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SAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board in a multiple-choice question format. This is attempted by students to pursue undergraduate courses, particularly to study in the US or study in Canada. The SATs have been developed to evaluate the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates. Initially, the SAT exam was a pencil-paper test, but last year College Board scrapped this format and introduced a new version of the SAT, which is now known as the SAT Digital Exam and is being conducted in full swing across Indian states.

sat exam
The SATs is almost two hours and fourteen minutes long and is divided into two broad sections - Reading plus Writing and Mathematics. Earlier on before Digital SAT was introduced, Reading and Writing were two different sections, but now they are one combined section which are scored together. There is no negative marking for wrong and unattempted questions on SAT exams.
While a lot of universities may have become test-optional during and after COVID for SAT scores, there are still a couple of them which necessitate the submission of these scores or maybe ACT scores as well. A majority of US universities have scrapped the acceptance of SAT scores, but there are other country universities which still require these scores. Check out: All About SAT vs ACT

Q:   What is SAT exam given for?


SAT exam is given by high school students who are applying for admission to universities abroad. Most of the US, Canada, UK, Italy and a few Australian universities accept SAT scores for undergraduate admissions from international students. In some cases, students may have a choice to either submit a SAT score or ACT score or even exempt them from submitting any of these standardised tests for admission. SAT exam pattern is very different from ACT, with new changes in SAT, the duration has reduced for SAT exam as well. Most preferred among international students is the SAT exam and a large number of students sit for this exam. 


Q:   How to prepare for SAT with minimum effort?


There are just five broad steps to prepare for SAT and be able to crack it in just one go with minimum effort, check them out below:

  • Step 1: Understand the SAT exam pattern
  • Step 2: Gather study material offline and online
  • Step 3: Make a proper study plan
  • Step 4: Work on your strategy
  • Step 5: Take timely practice tests

These steps can help applicants prepare for the exam in a very systematic manner and will help them clear the exam as well.


Q:   How many US universities are not test optional for accepting SAT scores?


At the moment around 80% of the US universities have dropped the criteria of standardised testing to assess undergraduate applications for admissions from international students. Most of the Ivy Leagues have either become test-optional for SAT or ACT scores or have decided to discontinue accepting these scores from international students.

Universities like Harvard have become test-optional, whereas Columbia University has chosen to discontinue accepting SAT and ACT scores for undergrad admissions. Students are only assessed based on their academics, co-curricular activities and work experience level also in some cases. 

Thus, a majority of Ivy Leagues have become test-optional while the others are looking forward to scrapping the acceptance of SAT scores permanently for the upcoming admission cycles. 


Q:   Is SAT easy for Indian students?


For Indian students SAT may or may not be difficult, totally depends on the applicant and his or her preparation. Since SAT exam is designed for high school students based on their previous knowledge it shouldn't be difficult for Indian students on the whole. There may be a difference in subject combinations in senior secondary school level which may directly affect the student's performance in SAT, for example those who opted for non-Maths subjects may be disadvantaged for the Maths section. Thus, the base is the same for SAT exam sections for Indian students based on their high school. So, they would not have a lot have major difficulties in preparing for the exam.


SAT 2024 Exam Highlights

Exam Name

SAT (Digital)

SAT full form

Scholastic Assessment Test

Official Website

SAT Exam Duration

2 hours 14 minutes

Most popular for

Undergraduate courses in the US and Canada

SAT India Country Code


Conducted by

College Board

Mode of Exam


SAT Fee for Indian Students 

$60 + $43 +$18.54 = ₹10,102 (approx)

Score Range

on a 1600 scale point

Exam Centres in India

All major Indian cities 

SAT Contact Info

The College Board National Office

250 Vesey Street

New York, NY 10281

Phone: 212-713-8000

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What is SAT Exam?

SAT is a standardised test, basically an entrance test designed to test high school students their aptitude for college admissions abroad. International students applying for universities abroad to study in USA, Canada, UK, Italy and others have to submit SAT scores for undergraduate admissions. SAT is an MCQ based exam which is tested online or digitally for Indian students. There are two major sections on SAT - Reading & Writing and the Math section, each have a set of MCQ questions. Both sections are marked out of 800 and the total score is 1600. Students have to register for SAT well in advance and choose to appear at the chosen SAT exam centre. 

SAT exam is an essential parameter to assess high school students for college admissions, along with their previous academic scores and supporting documents. SAT scores importance can vary from college to college. In order to fix a spot at college where SAT scores are essential, students must check previous year's cut-off to understand how well they need to score on SAT.

Full Form of SAT

The full form of SAT is Scholastic Assessment Test. This exam is designed and conducted by the College Board for international applicants aiming to apply to universities abroad for various bachelor's level courses. The SAT exam is digitalised and is conducted only seven months in a year. The SAT exam is sometimes taken even if the score submission is optional just to prove that applicants have a certain level of aptitude while submitting college applications. 

Benefits of Taking SAT Exam 2024

Students looking to enrol in undergraduate programs in the US appear for their SAT. Most of the colleges in the US require the SAT for admission to undergraduate courses, while there are a few which have either become test-optional or have completely scrapped the SAT score submission for undergrad admissions. But those universities still accepting SAT scores from international students, can look at the pros of appearing for SAT exam 2024 and submitting its scores for admission:

  • SAT is an MCQ-based exam which tests students' knowledge of English and Math subjects. There are some questions in the Math section which may require students to produce an answer without having MCQ-type options as well.
  • The duration of the SAT exam 2024 has been reduced and is now only 2 hours and 14 minutes long.
  • Apart from this, many schools also offer SAT scholarship money to students based on their SAT results and scores. 
  • SAT helps to strengthen the application with its scores and helps the admission committee evaluate students based on their skills.
  • Plus, students can appear for the SAT around the year as many times as they wish, to improve their scores and even perform better each time.
  • In comparison to the ACT, questions tested on the SAT have 43% more time for answering and there is no negative marking for unanswered or wrong answers. 

There are many other advantages of taking the SAT and the fact that the SAT exam 2024 is now Digital, unlike the ACT which is still a pencil-paper-based test and slightly longer in duration in comparison to SAT. Also, there is no separate Science section SAT to test key concepts. Science is tested only through reading passages on the SAT Digital exam.

Q:   How difficult is the SAT?


The difficulty level of SAT depends on the student's preparation and background of academia. Though SAT exam is designed based on student's high school knowledge hence, those who have prepared well keeping the syllabus in mind and with ample practice may find the SAT exam easy. The level of SAT difficulty may vary person to person and ofcourse based on the level of understanding and preparation also. While a million students appear for SAT exam, only 25,000 get through it.


Q:   How is the SAT Digital exam designed for international students?


The SAT Digital exam is designed in a very planned manner, and it consists of the following features or international students:

  • The SAT Digital exam is one hour less in duration than the older one, and students are allowed to carry their laptops or iPads to take the SAT Digital exam at the test centre.
  • International students, taking the test from outside the US appeared for the first Digital SAT Exam in March 2023The US-based students would be able to take the SAT Digital Exam from 2024 onwards.
  • There are two sections on the SAT - reading + writing and mathematics, each section is for 400-800 marks.
  • Overall, the SAT exam is scored on a total of 1600 marks. SAT scores are consolidated, that is, they are based on marks per section and once the section-wise marks are calculated the total scores are released.
  • SAT exam cutoffs vary per university of application. While some universities publish SAT cutoffs for admission course-wise, there are others that do not.
  • There is no average cutoff that can assess if an applicant can get through college admissions abroad or not.
  • Results of SATs are released in a span of 10-14 days from the date of the SAT exam taken. 
  • Applicants willing to appear for the SAT can register for the SAT on the College Board website choose their test date and centre and submit applications.

SAT Exam Eligibility 2024

The College Board, which is the conducting body of the SATs has not laid down any specific SAT eligibility criteria for students wanting to appear for the SAT exam. Read: SAT Tips & Strategies

1. Age Limit to Appear for SAT

Candidates should be informed that there is no minimum or maximum age criteria or SAT age limit fixed for students wanting to appear for the exam. Students belonging to the age group of 17 to 19 appear for the SAT exam in maximum numbers.

2. How many times can you take the SAT exam?

As in the case of the SAT, there are no restrictions set by the College Board, students can take the SAT exam as many times as they want. SAT is administered seven times a year in India. The test is usually conducted in March, May, June, August, October, and December.

3. What are the educational eligibility criteria for the SAT?

There are no specific eligibility criteria set by the College Board, the body that conducts and manages the SAT exam. However, it can be taken by students who are in high school. Students who want to apply for undergraduate studies abroad are required to have completed their high school education to move to the next level of their learning and have to in some cases submit SAT exam scores if the university requires them.

Q:   Can I appear for SAT exam after completing class 12th?


Yes, you can sit for the SAT after 12th. Don’t worry about a year getting wasted or so, you can shortlist the universities beforehand and save time of additional research. There are no specific age criteria laid down by The College Board for appearing for your SAT exam. However, since SAT is for admission to undergraduate programs candidates are advised to appear for their SAT while in they are either in the last months of their study in class XI and XII or after they pass out from the school. Usually students appear for SAT when they have made a decision to apply for foreign universities for undegrad course. Thus, yes, a student can sit for the SAT exam after class XII.


Q:   Are Indian students eligible for taking SAT in US states?


Indian students can appear for SAT in US states as well, they will be eligible if they or their parents hold citizenship of the US. In case of citizenship, Indian students will be eligible to give SAT as domestic students as well. The students must ensure where and when are they appearing for the SAT exam irrespective of their recent high school qualifications.  

While in India, being an Indian citizen but also holding a US citizenship, applicants will be permitted to appear for SAT exam in either India or in the USA irrespective of where they are residing at the moment. But if the applicants holding a US citizenship will be eligible for a SAT exam fee waiver plus they will also get the benefit of being a domestic student. 

It completely depends on the applicant where and how they wish to take the exam depending upon their circumstances and citizenship as well. Otherwise they are eligible to appear for SAT exam within their own country of residence. 


Q:   Am I eligible for SAT if I have graduated from India?


Yes, applicants who have graduated from India and are looking for another bachelor's degree to study abroad, and require to fulfil the admission requirement of submitting a SAT score, are absolutely eligible to sit for the SAT exam. There is no descriptive age bar or definition of age in SAT eligibility. Hence, Indian graduates are eligible to appear for SAT exam. Thus, there is no barrier of country of origin for the applicants, anyone who wishes to apply are eligible to register for the SAT exam.


SAT Exam Dates 2024

Candidates looking to appear for SAT exam, need to register for the same. Candidates need to be aware of the SAT exam date 2024 India. Candidates are advised to register for their SAT exam before the SAT registration deadline to avoid any last-minute stress. The table below provides the test dates for the Digital SAT exam dates 2024 India

SAT Digital Test Dates (2024) 

Deadline for Changes, and Regular Cancellation  

May 4, 2024 

April 19, 2024

June 1, 2024 

May 21, 2024

August 24, 2024


October 5, 2024


November 2, 2024


December 7, 2024


Students who are taking the SAT digital need to borrow a device from the College Board and will need to register and request their device earlier than the registration deadline, to allow time for international shipping. SAT dates are not interchangeable or can be swapped, thus while choosing SAT dates, applicants should make up their minds before registration.

Please note: The SAT dates given in the table are for the upcoming test only, as per the College Board. The dates indicated as TBA (to be announced) are yet to be confirmed. 

Q:   When should I appear for SAT exam?


Usually, students take the SAT once they have decided to apply for undergrad abroad. Candidates should plan the test in such a way that they have the SAT scores with them at the time of applying to the colleges. The ideal time to apply for SAT should be after passing out from school after taking a month or two for preparation. The SAT results are released in a matter of few days, this has been possible with Digital SAT in India. Thus, after having your SAT scores you can begin applying to universities abroad. 

Thus, applicants must decide on the SAT dates prior so that they do not have to rush at the last hour for preparation and registration. The SAT dates must also be dediced beforehand so that the applicants don't miss out on university deadlines for SAT score submissions. In case of delays applicants may be penalised and may not be considered for admission also where SAT scores are an important part of the admission process. 


Q:   What factors affect in choosing the right SAT exam dates?


The timing for your SAT is extremely important to reap its benefits in full. The timing for your SAT exam date should be ideally governed by the following factors.

  • When Are Your College Application Deadlines?  This should be your primary deciding factor. Candidates are advised to appear for their SAT exams in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle. Ideally, candidates should apply 3-4 months in advance to experience a smooth college application procedure.
  • Are You Applying for SAT Scholarships?  This is another important factor. Candidates who are looking to apply for scholarships that require you to provide SAT Scores should apply in advance as scholarships usually take a longer time to process and include a lot of paperwork.
  • How Many Times Will You Take the SAT?  The validity for your SAT Score is a period of 5 years and there is no limit on the number of times a candidate can appear for his SAT Exam. Hence, a candidate can start early and appear as many times as he/she likes.
  • How Much Study Time Will You Need?  Candidates who take a longer time to study should schedule their exams as per their requirements. The SAT is an expensive exam and candidates are always recommended to prepare entirely and be sure of their performance before booking an exam slot.

Q:   Can I apply for same SAT exam date twice?


No, applicants are permitted to make only one account and thus, only one SAT exam date can be chosen. There is no sense in creating two accounts for the same SAT exam date on College Board. Applicant will get only one chance to appear for any one chosen SAT exam date and cannot appear twice on the same exam date. Thus, ensure to be practical and make the correct choice while selecting an exam date and creating a single account. Multiple accounts of the same person for SAT registrations can lead to permanent ban on the applicant for appearing for any SAT exam date.


Q:   How to select appropriate SAT exam date?


Usually students prefer to give the SAT exam while in class XII or after passing out from high school. Plan to take the SAT test in such a way that at the time of the application process you have SAT scores with you. Appropriate SAT exam dates should be chosen in such a manner that students have good preparation and ample practice on mock tests. Also students must ensure to have their SAT scores in hand right before applying to foreign universities. 

Appropriate exam date selection for SAT is also based on the applicant's university deadlines or the kind of time they would need to prepare for the exam. SAT exam dates are predefined and hardly change hence, the dates for SAT dates that are upcoming are also posted on the official website. Thus, applicants will have enough time to decide which SAT date they can choose to appear for the exam because the ultimate goal is to send the SAT scores to universities the applicants have to apply to so that the process of admission is not delayed. 

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SAT Registration 2024

How to apply for SAT exam in India? Students wanting to appear for the SAT exam are required to register for the same. Students can do SAT registration either through the offline method via mail or through the more convenient, online method. Through the online method, candidates are required to create a login ID on the official SAT website and go ahead with the registration process. Check out the SAT registration requirements and process below for both modes:

How to Register Online for SAT?

Scholastic Aptitude Test registration details are elaborated in this section. Unlike any other exam registration, SAT registrations can happen online in six easy steps. The applicants will first have to sign up on the College Board website and click on register for the SAT Digital exam. Once the sign-up is complete the applicants will be prompted on the registration page. Applicants can fill in all the major details and submit their application with the requisite fee. 

SAT Registration by Mail (Steps)

  1. You first need ‘The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests’, which is available at schools.
  2. The guide includes a registration form and a return envelope.
  3. The SAT exam form needs to be sent along with a demand draft.
  4. The local representative of SAT in India is the USIEF. The mailed forms will be directed to their regional office.

SAT Slot Booking 2024

Since there are a limited number of seats in every designated SAT Test Centre. Candidates are recommended to book their SAT exam slots in advance to avoid any unnecessary hassle. For convenience, you need to find a SAT exam centre near your home, so you can reach there on time for the test date. When checking about SAT do check out about Scholastic Aptitude Test registration details thoroughly.

How to Cancel SAT?

Candidates should note that no matter how early you cancel your SATs, you will not be entitled to a full refund. Candidates who have registered for the SAT exam and are required to cancel the same would be eligible for a $10 refund if the candidate cancels the test 5 days in advance.

How to Postpone or Reschedule SAT Exam Date?

Candidates are required to pay an extra fee of $25 to cancel the SAT before the regular change deadline or $35 to cancel after the regular change deadline through test day.

SAT Admission Ticket

Once the candidate has successfully registered for the SAT exam 2024, he/she will be required to log into his account on the official website and download the SAT Admission Ticket. The candidate must check the credentials on the admission ticket of the SAT form and get the mistakes rectified at the earliest.

Q:   How can Indian students easily register for SAT exam?


The ideal way to register for SAT exam as an Indian student is through the online mode. Since the process of online SAT registration is easier, more flexible and accessiblilty is any day better, it is only feasible to apply for the SAT exam online. The process of offline registration for SAT can be tedious and may not allow students to make changes in the already submitted application. 

Also those who wish to re-register for SAT if they miss on the already registered SAT date is possible through the online application mode and not applicable for offline registration modes. In case the applicants wish to register for the SAT exam on a late registration deadline, then this is also possible through the online mode in place of the time taking offline mode of application. 

Thus, if applying as an Indian national, the applicants can register for the SAT exam online and submit their photographs also at a later date, make possible changes at a given point of time, easily switch SAT exam dates and register for another SAT exam easily or even apply for the SAT exam on a late registration date, plus making payments for the SAT exam is for sure better and safer online rather the time taking demand draft payment for the offline mode of registration. Hence, Indian applicants should choose to go with the SAT online registration rather than the offline registration. 


Q:   How many students registered for SAT exam in 2022?


Despite universities becoming test-optional, SAT test takers have gone up to 1.7 million in 2022 in comparison to 1.5 million in the year 2021. Thus, there are students who still wish to submit their SAT scores in order to prove their skills through this standardised test in their admission application to guarantee a better picture of themselves. Usually, high school students take the SAT exam based on the intake they wish to apply to


Q:   How to register for SAT in 6 easy steps?


 There are six easy steps to register for SAT exam:

  1. Register on College Board website for SAT.
  2. Using the login credentials, re-login and click on SAT Registration.
  3. Begin submitting each section of the application.
  4. Choose your country and SAT exam centre.
  5. Pay the fee for SAT registration and submit your application.
  6. Also upload your headshot picture, for security purposes beforehand.

SAT Exam Fees 2024

Candidates looking to appear for their SAT are required to pay a fee for the same. Candidates can check out the detailed SAT exam fees in India levied below.

  • The fee for only the SAT exam is $55 + Non-U.S. Regional Fee.
  • The non-U.S. Regional Fee for students taking the SAT Test in India is $49, so the total SAT fee is $104.
  • But there is an additional fee of $18.54 as part of sales tax, now the overall fee goes up to $121.54.

SAT Cancellation & Rescheduling Fees

Cancelling your SAT Registration is an expensive affair and students are always advised to go for a date change rather than cancelling the exam entirely. Candidates should keep in mind that SAT registration fees cannot be refunded later than five days before test day, and candidates are only refunded $10.

Candidates who are looking to change their SAT Test Centre or SAT Test Date are required to pay an extra $30 to avail of similar services. Candidates can check out SAT rescheduling fees below:

SAT Rescheduling Reasons

SAT Rescheduling Fees

Date/Test Centre Change Fee before regular change deadline 


Date/Test Centre Change Fee after regular change deadline


Late Registration Fee


Register by Phone


Waitlist Fee


How to get a fee waiver for SAT?

Students studying in the 11th and 12th grades in the US or US territories are eligible for a SAT Fee Waiver. US Citizens residing outside the country can also get their fee waived. However, SAT Subject Test fee waivers are available for students in grades 9-12. SAT Subject Tests are not applicable for Indian applicants, it is applicable for US citizens only. 

Q:   How much does taking the SAT exam cost in India in 2024?


The cost of taking SAT exam in India is calculated as - registration fee which is USD 60 plus an international registration fee (digital) of USD 43 + sales tax fee which is USD 18.54. The total fee is USD 121.54 which in Indian currency is around INR 10,101 approximately. Thus, Indian students will have to pay this amount online only through either PayPal or through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or JCB credit cards. The SAT exam fee amount may reduce by 5-10% only in case the students have a waiver code for SAT exam. 

Please note, costs are dynamic and can change without prior notice, hence, applicants should check fee related details carefully before proceeding with the SAT exam registrations. 


Q:   Does College Board accept part fee payment for SAT exam at the time of registration?


No, College Board does not accept any part payments for SAT exam fee registrations. Rather the applicant will have to pay the entire amount together that too online via a credit card or through PayPal. There is no provision of accepting part payments for either SAT registration or SAT registration cancellation or for SAT exam date postponement. Applicants should ensure they have enough funds to be able to submit for SAT exam fees and that the transaction doesn't abort in between. Thus, applicants should keep the minimum amount in the bank account and pay accordingly for the SAT exam fee.


Q:   What to do if SAT exam fee shows error of not submitted but applicants get transaction message?


Probably the money paid for SAT registration was processed and is no longer available for recovery. However, it is possible that the registration process is still ongoing and the applicant's payment has not been fully processed. It is recommended that the applicants go and check the status of their registration and contact College Board that administers the SAT for further assistance. College Board may be able to the student with information about the status of their payment and registration. Also if the SAT fee is deducted from the bank, it is likely that the bank credits the amount back in 2-3 working days also. Thus, applicants just need to check. 


Digital SAT Exam 2024 Syllabus

The SAT syllabus includes courses the students have already studied in their school over the years. So if you are good at studies at school, you shouldn’t have any issues preparing for the SAT exam Syllabus. The SAT syllabus includes:

SAT Reading & Writing Section 

The SAT exam RW syllabus is as follows:

  • Craft and Structure
  • Information and Ideas
  • Standard English Conventions
  • Expression of Ideas

SAT Math Syllabus 

The SAT exam Math syllabus is as follows:

  • Algebra
  • Advanced Math
  • Problem-solving and Data Analysis
  • Geometry and Trigonometry

Q:   Can SAT syllabus change before the exam date?


No, the SAT syllabus does not change overnight. Before changes in SAT's syllabus are announced, there is a proper detailed information available at the College Board website. Usually, the website would also share mock test sources and update of the changes made. Before SAT Digital came into play, the syllabus was changed and was announced two months prior to the first exam date for international students. Hence, students should not worry about the syllabus getting changed at last minute. In case the changes are expected, then they are proposed 2-3 months before so that the preparation of the applicant is not affected by the changes. 


Q:   How many hours would require to cover SAT syllabus?


Check when you are going to take the SAT test. The SAT syllabus is vast hence it cannot be covered in a couple of hours. If you have a good amount of time say six months then you need to give fewer hours daily, on the other hand, if you have less amount of time for SAT test then you need to study more hours. Go through the SAT syllabus and understand how much it will take you to cover each and every topic and prepare a study plan accordingly. Thus, this completely depends on the applicant and how he/she wishes to cover the SAT exam syllabus.


Q:   Is SAT syllabus more challenging than ACT syllabus?


There is no comparison between the difficulty level of SAT syllabus and ACT syllabus. Both are standardised tests which test undergraduate students on their previous knowledge of high school across various subjects. There are a lot of differences between ACT and SAT but they both solve the same purpose for abroad university admissions at the undergraduate level. SAT syllabus is majorly focussed on testing the applicants based on their logical skills while ACT syllabus tests the applicants' verbal ability and logical reasoning. SAT syllabus includes reading plus writing and Maths whereas, ACT syllabus includes English, Maths and Science also which can be slighly more challenging than SAT syllabus. 


SAT Digital Exam Pattern 2024

The SAT exam comprises two main Sections — Math, Reading, and Writing. Check out the latest SAT exam pattern for international applicants. A brief of the SAT exam pattern has been elucidated below for reference:

  • Total: 98 Questions on SAT 
    • 54 questions: Reading & Writing SAT Section
    • 44 questions: Math SAT Section
  • Duration: 2 Hrs with 14 mins (134 minutes)
  • Total Score: 1600 (800 for each SAT section)
  • MCQ & SPR type questions are tested on SAT

Check out some more information on SAT about: New SAT Format: Difference Between Old and New SAT Format 

Q:   Is negative marking there in the SAT 2024 pattern?


In the earlier version candidates lose marks for every wrong answer, whereas, as per the latest SAT digital exam pattern 2024, there is no negative marking. So, you should try to answer as many questions as you can. There will be no penalty for marking wrong answers or for guessing answers. Thus, the new SAT exam pattern has this benefit of no negative marking or penalising students for not attempting a question. This policy was not there before also and hence, College Board continues to take its policies further by not making any major changes in the already existing rules. 


Q:   Is the new SAT exam pattern hard?


SAT includes a various set of questions from very easy to very difficult. Easy questions are usually answered correctly by 90% of the students while hard questions are answered correctly by less than 30 % of students. To know whether SAT is difficult or not one must learn the SAT exam pattern. So, if you like reading and more into words then the Reading section will be smooth for you. Similarly, you need to understand the complete pattern and see whether it is difficult for you or not. Whichever section of SAT is difficult for the applicants, they can go ahead and prepare for it first. 


Q:   How is the new SAT pattern different from the old pattern?


There is a big difference between new and old SAT exam pattern. First of all the new SAT exam is called as SAT Digital because it has digitalised and is no more tested offline. Secondly, the SAT Digital exam pattern has changed and it has become even easier for students to attempt the exam. The other rules for registration have remained the same. Check out the difference below between SAT exam and SAT Digital exam.

SAT Exam (Old)

The old SAT pattern consisted of three sections and an optional writing section as well. The exam duration on the old SAT pattern was longer, around 3+ hours and the additional time for the writing section. The old SAT was paper-pencil based and included different reading and writing sections. The math section on old SAT included a calculator section and a non-calculator section.

SAT Digital Exam (New)

While in the new SAT pattern the exam has gone digital and the duration has decreased by an hour plus no optional writing section is available. There are just two sections, reading and writing are now one section, math is the second section. The math section allows students to use calculator for both modules. The questions have become shorter and the students can answer 30% faster than other exams tested on a similar pattern. 


SAT Score 2024

The SAT is divided into two sections, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. These two sections are scored on a 200-800 point scale, for a maximum total score of 1600. There are additional subscores reported on a 20-80 scale. The scores of a student reflect on how he/she is compared with other students who have appeared for the test. Visit SAT Score Reporting for a detailed understanding of calculating SAT scores. 

SAT Score Range: What's a Good SAT Score for Colleges?

An average SAT exam score is around 1000. Anything above 1200 is considered a good SAT score. The maximum anyone can score on the SAT is the perfect score of 1600. Since you receive scaled scores, you should have some understanding of SAT scaled scores and percentiles. For a detailed understanding, check out of What a good SAT Score is? 

How to Send SAT Scores to Colleges?

There are two ways of sending the scores to colleges, one while registering for the test or after releasing the official scores. Candidates receive four free Score Reports while registering for the SAT test. Candidates can send the scores to colleges up to nine days of taking the test after that they have to pay $12 for sending the score reports to each university/program they choose.

Fee Waivers during SAT Score Reporting to Colleges

For the economically weaker sections and low-income students, the College Board offers SAT fee waivers/scholarships. It allows a student to send his/her SAT score to the colleges of their choice free of cost. However, the eligibility differs as per the latest changes. You can contact the representative of the College Board or read about the criteria on their website and apply accordingly.

Sending SAT Scores: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First of all sign in to your College Board account
  2. You will see an option for ‘Send Scores’. Click on ‘Send Scores’.
  3. The next step is to choose ‘Send Available Scores Now’ (for sending scores immediately) or click on ‘Send Scores When Available’ (if scores are yet to be declared or you are yet to sit for the exam)
  4. Add recipients by choosing your shortlisted colleges. You can search them by name and by state.
  5. Make sure you double-check all the recipients and personal details, and then only pay the final amount

SAT Score Verification

SAT Score verification is nothing but a revaluation of your test scores, to check that you have received scores in all sections and nothing has been skipped. So, if you feel that the SAT score that you received is different than what you expected, you may have missed or made a mistake in marking your answers. Another reason for a different SAT score than expected can be that your Essay is illegible or blank when one views it online. Under SAT score verification you have three options:

  • Multiple-choice hand score verification
  • Essay score verification
  • Or both, Multiple-choice and Essay score

You can put in this request within the next five months after test day by filling in an SAT score verification form. Before going further, it is advised to read the instructions carefully given on the form. You will also be required to submit a score verification fee. For students with a fee waiver, this score verification fee will be reduced. You will receive a letter with the new and confirmed results within five weeks once you pay the verification fee and submit your form. If there are any changes in the SAT scores post-verification due to an irregularity in the scoring or scanning process, the verification fee will be refunded.

SAT Score Cancellation

For any reason, you need to cancel your SAT Score, here are two methods through which one can cancel their SAT score:

  1. At the test centre: If you are unsure about how the test went, or if you feel like you have skipped a number of questions, you can cancel your test right then and there. Right at that moment, at the test centre, you can ask the supervisor for a ‘Request to Cancel Test Scores’ form. Fill in all details along with your signature. Submit the form to the supervisor. Make sure you submit this before leaving the test centre.
  1. At home: If your poor performance hits you after you leave the test centre, you can cancel your test at home as well. However, there is a time limit to it. You need to submit your cancellation request by writing to College Board as quickly as you can because the deadline for receiving such requests will be 11:59 PM (IST) on a Wednesday after the test date. You need to download ‘Request to Cancel Test Scores’ online from the College Board website, fill in your details, sign it, and fax it or speed-post/courier it overnight.

Here are the details for Fax and over-night mail service:

  • Fax: (610) 290-8978
  • Overnight U.S. Postal Service Express Mail (US only): SAT Score Cancellation, P.O. Box 6228, Princeton, NJ 08541-6228
  • Overnight mail service or courier (US or international): SAT Score Cancellation, 1425 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, NJ 08618, USA

Also, Read

Q:   How to cancel SAT scores?


At the test center: After completing the test, take the 'cancel test scores form' from the test coordinator fill it and sign it. Return the form to the test coordinator at the test center. After leaving the test center: Your written and signed request must be submitted before 11:59 PM Thursday after the test date. Candidates are not allowed to submit cancellation requests via phone or email as their signatures are required. Thus, applicants should raise their requests in time so that there is no additional charge beared by the applicant. More or less the applicant can cancel the scores maximum 5 days before the result declaration. 


Q:   What is SAT score validity?


The SAT score is valid for a period of 5 years, from the day of the declaration of your SAT Result. That means, if for example, you received your SAT score on May 11, 2021 then your SAT exam scores will be valid till May 11, 2026. Thus, if you apply to universities abroad between May 11, 2021 to May 11, 2026 your SAT scores would deem valid. You may have to pay extra if you want College Board to share your SAT scores officially to the respective universities you are applying to within that time span only. 


Q:   What to keep in mind to score good in SAT?


Its essential to understand that what is the meaning of 'good SAT score' if it is based on the minimum requirements set by the university then a certain aim has to be set, but if it is more towards a personal goal then the targetting strategy would be different. In order to score good, the students shall prepare themselves of how they wish to plan their studies and assess their previous knowledge first and then working on the SAT syllabus. There is no one way of scoring good on SAT, but definitely the effort and practice of the applicant would pay off.


Q:   What are SAT score recipients?


Applicants while registering for SAT exam have the option of indicating which colleges or universities their SAT scores are to be forwarded once they are released. The SAT scores are released to those recipients (colleges and/or universities) and once they are delivered the status against each recipient changes to delivered. Thus, this way applicants can check whether or not their SAT scores have been delivered to their college or university of application post SAT results are declared. Applicants can mention upto four recipients to whom score reports can go to once the results are declared of the SAT exam.


SAT Exam Results 2024

The scoring for the SAT is evaluated out of 2400 (from 600 to 2400). Subject-wise scores range from 200 - 800, where 200 is the minimum and 800 is the maximum score. The scores for your exams are available after 3 weeks of taking up the examination. Colleges have different criteria for selecting students on the basis of their scores.

Steps to access SAT Result 2024

Follow these steps to access your SAT Result:

  • Click on ‘My Organizer’
  • On your left side menu, you will see the option ‘SAT scores', select it
  • Next, click on ‘Access My Scores’
  • You will be asked username and password, enter these details
  • Scroll down until you see the option of ‘My Test Scores'

SAT Cut-Offs 2024

The College Board does not have any SAT cut-off listed for students wanting to apply to universities abroad after appearing for their SAT. There are no strict SAT cut-offs for top colleges/ universities, candidates are expected to fall within a certain range to be eligible for admission to top schools. However, exceptions would be made for unusual cases. Know more about SAT Cut-Off 2024.

Countries accepting SAT Score

Every country has its selection criteria for international students. The SAT Exam is accepted in various colleges worldwide. It is most popular for undergraduate courses in the USA and Canada. However it is also accepted by some universities in the UK and Australia. Check out the countries accepting SAT scores:

Colleges accepting SAT Score

As discussed above, the SAT Exam is required by undergraduate aspirants to get enrolled in universities abroad. Check out the list of top engineering colleges abroad that accept SAT scores.

Q:   In how much time are SAT results declared after exam is conducted?


SAT score results are declared within two weeks of exam conduction. It usually takes 13-14 days for College Board to release the scores of SAT exam for the applicant, but the score reports take some more time to be relased. Within a week or two the score reports with SAT exam scores are sent to the colleges the applicant had selected during SAT exam registrations. Thus, applicants should ensure that the SAT exam date they choose, the results of the exam align with their admission applications. Also the time for sending the SAT score reports should also be taken into account. 


Q:   In how much time does College Board release SAT Digital result in comparison to old SAT exam?


Since SAT Digital is the new way of taking test that is, online and the duration of the test has reduced, the time of SAT result declaration has also reduced. When SAT was tested on paper the results were released in 3 weeks but SAT Digital results are released in a span of 12-13 days from the date of examination. Students can sit for SAT exam accordingly and send across their SAT scores to the respective universities they are applying to. Applicants must ensure that they sit for that SAT exam date, where they can get their SAT score results within the application submission timeline 


SAT Preparation Strategy 2024

Candidates who score well in SAT tend to be good readers, who possess a good vocabulary. They can also sustain the pressure of answering questions in a shorter period as the test requires dealing with multiple sections. For the overall preparation, the SAT is similar to the other exams in the sense that candidates can either take the route of self-studying or attend coaching classes.

For self-study you need motivation and self-discipline, to continue with the routine. This method will help you save lots of time and money. However, if you feel you learn the best in a classroom environment, then attending coaching classes is not a bad deal. Remember that you can choose to study on your own or through professional help, there is no right or wrong way.

Check out detailed information on SAT Preparation Tips. Candidates looking to prepare section-wise can also check out SAT reading prep tips and SAT math prep tips to be able to perform their best during the time of the exam. According to research, students who used Official SAT Practice for more than 6 hours and worked on at least one best practice scored 39 points higher than students who did not use the Official SAT Practice.

What are the best books for SAT Exam 2024?

Whether you decide to study on your own or to join a coaching class, you would always need a set of SAT prep books. This set should be able to help you cover the entire syllabus along with a series of sample papers or practice tests. Practising these questions would give you an idea of the overall feel of the exam paper along with letting you figure out how far you have reached.

Q:   How to prepare for SAT in 15 days?


SAT exam preparation is based on first understanding the SAT exam syllabus and then preparing for the exam. The SAT exam consists of two braod sections - Reading + Writing and Mathematics. Each section has a set of dedicated topics and a consolidated number of questions are there for each section. Applicants have to prepare based on the give syllabus for SAT exam. The duration of SAT exam preparation depends on the applicant's previous knowledge first and then the time he/she would take to prepare for those topics which he or she has not taken up in the past before. 

The preparation of SAT exam in 15 days can be easy for those who are well versed with Mathematics topics and have a good command over the English language. Applicants can prepare in 15 days, but it is essential that they understand the SAT exam syllabus first and then check out their weak and strong points. In case the applicant can prepare in 15 days they can, else they should take more time and take a thorough understanding and then proceed with the preparation. 


Q:   Is SAT preparation easy for Indian high school students?


The preparation of SAT exam solely depends on the applicants and how they have the SAT syllabus covered while they were in high school. The ease of SAT exam preparation depends on the applicants solely. For those who have even one SAT exam section covered, they can still take some more time to take up the next section of SAT and prepare. The preparation of SAT exam is easy for those applicants also who are good at Mathematics and English language. 

SAT exam preparation will also be based on the applicant's previous knowledge. The applicants who are preparing for SAT exam will have to take into consideration that they also have to take up mock tests, which will further prove beneficial in cracking the exam. The SAT exam preparation can be eased off by following these five tips:

  1. Make a schedule and make a plan. Weak topics must be picked up first followed by the those topics which the applicant is confident about.
  2. Decide how much time needs to be given to each topic and how much time will it take to complete the entire syllabus.
  3. After the prep time is allocated, make some room for practicing on the SAT mocks.
  4. Also some time must be dedicated to revision, and coming back to those topics where the applicant lost marks in the mock test. 

Upon following these steps, the applicants will be able to ease their SAT exam preparation. 


SAT 2024 Sample Papers

One of the most convenient methods of preparing for the SAT is through solving SAT Sample papers. Solving SAT Test Papers not only allows the candidate to self-evaluate his performance but also prepares him for the exam day. For the benefit of our readers, we have got the latest SAT practice test for aspirants to solve and do their best on the day of the exam. There are official apps like Bluebook for some practice on the latest SAT Digital exam to be conducted in the year 2024 for international students. 

Download this guide to read it offline

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SAT Exam Centres in India 2024

The SAT is conducted in multiple major cities across India for the benefit of students. Students are always advised to book a Sat Testing Centre that is closest to their location and is most convenient. The SAT exam is held at over 50 institutes and spread across 30 major cities in India. To find SAT test centre that is closest to you, view the entire list of SAT 2024 exam centres and check out our page on - SAT exam centres in India. Some of the major cities where SAT exam centres administer the SAT exam are as follows:

  • Delhi & NCR
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Ahmedabad
  • Pune
  • Amritsar

SAT Exam Day Tips

Reaching your test centre ahead of time is always a good idea. It gives you time to relax and prepare for facing the exam. Having some time in your spare also helps you tackle anxiety that creates panic before entering the examination hall. Students should ensure the following to have a smooth SAT testing experience:

  • SAT exam centres would open entry for students at 7:45 a.m. hence students must reach their respective exam centres well within time.
  • Make sure that the identity proofs are handy and valid, issued by the Indian Government.
  • Students must carry their approved devices for appearing for the SAT exam, and if not carrying any device, carry the necessary stationery.
  • Those carrying their devices to appear for the SAT exam should install the Bluebook App beforehand because the exam will be conducted through it.
  • Avoid carrying any extra item which is not necessarily required at the SAT exam centre.
  • Lastly, carry some water, have a light breakfast and just arrange everything one day before the exam.

Aspirants looking to appear for the exam can check out SAT Exam Day Tips for their benefit. Still, have more queries regarding the SAT exam? Check out the detailed SAT FAQs.

Q:   How many SAT exam centres are in India?


Located across 33 cities, there are around 120 designated SAT exam centres in India. Indian students registering for SAT exam can choose for any one of these test centres out of 120 based on their city and area of accommodation. The SAT centres in India are located at all possible cities and in possible areas of these cities too. Each SAT centre has a unique centre code which differentiates one test centre from the other. Students must exercise caution while choosing a SAT exam centre.


Q:   Are SAT centres available in lesser populated areas of India as well?


Applicants will have to check the location they are in and the location where they want to sit for their SAT exam. In case they do not find SAT centre nearby, they can choose to appear for the exam at any other nearby SAT centre. It may not always be possible to find a SAT centre in the same location of residence of the applicant. Hence, its best to look for the next best option and prepare accordingly as to how to travel and how much buffer time you'd need to reach the centre and other miscellaneous factors before coming down to one option.


Q:   Can multiple SAT exam centres be chosen to appear for the exam?


No, only one SAT exam centre can be chosen from the already given list of SAT exam centres in India. Applicants can register only once, for one SAT exam centre and one exam date only. Multiple selections from different ID's can lead to blacklisting of the candidate by College Board.


SAT 2024 Exam Scholarships

One of the biggest drawbacks of studying abroad is having to pay tuition fees in foreign currency clubbed with high living expenses. Due to such reasons, a lot of times, many sections of students are unable to go abroad and end up settling down for other alternatives. However, with the availability of various scholarships and education loans students can finally make their dream come true. College Board in association with a few Indian universities has started SAT scholarships for Indian students

Apart from this, scholarships are available on the official website of every college along with other fellowships and grants that are awarded to deserving students on a regular basis. For instance, the following universities offer international students a scholarship based on their SAT scores:

  • The University of Oregon offers a scholarship amount of USD 3,000 to USD 10,000 if the student scores 1250 on SAT.
  • Those scoring between 1200-1390 on SAT exam can get a scholarship worth USD 15,000 at the University of Missouri.
  • Colorado State University offers up to USD 10,000 scholarship amount to those who score 1130-1300 on SAT. 
  • Baylor University offers the highest scholarship amount of USD 21,000 for those scoring 1000 and above on SAT.

Students can also opt for education loans from financial institutions for studying abroad. Check out: Merit Scholarships for SAT and ACT High Scorers.

SAT Exam 2024 FAQs

Check out for more details on SAT exam in the following section which covers SAT exam-related FAQs:

Q:   What is the purpose of SAT exam?


The purpose of SAT exam to check the student's readiness for college level education by testing them on theirhigh school knowledge. Based on the student's performance in SAT exam, the colleges are able to compare the performance and admit students based on their scores on SAT exam. Thus, this is the sole purpose of SAT exam to test the students. 


Q:   Use of calculators permitted for SAT Digital?


The College Board allows candidates to use calculators for Maths section. As per the latest version of SAT exam which is now Digital, the students are allowed to use calculators for all their Maths section questions. Earlier there were two Maths sections one which permitted the students the use of calculators and other which did not. But now, students are free to use their calculators for all the Maths questions.


Q:   What is PSAT? How it is different from SAT test?


PSAT or Preliminary SAT is more like a practice test that candidates give to check their readiness for the SAT exam. The PSAT exam takes place once a year in October. Candidates can check the nearby school where they can register for the PSAT. The cost for taking PSAT is $17 (INR 1233) approximately. Also, it is scored out of 1520, unlike the SAT test that is scored out of 1600. Usually, students in class 9th or class 10th give the PSAT. Students in class 11th also give PSAT if they are not planning to attempt the SAT exam in 11th standard. It tests the problem-solving skills in three areas: Math, Writing, and Critical Reading.




What if I pass sat in 11? Like what am I suppose to do now? Clear 12 then register for college with my 11 sat marks?

Reply to Ishika Sonthalia

1)Are SAT & SAT subject test both different? 2) Is it compulsory to attempt both sat & sat subject test? Can you please give information about it?

Reply to Kareena Bwaniwal


Shakil Jahan

5 months ago

Am I eligible to appear for SAT after five years of passing out from high school?

Reply to Shakil Jahan


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

4 months ago

Hello Shakil! Yes, you are eligible to appear for the exam. All the best!



5 months ago

what scholarships are offered to students scoring good marks?

Reply to eppxk


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

5 months ago

Hello! Scholarships depend on the university the applicant is applying to and based on the criteria fulfilled. So when you apply for admission to any university, you can check on what score cutoff of SAT a scholarship is being offered and apply for that scholarship accordingly. Hope this helps!



6 months ago

How much do I need to score to get seat in iiit Hyderabad

Reply to Durgaprasad


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

5 months ago

Hello Durgaprasad! You will have to check the university website and the course you are applying for. Sometimes a cutoff is mentioned and sometimes it is not. In case it is not mentioned, you can connect with the university's admissions committee and request for details. Good luck!

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