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Test-takers get their Duolingo English Test results within 48 hours or 2 days of completing the test and can share them with anyone immediately. Duolingo English Test Score is reported on a scale of 10 - 160. The Duolingo English Test score report includes a general description of what the candidate can do and subscores that measure the candidate's proficiency in specific areas. You can easily access the Duolingo English Test scores from the official Duolingo account. In this article, we will inform you everything about the Duolingo scores and Duolingo results.

Duolingo Test Score

Q:   When are Duolingo Test Scores declared?


Duolingo English Test Results Time is 48 hours. After completeing this one hour test, you will receive the Duolingo score in just two days. Note that, if you need your result early then you can buy a Duolingo test with fater result. Here, you will receive your results within 12 hours of completing the test.


Q:   What is Duolingo English exam given for?


Duolingo English Exam (DET) is a popular English proficiency test that evaluates a candidate’s English speaking skills in four domains, namely – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. More than 5000+ universities in the world accept the Duolingo score. You can take the DET test from anywhere at any time, eliminating the need to visit a test centre.

The duration of Duolingo English Test is 1 hour and you will get your results in just 48 hours.


Q:   Is Duolingo English Test harder than IELTS?


How difficult or easy would one find the Duolingo English Test and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) will depend upon individual factors such as one's familiarity with the test format and content, language skills, and background. The former evaluates a person's language skills in a duration less than that of the IELTS. Adaptive exercises appear in sequence and measure one's speaking, listening, reading and writing potential. On the contrary, IELTS takes more time to complete and is a traditional exam that evaluates one's English language proficiency in the aforementioned four areas.


DET 2024 Results

The candidates get their results or Duolingo scores within 48 hours of completing the test and can share the results with anyone immediately. The Duolingo test score is shared with the students on their registered email ID. Candidates can also check the Duolingo test results on the official website. Those who have taken the test multiple times can check their test history and compare their Duolingo scores with the earlier attempts. At the time of registration, you may pay an extra fee of $40 in order to obtain faster results, i.e. within 12 hours.

Duolingo Faster Results

While purchasing a Duolingo Test, you can pay an extra amount in order to obtain your DET results or score earlier. Instead of two days you will be able to obtain your scores in 12 hours. Students should not worry as even the test with faster results will get the similar type of AI scoring and human proctoring as standard tests. Please remember that this won't promise a certified Duolingo result. Also, faster results are a new feature and the same isn't available to every candidate at present.

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How to Check DET 2024 Score?

Candidates get their Duolingo Test score within 48 hours of taking the test. You can view the scores on the official website or the scores are also shared with the candidates on their registered email ID. The email id that you have given at the time of registration. You can also download the Duolingo English Test score report by following the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website

Step 2: Login and fill in your details and view the score report

Step 3: Click on the 'print' while checking the Duolingo English Test certificate

Step 4: The score report is downloaded in the PDF format

Sending scores

Thousands of universities around the world accept the Duolingo English Test. Students can send the DET results to as many universities as they want for free.

Duolingo English Test 2024 Score Report

Duolingo test score report includes the overall scores and the subscores that assess every skill of the candidate. We have mentioned in detail the Duolingo English Test overall score and subscores. The score report includes:

  • Overall Score
  • Subscores

Duolingo English Test Overall Score

The overall score is reported on a scale from 10 - 160. The overall scores comprise a general description of what a candidate can do. The overall scores are not the average of the subscores. The overall score showcases the skills and strengths of the test taker

Duolingo English Test Subscores

The subscores measure the candidate's proficiency in specific areas. With subscores, one gets to know the candidate's performance based on specific skills present in the Duolingo English Test. It aims to monitor how well a candidate can analyze the English language in different situations. The subscores are further divided into four sections that are mentioned below. Each of the subscores is measured on a range of 10 - 160.

Duolingo Score report

Understanding Duolingo English Test Subscores

  • Literacy: The candidate is assessed on his ability to read and write
  • Comprehension: The candidate is tested on his ability to listen and read
  • Conversation: The test-taker is monitored on his ability to speak and listen
  • Production: The applicant is tested on his ability to write and speak

DET 2024 Test Score Range

  • Scores are reported on a scale from 10 - 160
  • Each certificate has a unique, secure link
  • Overall scores include a general description of what you can do
  • Subscores measure your proficiency in specific areas
Duolingo score

What is a good Duolingo English Test Score?

Getting a good Duolingo English Test score can help you in getting admission to your desired educational institution. The desired test scores are decided by the universities as part of their admission criteria. So, you should set the target according to the university or program you are planning to get into.

Basic (10-50)

  • It means a candidate can understand basic English words and phrases
  • A candidate can understand straightforward information and can express himself in familiar contexts

Intermediate (55-80)

  • A student can understand the main points of concrete speech or writing on routine matters like work and school
  • A student can describe experiences, ambitions, opinions, and plans, but with some awkwardness or hesitation

Upper-Intermediate (85-120)

  • A candidate can fulfill most communication goals, even on unfamiliar topics
  • A candidate can understand the main ideas of both concrete and abstract writing
  • A candidate can interact with proficient speakers fairly easily

Advanced (125-160)

  • A student can understand a variety of demanding written and spoken language including some specialized language use situations
  • A student can grasp implicit, figurative, pragmatic, and idiomatic language
  • A student can use language flexibly and effectively for most social, academic, and professional purposes

Duolingo Score Validity

The validity of the Duolingo test score is two years from the date of the test. You can share the Duolingo score or result with multiple institutions as soon as you have the test scores. A relatively new English language proficiency test, universities across the world are slowly accepting the Duolingo English Test scores for admissions as evidence of English language proficiency.The DET score validity can also vary from university to university. Please keep in mind that the acceptance criteria may change over time, therefore frequently keep visiting the official websites of these institutions to obtain the latest details regarding the same.

DET 2024 Scores FAQs

Q. How do I check my DET test scores?

A. Once you have completed your test and the same has been scored and reviewed, you will obtain an email notification indicating that the scores are ready. After that you can log in to your account on the official website and check your report. Your overall score as well as your subscores will be available on the score report. The official website of Duolingo has a sample certificate in the guide where you can see how would your score report appear like.  

Q. How is scoring done for Duolingo English Test?

A. The test taker's proficiency will be reported as a holistic score on a scale of 10-150 in five-point increments. DET score scale is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which is an international standard of language proficiency. One can compre the CEFR levels of Duolingo test with other tests of English proficiency such as TOEFL iBT and IELTS. The admission requirements of different universities are usually different. In order to get more clarity regarding the same, visit the individual website of your target university.

Q. How are subscores calculated for DET?

A. The estimation of subscores is done differently from that of the overall score. Both of these are weighted combinations of the questions, contributing to every score. Keep in mind that your overall score is not the sum or average of your individual subscores. Also, the certified scores will be valid for a period of two years. In order to secure your test's validity, make sure to send your scores through your online account only. In case you wish to re-attempt the same after obtaining a certified result, you are free to buy another test.

Q. How can I send my DET result to institutions?

A. After your test has been certified and the results have been prepared, an email alert will be send to you. Thereafter, log in to your DET account and submit your official scores to all the institutions which you have chosen. Your home page will display the certified tests on the 'Your Tests' section. You can share each certified test results externally by pressing the 'Send Results' tab. After that you will have to follow a series of prompts to choose universities which you would like to obtain your results.  

Q. How do institutions around the world use DET results?

A. The Duolingo English Test scores are utilized by majority of the institutions such as universities and colleges, for evaluating one's English proficiency level for providing admission or placement purposes. Many universities set minimum thresholds for scores. Test takers are requested to visit the websites of all these universities individually in order to check their specific requirements. The DET not only gives an impression of your English proficiency but also provides extra details about your candidature through your writing and speaking samples.  

Q. Will the institutions be able to view my writing and speaking samples?

A. Yes, your extended writing samples can be ready by the institutions. They will also be able to watch your speaking sample which will be sent as a video recording. This way the institutions will be able to see and hear you both. These responses are used by them many a times to evaluate you better and get more details about your English skills. An important factor of your test, these samples speak volumes about your personality and English skills as a candidate.  

Q. Is the Speaking sample scored in DET?

A. Scoring for the Speaking sample in DET has started as part of one's overall score and relevant subscores. No changes will be made in the manner the question is answered and administered. This change will be introduced so as to increase the amount of scored speaking without increasing the test's length. Through this one may be able to obtain a better chance to display his/her speaking abilities. The scoring for the same will be done with the same method which is used for other open response speaking question type.  

Q. How can I obtain my DET results faster?

A. You can buy a test which will yield faster results by paying an extra amount. This way you will be able to obtain your results within 12 hours instead of two days. The tests will remain the same and level of human proctorinf and AI scoring will also remain the same. Keep in mind that this does not promise a certified result. A new feature, this may not be available to everyone right now. If you wish to appear for this test in future, it is recommended that you frequently visit the official Duolingo website to get updates for the same.


Q. What is an official DET result?

A. When your test score does not undergo a certified proctoring process, the result obtained is called an unofficial result. These cannot be sent to any institution. There are some universities which make use of the DET scores only for internal objectives. Many a times they even give the test takers test coupons which permit for exceptions to the set test norms. With this exception you will be able to upload your unofficial ID forms. You may also be able to attempt the DET in a a group setting.  

Q. How can I obtain a PDF version of my DET result?

A. If a test taker wishes to obtain a copy of his/her certificate for personal record, he or she may open the certificate on the Duolingo official website. On the website he/she should press 'Print Results'. This way the certificated can be saved in a PDF format. Test takers can send their certificates to the universities of their choice by pressing the 'Send Results' tab on the official Duolingo website. In case your chosen institution is not mentioned on the list, you can contact them and request them to create an easy-to-use account on the website to obtain your certificate.  

Q. Why have my chosen institution not received my DET result?

A. If your chosen institution in featured in the accepting institutions list, they will obtain your test results without fail after you choose to send your scores. In case that institution is not in the list of official accepting institutions, a message regarding the same will be sent to you. Although the institution will be alerted about you sharing your results with it, there's so guarantee that your results will be accepted by them. Rest, as mentioned above, one may reach out to them and ask them to create an account on the Duolingo website to get your certificate.  

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Lavanya Pal

7 months ago

What are the job and career options after passing the Duolingo test?

Reply to Lavanya Pal


Rahul Singha

4 months ago

Hello Lavanya. Please note that the Duolingo English Test is an English language exam. Candidates can take the Duolingo test to prove their english communication skills.


Ufuoma Peace

10 months ago

When I registered and pay, can I write the test immediately

Reply to Ufuoma Peace


Anumika Bahukhandi

10 months ago

Hello Ufuoma. Yes, you can start the test immediately after purchasing it. You will get one credit for purchasing one DET. On purchasing a DET bundle, you will get two credits. These credits are used to attempt the Duolingo English Test. Candidates are provided a total of 3 attempt for using the cre



priya sapkade

a year ago

If we get 100 score it is enough for pass duolingo exam.

Reply to priya sapkade

Hello Priya. Obtaining a good DET score can help you in getting admission into your desired educational institution. The desired test scores are decided by the universities as part of their admission criteria. A score of 100 falls in the Upper-Intermediate (85-120) category. It implies that one can




a year ago

If i received score in range of 90-135 in duolingo practice test then what can be my actual english test if i give i just anticipating answer based on previous experiences that people had with them.

Reply to aman

Hello Aman. The score which you've obtained in your practice test does not give an absolute real picture of the score you'll obtain in DET. Scores obtained in the practice test roughly predict your real test scores. Scores of the real test are usually an average of your practice test scores. You can




a year ago

sorry for grammatical mistake i didn't recognize before posting and now, i am not able to edi that


Marchee Nyanh

a year ago

I need the official email for the test

Reply to Marchee Nyanh

Hello Marchee, the official website for Duolingo is englishtest.duolingo.com.