Section 80 (E) of the Income Tax Act.

State Bank of India (SBI)

SBI has two loan schemes for students aspiring to study in the UK, namely, SBI Student Loan and SBI Global ED-VANTAGE. Under the student loan scheme, the bank offers up to Rs.20 Lakhs maximum loan amount while under ED-VANTAGE, you can get financed up to Rs.1.5 Crore.

Syndicate Bank

The SYNDVIDYA Scheme allows student loan from Rs.20 Lakhs to 2 Crores for both degree and diploma courses. The repayment tenure is 15 years and collateral is required for a loan exceeding Rs.7.50 Lakhs.

To give you an idea, here is a list of Government Banks’ details regarding education loans: 

Bank Name

Maximum Loan Amount

Interest Rate

Allahabad Bank

Rs.50.00 lacs

9.90%(0.50% less for girls)

Bank of Baroda

Rs.150.00 lacs


Bank Of India

Rs.150.00 lacs


Central Bank of India

Rs.20.00 lacs

10.60%(0.50% less for girls)

Punjab National Bank

Need-based finance subject to repaying capacity of the parents/students with margin


Punjab & Sind Bank

Rs.20.00 lacs


State Bank of India

Rs.1.5 crore

10.50%(0.50% less for girls)

Syndicate Bank

 Rs.2 crore

10.75-11.50%(0.50% less for girls)

Some private institutions also provide financial aid for abroad studies, such as:

Bank Name

Contact number

Maximum Loan Amount

Interest Rate

Period of Loan

Loan Eligibility

Axis Bank

1800 2335577, 23736555

Rs 75.00 lacs



Indian Nationality & Should have a good academic record.



Rs.20.00 lacs


Repayment of loan starts 1 year after course completion / 6 months after obtaining employment

An Indian Citizen/Resident who has secured admission in abroad


99107 92424 / 2373 8989

Rs.1 Crore


Tenor of up to 15 years.

Minimum age-18



Rs.20.00 lacs



Indian Nationality and should have a good academic record.

*These details may change from time to time. Please contact the bank authorities directly for the latest updates on their policies.

To know how to choose the right bank to finance an education loan, read this

Documents Required for Education Loan Approval

While each of the banks and financial institutions has its own documentation requirements and procedures, here is a generic list of documents you can keep ready beforehand:

  • Duly filled loan application form of the particular bank
  • Proof of identity and current address
  • Proof of age
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • For salaried individuals, proof of income (salary slips or Form 16 etc.)
  • Also, the latest salary slip and income tax assessment order for the past two years
  • All financial supporting documents
  • Borrower's last six months’ bank account statement
  • Co- borrower's brief statement of assets and liabilities
  • Copies of the foreign exchange permit
  • Marksheet from last qualifying examination in India (school or graduate studies)
  • Unconditional offer letter/ proof of admission from the university
  • List of expected expenses for the specified course
  • Copies of Scholarship letter, if granted any

Get in touch with India’s top-rated loan providers and apply for an education loan through Shiksha Study Abroad

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Neha Kalyan

a year ago

Hello mam How to apply for study loan? Where i can apply

Reply to Neha Kalyan


Yukta Gaikwad

2 months ago

Hey I am kathemanvli kalyan east n m going to UK September 2023 intake


Anumika BahukhandiStudy Abroad Expert

4 months ago

Hello Neha. Different banks have different set criteria for loans and applications. In order to learn more about applying for a study loan, refer to our article:


Gani Mudhiraj

a year ago

Hello excuse me mam I have agriculture land it's worth upto 1cr Can I get the education loan for UK

Reply to Gani Mudhiraj

You need to ask the bank if they accept agricultural land as the mortgage.


Ashish Agarwal

2 years ago

Hi...Could you please advise when the repayment of loan starts ? After completion of the course for which loan was availed ? And will it be paid by the Student after course completion and getting a Job.

Reply to Ashish Agarwal

This differs depending on the bank. It is usually after the student completes his studies and starts working. Clarify with the banks on this matter before finalising a loan.



2 years ago

Hi, I want to know, Can I get a loan for MBBS in Uk? And the amount should be at least above 1 crore.

Reply to ranveer

You need to contact the respective banks for this. It depends on the bank what kind of limit they have for education loans.



2 years ago

Got unsecured loan of 7.5 lakhs from union bank of india. I Was told that there is a high chance of visa rejection due to unsecured loan … for Uk ????. Is that really matters?

Reply to Abhilash

For evidence of funds for a UK visa, the loan must be in your name and provided by a government (state, regional, or national) entity or through a government-sponsored student loan entity or educational loans scheme. For more details, please check the UK gov website for student visas.

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