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Soorya is armed with a combination of technical and management education. She has excellent communication skills and is known to be a keen learner. She enjoys dancing and knows four forms of dance. Her source of inspiration is Bhagavad Gita. On the personal front, she is a very adaptable and flexible person.

Student Reviews (42)

Verified Reviews collected from Shiksha Study Abroad Counseling Service Users


Reviewed 02 Dec 23

Soorya was helpfull throughout the process and always answered the calls and texts. Overall a good Experience with Soorya.


Reviewed 30 Nov 23

Soorya was very helpful and always answered my phone and messaged me back immediately and she also clarified all my doubts and even took mock visa interviews which helped me realise how to answer..

Ladi Amrish10/10

Reviewed 08 Nov 23

Soorya was instrumental in making my dream of studying in the USA a reality. Her personalized approach and attention to detail ensured I applied to the right universities and programs. I am grateful for the unwavering support throughout the process, her expertise is extended beyond her academics, helping me navigate visa requirements and financial planning. Her guidance was truly invaluable.

Madhushree P10/10

Reviewed 01 Nov 23

GRE Score: 321.0

Soorya has helped throughout the process and interacted well. She guided me through the process and was following up tin every step.


Reviewed 21 Oct 23

Very good & helpful when required

Iruvuri Pranay10/10

Reviewed 19 Oct 23

GRE Score: 321.0

After registering in Shiksha, I was assigned Soorya mam as my counselor. I was extremely fortunate to have her guidance throughout the application process. She was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and she went above and beyond to help me succeed. Soorya mam helped me shortlist and finalize universities that were a good fit for my academic and career goals. She also reviewed my essays and other application documents, providing valuable feedback and suggestions. Mam was always available to answer my questions and provide support, even on weekends and I am so grateful for her help. I would also like to thank Shiksha for their services. Shiksha provided me with a platform to connect with Soorya mam and other resources that were essential to my success. I highly recommend Shiksha to anyone who is planning to study abroad.

laxminarasimha soma9.3/10

Reviewed 19 Sep 23

GRE Score: 317.0

I have been assigned Soorya as my counselor after I registered in Shiksha. She has been a good counselor throughout my application process. She guided me in every way possible like shortlisting and finalizing the universities. She guided me how should I edit my documents accordingly. Soorya has helped me prepare for the interview and conducted many mock interviews and gave feedback everytime when I made mistakes in giving the answers. She was available for everytime when I made calls to her and was responded everytime. I am thankful to her and Shiksha for helping me get my visa approved. Thank you Soorya for helping and guiding me in the process.

Patturu Vishnu Vardhan10/10

Reviewed 15 Sep 23

IELTS Score: 7.0

I had the privilege of working with Soorya from Shiksha Abroad as my educational counselor, and I can confidently say that her commitment to assisting students in achieving their academic goals is truly outstanding. My journey with Shiksha Abroad began when I reached out to them for assistance with my application to study abroad. Soorya was assigned as my counselor, and right from the start, she exhibited a high level of professionalism and dedication to her role. Although my plans took an unexpected turn, and I ultimately didn't proceed with the application, my experience with Soorya was remarkable, and I believe her services warrant a review. Exceptional Knowledge and Expertise: Soorya's in-depth knowledge of the education systems and application processes in various countries was evident throughout our interactions. She had answers to all of my questions, no matter how specific or complex they were. Her expertise instilled confidence in me that I was in capable hands. Personalized Guidance: Soorya didn't offer one-size-fits-all advice; instead, she took the time to understand my unique academic and career aspirations. This personalized approach was refreshing and demonstrated her commitment to helping me find the best-fit educational opportunities. Responsive and Accessible: One of the most valuable qualities of Soorya was her responsiveness. She consistently replied promptly to my emails and messages, ensuring that I always felt supported and well-informed. This level of accessibility is crucial during the often-stressful application process. Adaptability and Flexibility: Even when my plans changed, Soorya remained adaptable and accommodating. She didn't pressure me into proceeding with an application that was no longer suitable for me. Instead, she provided guidance on alternative options and understood that my educational journey was unique. Attention to Detail: Soorya's attention to detail was impeccable. She meticulously reviewed my application materials, offering constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Her commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect of her work. Empathetic Approach: Beyond her professional competence, Soorya's empathetic approach made her a pleasure to work with. She understood the anxiety and uncertainty that can accompany the study abroad application process and offered unwavering support and encouragement. In conclusion, while my plans changed, and I did not ultimately proceed with my application through Soorya at Shiksha Abroad, my experience working with her was nothing short of exceptional. She possesses a rare combination of expertise, professionalism, and personal commitment that sets her apart in the field of educational counseling. I highly recommend Soorya to anyone seeking guidance on studying abroad, and I am confident that she will continue to positively impact the lives and educational journeys of many more students in the future. Thank you, Soorya, for your outstanding service and support.

sri hari10/10

Reviewed 07 Aug 23

GRE Score: 320.0

First of all, I have to thank Shiksha Abroad, because the portal which they have designed led me to find universities, requirements easily from this portal. And then I have contacted shiksha abroad assistance. It's my luck that they've assigned me soorya as my councellor. Right from the beginning of process applying to the Universities, she always responds at any time with no hesitation at all. At the end of the day, it's job duties but mainly she maintains goodwill with students in every aspect or trouble shooting. After booking my visa slot, I was nothing aware of those questions at all. Soorya has arranged me preparation docs and assisted me how to and what to answer in very detail. She Conducted 5 mock interviews where I gained confidence. A special mention to Baisakha also. She phrased the answers for me in a very simple way to remember during mock interviews. And it's the final interview day, Big day. Never felt fear while standing in the que. It's all because of practice and the good guidance, yes It went well and it's approved. I'm very thankful to shiksha abroad and soorya.

UttejReddy Allapuram10/10

Reviewed 25 Jul 23

IELTS Score: 6.5

Soorya is the best counsellor, guided me in a good direction right from the beginning in each and every step. She has supported me very well in everything from providing good list of universities which will be suitable and made me fit in a great university. she is very friendly, pleasant ,calm and most importantly responds to every call at any time. She will be available for her students anytime I feel as I know few students of her. Soorya not only suggested universities but she helped me really very well in visa interview preparation as well. She helped me by providing few answers which I have to do better. And she was the happiest to know that my visa got approved. I felt like she owns her students and provides them with best university and best service all the time. She gives her best till the end. I personally recommend every one who are reading this to choose soorya as their counselor because it's worth being as soorya's student than others, trust me you'll never regret. Thank you so much Soorya for everything you did for me.

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