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Having Worked as an Academic Manager in Experiential Marketing earlier, Kalyani made her move to the study abroad vertical in 2017.Passionate about education and wanting to make a difference, Kalyani holds a B.Com degree from Delhi University and Completed CS Executive from ICSI. She has been working with the overseas education sector Since 2+ years. Her Expertise lies in both UG and PG Level courses across all regions. She guides the students with selecting the right course and institution abroad, and also, provides visa assistance to them. A dance and music lover and also loves to interact with people.

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Reviewed 08 Nov 23

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Reviewed 03 Nov 23

Its very nice and quick response from siksha.


Reviewed 15 Jul 23

GRE Score: 322.0

Kalyani possesses exceptional skills as a counselor, displaying an impressive ability to explain even the most complex topics with remarkable clarity. Her communication style is not only informative but also patient, as she gracefully addresses my repeated questions with a warm and reassuring smile. She consistently goes above and beyond to understand my unique profile, leveraging her knowledge and expertise to provide me with efficient and tailored suggestions when it comes to selecting and applying to universities. One of the most remarkable aspects of Kalyani's counseling approach is her unwavering availability. She consistently makes herself accessible for communication, whether it's through in-person meetings, phone calls, or email correspondence. This level of accessibility and responsiveness instills a sense of confidence and reassurance in me, as I know that I can rely on her guidance and support throughout the entire process. With her guidance, I feel confident and well-prepared to navigate the university application process, knowing that I have a knowledgeable and supportive ally by my side.

Singam Naveen Kumar Reddy10/10

Reviewed 29 Jun 23

IELTS Score: 6.5

Kalyani, my academic counselor, played a pivotal role in my successful application to US universities and obtaining an F1 visa. Her expertise and knowledge in the US university system guided me through the entire application process. Kalyani's personalized approach ensured that my application showcased my strengths and aligned with my career goals. Her support and guidance boosted my confidence and prepared me for the F1 visa interview. Thanks to Kalyani's assistance, I am now on track to pursue my education in the US with the F1 visa in hand.

Rayana Tejaswee10/10

Reviewed 29 Jun 23

GRE Score: 318.0

Kalyani is an amazing counselor. She was always available whenever i had any doubt. She suggested me good universities and helped me throughout the process. More than anything, she is a kind person. I got admits from all the universities she suggested. It was an amazing experience being your student.

Bhaskarla Sai Vara Prasad10/10

Reviewed 28 Jun 23

IELTS Score: 6.5

I had the privilege of receiving guidance and support from Kalyani mam throughout the process till now. The unwavering dedication and willingness to help others is truly remarkable. Kalyani mam extensive knowledge and expertise in the field have been invaluable in providing me with the guidance I needed to make informed decisions. Mam patiently listened to my concerns, addressed my questions, and provided thoughtful advice that has greatly influenced my path the ability to empathize with my challenges and offer encouragement has been a constant source of motivation. Kalyani mam's reliability and trustworthiness have made a go-to person for guidance and support, consistently go above and beyond to provide timely and resourceful assistance, leaving no stone unturned. Their passion for helping others and their inspirational approach have undoubtedly made a significant impact on my journey. I am immensely grateful for Kalyani mam guidance and support, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking expert advice and unwavering support." Happy to be your student mam.


Reviewed 09 Jun 23

Kalyani has helped me immensely from the start. She was always available and was very helpful.


Reviewed 25 Feb 23

She coordinate with you very well

Pavan Thalla10/10

Reviewed 03 Feb 23

GRE Score: 319.0

She was very good and very helpful.

Gouni Sreeja10/10

Reviewed 30 Jan 23

IELTS Score: 7.5

My counselor is really very fast responding and help a lot.

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