Cost of Living in Dubai 2024-25

Cost of Living in Dubai 2024-25

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Dubai, the gleaming desert jewel of the United Arab Emirates, offers a luxurious lifestyle and vibrant culture. But before you bask in its sun-kissed paradise, understanding the cost of living in Dubai is crucial. This guide unveils the cost of living in Dubai UAE including various parameters such as the cost of groceries, travelling, entertainment and more.

Cost of Living in Dubai for Indian Students

If you are someone who wishes to stay and study in Dubai UAE, then, knowing the Dubai life cost is important for you. As much as a healthy and luxurious life attracts you, it takes a lot just to survive in Dubai. Yes, you heard it right. Dubai is way more costlier and stood at #7 in the costliest cities in the world ranking for 2023. Dubai’s currency, the Dirham (AED) is equal to INR 22.64 as per the current exchange rate which means, that the city will naturally be costlier for most Indian students. This article will give you a reflection on the cost of living in Dubai in detail along with several tips and tricks to lower your monthly expenses while living in this foreign wonderland. We have also mapped the estimated total living cost in Dubai for international students and the list of the top 5 universities in Dubai along with their average fees.

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Dubai Life Cost: Cost of Housing for Indians

Accommodation costs vary greatly, depending on your desired lifestyle. The rent for the studio apartments differs from a flat and a villa for single and multiple residents. Below is the table listing these costs separately in Dubai Dirhams and Indian Rupees. 

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Housing Type

Average Monthly Rent (AED)

Average Monthly Rent (INR, converted at an exchange rate of 1 AED = 22.63 INR)

Studio Apartment (Dubai Central Area)


90.5 k

1-Bedroom Apartment (Outlying Area)


67.9 k

3-Bedroom Apartment (Central Area)


2.60 L

3-Bedroom Apartment (Outlying Area)


1.92 L

Please note that the above figures may change from properties to people and different conditions. This rent is approx. 5-10 times more than the usual rent in Noida with the cost of living index Dubai being 62.9 and for Noida, it is 25.3 (approximately). 

Below are some tips for getting affordable housing in Dubai.

  • Share a flat with friends or colleagues to reduce costs.
  • Consider outlying areas like Dubai Silicon Oasis or Jumeirah Village Circle for cheaper options as the city’s central areas are usually multi-folds costlier than the outlying areas.
  • Apply early, especially during off-peak seasons and negotiate with landlords.

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Cost of Groceries

Dubai offers diverse grocery options to suit various budgets. The average weekly costs in AED and INR for basic groceries in different supermarkets of Dubai are given below.


Average Weekly Cost for Basic Groceries (AED)

Average Weekly Cost for Basic Groceries (INR, converted at an exchange rate of 1 AED = 22.63 INR)










Below are some tips for saving on groceries in Dubai.

  • Cook at home instead of dining out frequently.
  • Buy in bulk for non-perishable items.
  • Explore local markets for fresh produce and bargain more.
  • Utilise the supermarket loyalty programs for discounts and rewards.

Cost of Transportation

Dubai provides various transportation options like local transport, taxi or buying a private car. The average transportation costs using different tranporttaion modes in Dubai are given below.

Transportation Mode

Average Cost (AED)

Average Cost (INR, converted at an exchange rate of 1 AED = 22.63 INR)

Dubai Metro

17 (Per Trip)


Dubai Metro Monthly Pass




25 (Per Km)


Ride-hailing apps (Uber, Careem)

15 (Per Km)


Below are some tips for budget-friendly transportation in Dubai.

  • Utilise the Dubai Metro whenever possible. Get the monthly pass as that would lower your charges for accessing Dubai Metro even more.
  • Walk or cycle for short distances to save on taxi or metro fares.
  • Carpool with friends or colleagues to share fuel costs.

Cost of Dining & Entertainment in Dubai

Dubai's culinary scene explodes with diversity, from Michelin-starred restaurants to budget-friendly street food, catering to every palate and budget. Dubai's vibrant cuisine is a must to leverage your taste buds. Dubai's dining and entertainment costs cater to diverse budgets and there are various options to choose from. Below are the average costs for fooding and entertatinment in Dubai.

Fooding/Entertatinment Activity

Average Cost (AED)

Average Cost (INR, converted at an exchange rate of 1 AED = 22.63 INR)

Meal at a mid-range restaurant



Meal at an upscale restaurant



Movie Tickets



Theme Park Entry Tickets



Below are the tips for getting affordable fooding options and even save on entertainment activities.

  • Explore free activities like beach walks, parks, and cultural attractions.
  • Take advantage of happy hour deals at bars and restaurants.
  • Utilise discount vouchers and birthday discounts in restaurants and theme parks. 
  • Use city passes like the Dubai Pass for access to attractions at discounted rates.

Hidden Living Expenses in Dubai

Beyond the core expenses, prepare for additional costs like utilities, internet, and phone bills, which average around AED 500 (INR 11,317) per month. Additionally, healthcare in Dubai is very expensive, so having health insurance is crucial. Including occasional social outings and impulse purchases, your monthly budget should account for at least AED 8,000 (INR 1.81 L) for a basic lifestyle.

Here are a few points to save more on your monthly living expenditure in Dubai.

  • Lifestyle choices significantly impact your cost of living. Prioritise needs over wants and embrace cost-effective options like using public transportation and cooking at home.
  • As there is no income tax in Dubai currently (which means that you get exactly the same amount as is reflected on your offer letter), salary expectations vary greatly from the actually provided salary. Research average salaries in your chosen field before making the move.
  • Dubai is not just for the rich and welcomes diverse budgets. Adapt your lifestyle to suit your financial realities, and explore the city's hidden gems that go beyond the glitz and glamour.

Total Cost of Living in Dubai for Indian Students

The total living cost in Dubai for Indian students including the stationary costs and college tuition fees is given below. 


Average Amount (AED)

Average Amount (INR, converted at an exchange rate of 1 AED = 22.63 INR)

Books and Stationary (one time pay)


11.3k to 17k

Yearly Tuition Fees (Public and Private Universities)

20,000 - 70,000

3.4 L to 16 L



4.5k to 6.8k



22.6k to 27.1k



9k - 11k




Phone Subscriptions



Other Miscellaneous Expenses



Note:- Several colleges and universities in Dubai offer free education or education at a minimal price. For this reason, international students must look for universities that are lighter on their pockets and arrange only for their living expenses in Dubai alongside following our tips and tricks on saving more each month.

Top 5 Universities in Dubai and Their Average Tuition Fees

The top 5 universities in Dubai and their fees are given below.


Average Annual Tuition Fees

American University of Sharjah

₹ 22.84 L

Abu Dhabi University

₹ 9.65 L - 53.42 L

BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus

₹ 7.26 L - 10.66 L

Westford University College

₹ 3.86 L - 8.17 L

Amity University, Dubai Campus

₹ 3.15 L - 14.61 L

Tips on Surviving in Dubai

Surviving in a city like Dubai is not just about meeting the “expenses”. It is also about immersing in the diverse culture and workplace and sharing a good tuning with people. For this reason, below we have provided you with some bonus tips on survival in Dubai.

  • Learn some basic Arabic phrases to connect with locals and potentially negotiate better deals.
  • Dubai is all about its culture, beauty and luxurious lifestyle. So, maintain polite behaviour, use a handshake while meeting new people, place your shoes outside of mosques and homes, and refrain from littering and spitting the public places. 
  • Take advantage of Dubai's numerous sales and promotions throughout the year, especially during shopping festivals like Dubai Summer Surprises.
  • Consider applying for a Dubai resident's card, which offers discounts on various services and amenities.
  • Remember, budgeting is a continuous process. Track your expenses and adjust your lifestyle as needed to ensure you stay within your means.

By following these tips and conducting thorough research, you can plan your Dubai adventure without breaking the bank. Remember, the cost of living in Dubai may be significant, but the experiences and cultural immersion Dubai offers are truly priceless. Embrace the vibrant culture, savour the diverse flavours, and experience the magic of this desert metropolis, all while keeping your finances in check. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your unforgettable Dubai journey today! 

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Cost of Living in Dubai FAQs

Q. What is the average cost of living in Dubai?

A. The average live in Dubai cost for a single person, excluding rent can range to somewhere around AED 4500 (INR 1.01L, converted at an exchange rate of 1 AED = 22.63 INR)). On including rent with the average monthly life expenses in Dubai, the total monthly expenditure will come out to be somewhere around INR 2 L.

Q. What is the living cost in Dubai for Expats?

A. A person living alone in Dubai may expect to spend around INR 2 L monthly. However, living in a family of 4 members, expats can expect to spend around INR 3 - 3.5 L, if renting a house in the outlying areas of Dubai.

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