Popular Job Sectors in Australia 2023: Check Industry-wise Requirement

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Popular Job Sectors in Australia

Aspire to study in Australia but confused about the course and related job opportunities. Here’s a look at the most popular job sectors in Australia. Since Australia is the second favourite destination after Canada when it comes to Immigration. By 2022 it is expected that Australia would have job vacancies of 550,789 openings across 5 main sectors of the Healthcare, Education, Technical & Scientific sectors, and Professional Services sectors at large for those who opt to Study in Australia

It is because of Australia's friendly laws and a demand for skilled workers that continues to drive people to the 'island country'. The excellent education system adds to the number by providing an easy pathway for students looking for a ‘better life’. For the latter, however, it becomes extremely important to understand the popular job sectors that have a steady demand for professionals so as to facilitate the choice of the right courses to opt for. The job openings would be available in both government and private sector undertakings of Australia.

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Popular Job Sectors in Australia At A Glance

Expected Growth in Australian Job Sector 

60% by 2025

Number of Open Vacancies by 2022 


Top Recruiting Sectors 

Education, Healthcare, Professional, etc. 

Maximum Sectoral Growth Expected   

Healthcare: 16.1% by 2025

Common Job Sectors 

Professional & Clerical Admin Staff 

Top 2 Australian Industries 

Agriculture & Energy 

Active Jobs are Highest in  

Services Sector: 78.6% 

Wages & Salaries Dependency 


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List of Popular Job Sectors in Australia

There are five main job sectors which attract job seekers in Australia they include - Healthcare, Construction, Education, Professional - Scientific & Technical and Information Technology sectors. These sectors not just offer a full-time placement but also offer part-time jobs in Australia. Here’s a list of popular job sectors that have a steady demand and would continue to increase in number in the years to come in Australia.

1. Education

Australia’s population is on the rise, reporting a more than positive incline in its trend. As such, there is a strong demand for quality education and in turn quality educationists. This is more prevalent for primary teachers and language teachers. The industry expects to see double-digit growth by 2025 (as per official reports).

So, if teaching excites you, then you are sure to find a relevant job in Australia. The qualifications would ideally include specialists in primary teaching and training as well as specialist counsellors. Accordingly, the hot courses would include a Master's in Education. Also, most of the TAFE Institutes offer excellent certificate programs that can facilitate the transition into the country. Also read: Top Ranking Australian Universities and Subjects

2. Healthcare and Medical

While Australia is looking at a baby boom, it also suffers from an ageing population like most of the developed countries. With more people crossing to the other side of 45 and increased advancements in medical treatment technologies, the demand for healthcare and medical professionals is on the rise. Expected forecasts of the industry for 2025 and beyond look very positive. The same forecasts also suggest a shortfall of more than 100,000 nurses in Australia by the year 2050.

For students who are aspiring doctors or are inclined towards providing healthcare services, Australia offers an excellent job prospect for years to come. It is, however, important to note that Australian Medical programs are very expensive and run for about 5 years. You can plan your studies in Australia and start by learning all about Medicine from Australia – Structure, Eligibility, Exams required, and Validity of the program. Also read about PG in Australia after MBBS

3. Construction and Architects

This sector, though slated to boom at about 15 per cent by 2022, essentially requires more skilled workers. The demand for plumbers, electricians, and stonemason are ripe and voluminous. However, what is important to note here is that as the building industry soars, so would the demand for Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and also Architects and Interior Designers. If you are inclined towards the trade, then Australia is sure to offer you an excellent opportunity to not only find a job but also seek your ventures.

The industry is essentially looking for qualified engineers and architects. Engineering students can also look at courses like Construction Planning and Management. Also, the more the projects, the more the requirement for qualified Project Managers – is deftly provided by qualified MBA professionals. So both Architecture in Australia, as well as MBA Colleges in Australia would continue to be a safe bet!

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4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Digitization is a global phenomenon that has triggered a wide requirement of IT and Telecommunications Professionals. Australia too faces the same requirement, making ICT one of the leading sectors with a steady demand for qualified professionals. Forecasted to grow at a rate of 12 per cent, the companies are forever on the lookout for fresh talent to accommodate the fast-paced technological changes.

Students aspiring for engineering degrees in IT and Communications are, hence, sure to find relevant opportunities in Australia. It is worthwhile to mention that Computer Networking Professionals are to have the highest demand with the industry expecting to increase by an enormous percentage by 2023, just about the time when you would complete your MS from Australia.

5. Professional Services - Technical & Scientific Area

With over 200,000 professionals, this industry is termed to be the largest in Australia. In terms of its expanse, it is speculated that by 2023 it is set to generate over 130,000 jobs and this industry will boom with an annual increase in its job offers by over 13%. 

Students holding technical degrees would be preferred over other degree-holding candidates. Students can look for options through job portals and also through networking to avoid missing out on the right opportunities.

To sum up, if you are planning to study in Australia, there are plenty of opportunities open to students across domains. Indian students who are interested can now work for 8 years after they graduate in Australia and still not require a sponsorship visa if they stay back to work from July 1, 2023, onwards. Get more info at: 8 Years Without Visa Sponsorship in Australia for Tertiary Courses Students from July 1, 2023

For admission-related queries, get in touch with our team of counsellors by signing up at - https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/apply

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guest Noo

2 months ago

Is there any courses in MS for VLSI or Embedded orelse we need study only related CS

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Pavika Yadav

9 months ago

Is there good job opportunities after btech in cs or data science from university of western australia, perth? And how about chances of PR ?

Reply to Pavika Yadav


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

7 months ago

Hello Pavika, yes, there are ample opportunities available after B.Tech in CS, you can look for opportunities within the same region through on-campus placements or through job search websites. Look out if your qualifications meet the skill shortage occupations list for the listed jobs. You can appl


Masters in hospitality management from UK or France? which is better overall?

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Govind Nair

a year ago

I have done my bachelor's degree in hotel management and currently I am working as a chef in one of the 5star properties, I would like to do a Mba from Australia, is that possible?

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Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

a year ago

Hi Govind! You can apply for an MBA in Australia, but requirements must be fulfilled for example depending upon your work experience level, bachelor's scores, previous and current employers' recommendations, etc. You will have to shortlist universities based on your profile and then apply. In case



niffin johnson

a year ago

Can you please suggest any MSc Courses related to Health care after completing engineering in EEE?

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Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

a year ago

Hi! Though there is a wide variety of Health related courses in Australia, available at all levels, you can narrow down your research for Public Health, Public Health Administration, Health Science, Sports & Exercise, etc. Attaching a link for your reference, you can still check for the desired cou


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