Swansea University celebrates double success in Aerospace

Swansea University celebrates double success in Aerospace

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New Delhi, Updated on Jul 10, 2024 17:19 IST

Merlin Flight Simulation Group organizes the student aircraft design and handling competition IT FLIES every year in USA and UK. Swansea University has emerged as the winner in the UK.

Swansea University celebrates double success in Aerospace

Study in UK: Swansea University and the two home teams have emerged as the winners in the Aerospace competition -IT FLIES. The competition was organized by the Merlin Flight Simulation Group and it was about student aircraft design and handling competition.

Marion Neal, from Merlin, said, “We were delighted to see that entries were as varied as ever and of a very high standard this year. It was great to give the students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of flight and to learn from our experienced test pilots.”

Swansea University’s head of aerospace engineering Professor Ben Evans said, “We are very proud of the aerospace education we offer and were more than happy to host the competition once again this year. This was a very close-run contest but we are thrilled that the Swansea teams put up such a good performance. However, we hope that all the students who took part were inspired by the experience and will continue on their journey in the aerospace industry.”

More Details of the Aerospace Competition

Faculty of Science and Engineering students at Swansea University designed an aerial firefighting aircraft with the capability to dire fighting equipment and smoke jumpers and could carry and drop 2000kg of fire-retardant material or water.

The other teams were from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, University of Manchester and University of South Wales.

Each participating team gave a 10-minute presentation about the project, and then their designs were flown and assessed by the test pilots. A team from Swansea University won the prize for the best project presentation with a supersonic business jet design. Another team from USW received the prize for the most innovative design.

Aerospace Engineering Department at Swansea University Details

The Department is training students to excel in the aerospace industry in UK, Wales and beyond. The most pressing challenge they are encountering is to reduce the climate impact of aviation and make space technology evolve in a way that will less harm the environment. The department offers undergraduate degree programs for students to develop their understanding and knowledge about aerospace technology.

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