Pro-Palestine protest in Harvard University: 15 suspended activists to not graduate this year

Pro-Palestine protest in Harvard University: 15 suspended activists to not graduate this year

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Pallavi Pathak
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New Delhi, Updated on May 21, 2024 15:01 IST

The student bodies supporting the pro-Palestine protests and senior faculties of the university, all disapprove of Harvard University's decision that the suspended students will not be able to graduate this year.

Pro-Palestine protest in Harvard University: 15 suspended activists to not graduate this year

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As per reports, the 15 activists, who were suspended for participating in the Pro-Palestine protest on the Harvard University campus, will not be able to graduate with the rest of the student body today. Despite the student's demand to revoke the decision of suspension against the protesting students, the suspension remains in effect.

Senior faculty members of Harvard have written an open letter to the student protestors barred from graduating on time.

"With a combined 69 years at Harvard, we trusted the administration to act in good faith and to adhere to the values it claims to uphold and has previously demonstrated. We never imagined that Harvard administrators would punish peaceful protesters in such an extraordinary way: suspension, probation, and, in at least 13 cases, denial of an on-time graduation," reads the letter.

“We spoke with activists from four student movements — the 1986 anti-Apartheid encampment, the 2001 Living Wage occupation of Mass Hall, the 2011 Occupy encampment, and the 2015 Divest Harvard occupation of Mass. Hall — and not one could recall a case in which a student was suspended, had to lose a scholarship, or was prevented from graduating,” the letter further added.

How Student bodies react to Suspension of Students

“Over 35 Harvard student organizations have made statements expressing extreme disapproval over 15 seniors in the college not being allowed to graduate for protesting a genocide. Watch our thread to see what all 35 had to say:,” says one message on X platform.

“After taking a deal from Harvard's president for amnesty & leniency, college students are now being prevented from graduating until May/Dec 2025 bc of being placed on post-graduate "probation". Students are losing 100ks in scholarships, masters programs, & other postgrad plans,” stated another message on X platform.

“Harvard has violated its agreement with student protestors. This betrayal will PREVENT 12 STUDENTS FROM GRADUATING and place 28 on probation or suspension. In the agreement reached to end the HOOP encampment, Garber promised to encourage Ad Boards to follow “existing precedent”. For other similar student protests, the precedent is dropping charges and refraining from imposing severe consequences. This was the outcome for student organizers in the South Africa Apartheid encampment, Living Wage occupation of Mass Hall, Fossil Fuel divestment blockades, and Belinda Hall occupation,” said another message.

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