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Ramya, a seasoned study abroad counsellor (PIER and USA certification), focuses on offering resourceful and unbiased counselling based on student requirements. Having graduated with the Master of public administration degree, after completing her Bachelor’s in zoology, Ramya joined some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world and gained substantial industrial know-how. As someone who adores animals and nature, she enjoys spending time with pets and watering plants.

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Verified Reviews collected from Shiksha Study Abroad Counseling Service Users


Reviewed 29 Nov 23

It was a pleasure having Ms. Ramya as my counselor. She guided me through every step of my master's application process with exceptional care and attention towards me. She had suggested me with the best ways to go through my applications according to my preferences and my profile. She helped shortlist the best universities for me when I was clueless which university to attend to. She overlooked every step of my application process from SOPs to mock interviews. After receiving my admits, She even helped me go through the visa application process with clear instructions on what is to be done. It would have been a hassle if it werent for Ms. Ramya's guidance for which I am really grateful.


Reviewed 26 Sep 23

Ramya is very sweet and supportive throughout the process. The amazing person as she is, she inspired me to always be one step ahead and she is the reason my entire process from applications to visa is done within 2 months. She always has student’s best interest and only wants the best college for the student and helps them by guiding step by step. I personally bonded with Ramya as she is very honest, kind and hardworking. I am thankful that she is my counsellor and also for always motivating me and saying positive things.

Nithin Bharadwaj10/10

Reviewed 29 Aug 23

IELTS Score: 7.0

Ramya ma'am is very helpful for me from day one. even though my profile has a few red flags she took up my profile, she knows what she is doing and has knowledge about universities and all the courses. she helped me with everything from start .she is very motivating and inspiring always responds in minutes and never let us down .i'm lucky i got her as my counselor. even after my first visa refusal she always believed in me and never let me down. I wish all the best for her and appreciate her work. keep doing what you are doing.


Reviewed 22 Aug 23

Ramya is very knowledgeable councellor and her guidance helped me a lot. She is perfect councellor for students.

uppalapati priyanka10/10

Reviewed 04 Aug 23

IELTS Score: 7.0

My counselor is Ms. Ramya Ji. She is a very pro active and encouraging person who helped me alot right from applying to the universities and getting visa approval. Usually many counselors doesn't know about my veterinary field but she is a expert and know about all the biological science related subjects. She took mock interviews and always corrected me during my preparation. She is the right person to be a counselor and i definitely recommend her to other students. I am forever grateful for her efforts. Thank you ramya ji!

mani muchapothula10/10

Reviewed 26 Jul 23

GRE Score: 311.0

I had the pleasure of working with counselor Ramya throughout my master's application process until my visa was approved, and I must say, her assistance was genuinely exceptional. From the beginning, Ramya's expertise and support were evident, as she guided me through each step with great care and attention. Her in-depth knowledge of the application procedures and personalized approach made the entire process feel seamless and less daunting. Whenever I faced uncertainties or had questions, Ramya was always there to provide clarity and reassurance. I wholeheartedly recommend Ramya to anyone seeking reliable and competent support for their academic pursuits abroad.


Reviewed 28 Jun 23

I would like to thank you Ramya mam, my counsellor for her assistance and guidance through my journey. From the very first step to selecting university to the last step getting my visa. She was calm and very helpful. She was there to respond my each and every queries. I am very grateful to her for her assistance.


Reviewed 27 Jun 23

IELTS Score: 6.0

Ramya, my counselor during my master's program abroad, was fantastic. She helped me tremendously throughout my studies. Her patience, guidance, and support were incredible. Whenever I needed assistance, she was there for me, providing invaluable advice and helping me through every situation. I'm extremely grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her as a counselor.

Rampavan Reddy Vemireddy10/10

Reviewed 27 Jun 23

GRE Score: 317.0

Ramya mam was excellent in providing guidance and support throughout the entire visa process. I couldn't have done it without her. Even though I have started applying the universities very lately (April) I have got 3 admits for fall 2023. Mam will follow up on you every day which I didn't thought off.

Nithin Bharadwaj10/10

Reviewed 11 Apr 23

IELTS Score: 7.0

Ramya ma'am is very supportive, she takes every student very personally and assist with intense care. Even though my profile is little weak she still encouraged me and shortlisted very good universities and applied. She responds to all the doubts at anytime. She motivated me all the time and helped me with the process. She always wishes the best for her students. I wish the best for her.

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