York University Introduces Certificate Program in Digital Marketing Analytics

York University Introduces Certificate Program in Digital Marketing Analytics

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Pallavi Pathak
Assistant Manager Content
New Delhi, Updated on Jul 10, 2024 13:17 IST

Study in Canada: The certificate program in digital marketing analytics curriculum was created in alliance with the subject matter experts and it will help the students to develop skills and knowledge to succeed in the related jobs.

York University Introduces Certificate Program in Digital Marketing Analytics

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York University School of Continuing Studies has introduced a new Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics. The registration for the program is open now and the six-month duration certificate course is all set to start in January 2025.

The program will help the students learn to analyse data for actionable insights and develop the skills which are in demand in digital marketing analytics.

Jason Rivarola, head of performance media and martech at a major Canadian retailer and program advisory council member for the Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics said,In today’s fast-paced digital marketing landscape, data abundance presents challenges for those unable to extract meaningful insights. As the demand for data-savvy marketing professionals continues to rise, the York University School of Continuing Studies has introduced a crucial program for today’s digital marketers."

"This curriculum is crafted to bridge the divide between traditional marketing knowledge and cutting-edge data analysis, empowering students with vital skills to excel in the digital era. This program marks a pivotal step in demystifying data for marketers," added Jason Rivarola.

Christine Brooks-Cappadocia, assistant vice president of continuing studies at York University said,In our discussions with marketing leaders and employers, they have stressed the increasing importance data literacy plays in maximizing their marketing efforts and spending. The problem they are facing is many of their marketing teams don’t possess the advanced skills to drill into campaign data, while analytics teams don’t have the marketing expertise required to effectively action insights."

"This program will give professionals a comprehensive education in marketing and analytics with hands-on practice using analytics tools and techniques they can immediately use in their current roles,added Christine Brooks-Cappadocia.

Certificate Program in Digital Marketing Analytics: Details

The instructors of the program are experts in digital marketing as they are in senior-level digital marketing roles. They will help students to get real-world expertise. The course is to help marketing professionals upgrade their skills from foundational analytics to more professional skills. It will make them ready for senior roles. The future trends of automation and AI will increase the demand for experts with more advanced analytics skills.

The course will include a comprehensive capstone project which will combine concepts from each course. This will allow students to show their learning achievements. It is a highly experimental program.

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