Part-time Work Options in Finland for International Students

Part-time Work Options in Finland for International Students

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Part Time Jobs in Finland for International Students: A major concern for international students while pursuing their higher education abroad is whether they will be able to work part-time or not. In this article, we will inform you whether you will be able to work part-time while studying in Finland.

Part-time work options in Finland

Finland allows international students to work part-time if they are enrolled in a full-time study programme. Overseas students are allowed to work 30 hours per week. It is always a great way to cover some living costs while doing your higher studies. There is no minimum universal wage in Finland, however, most of the employees are protected by a collective agreement that specifies the minimum pay rate for different sectors. Wages in the collective agreement are usually determined as per the skills, experience, and geographical situation of the workplace. However, the minimum wage in most professions in Finland is amongst the highest in Europe.

In Finland, the minimum pay rate is applied for both Finnish and foreign workers, so, as an international student working here, you have the same opportunities as a Finnish worker. The average salary for part-time jobs in Finland is around €2,500 per month and there are plenty of options for international students and foreigners. One can work in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, tourist cabins, saunas, and movie theatres (cinema halls). These jobs require basic skills and simple Finnish or English language knowledge without any other qualification. Delivery and cleaning jobs are popular among students who want to earn some money while studying. One should apply to as many jobs as one can. Do not wait for employers to reply, call the recruiters directly and show them that you are interested in working. Read: Student Guide to Finland: All You Need to Know.

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How Many Hours Students Can Work Part-time in Finland

As a student, you are allowed to work part-time for up to 30 hours per week in Finland along with your studies (during the semester). Also, during the summer breaks one can work for any number of hours when there are no classes going on. 

Minimum Wages for Part-time Work in Finland

There is no minimum wage in Finland, however, the lowest wages range between 7 to 8 Euros per hour. Students usually earn between 9 to 13 Euros per hour depending on the nature of their work and the sectors they are working in. Working on Sundays and evening hours pays better, and there is good money in a sector like information technology and software engineering.

Apart from this, there are two peak seasons in a year when employers look for new staff. In December, just before the winter break, and just before the summer break. There is plenty of chance to find work during these times of the year, however, it is good to apply in advance.

Types of Part-time Work

Working in restaurants, cleaning or food delivery or newspaper delivery are some of the most common and popular part-time jobs for Finnish and international students. Part-time cleaners work through a reputable Finnish company and it is not a job to look down upon. Students have the option to take up cleaning work in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, and ferries.

There are different types of jobs if you go to work in a restaurant. One needs to have a hygiene passport to demonstrate that one knows how to handle unpacked and perishable goods. Employers prefer students who have already obtained a hygiene passport, so, it is better to get one before applying for these jobs.

Part Time Jobs in in Finland for International Students

  • Exam Guard Duty / Exam Supervisors: These are invigilator jobs that you can do at your university.
  • Summer Jobs: These are available from December to March. You must reach out to your university’s career centre to apply for these jobs.
  • Assistant Jobs: Research assistant/teaching assistant/lab assistant are some of the top student jobs in Finland. These increase the value of your resume as well.
  • Mail / Newspaper Delivery: It is great for students who like to wake up early in the morning. It is not a demanding job and can be managed with your academics.
  • Restaurant Jobs: These jobs usually involve dishwashing, working as a cashier, packaging, etc. However, you have to apply for a hygiene passport to be eligible for these jobs. Obtaining this certificate is simple.
  • Cleaning Jobs: These depend on your employer and can fetch you decent money.
  • Food Delivery: It is the most popular part-time job due to its flexible working hours and high pay. Wolt and Foodora are the food delivery companies that offer excellent opportunities to students.

Where to Find Part-time Jobs in Finland

Stay alert and keep networking within and outside the campus. Students often find jobs through a recommendation of a friend or someone you might know. Also, use the career services at your university and keep your LinkedIn profile updated with your latest resume and details.

Job announcements are published on job websites and you can also look at companies' official websites. TE service is a popular government job search portal. Monster, Adecco, The Hub, and Barona are other popular job-seeking pages. Apart from this, portals like Indeed and Duunitori are popular among Finnish-speaking people. Cleaning companies like Sol and Freska and food delivery companies Foodora and Wolt are popular among students looking for part-time work.

How to Find a Part-time Job in Your Field

Finding a job in your major may take more time, so, understand the importance of networking and start it from day one. Also, proactively use the career services of your university. Some degrees have high demand in Finland. There is going to be a huge demand for people with a technology background In fact students working in the IT field and software programmes like digitization, data analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence are paid well for part-time jobs while studying. Apart from this, the tourism and healthcare sectors also require skilled workers. However, for work in the healthcare sector, one needs at least basic Finnish language skills (B1 level). Learning Finnish at the start of your education is a good idea, so, it will improve your future job prospects.

Conditions for Working Part-time in Finland

  • There is no restriction on working hours during semester breaks.
  • Studies should not be compromised while doing part-time work.
  • Attendance should be met while working part-time.
  • You need to score grades as set by the university
  • Universities offer career services that help students to find internship course-related jobs
  • Students can work as research assistants for research programmes run by the universities
  • You can find off-campus part-time job opportunities in the local newspapers and job sites.

Part-time income will not be enough to pay for the entire study expenses. Also, getting a job after completing your studies may require knowledge of a certain level of the Finnish language. Even if you work part-time, you need to pay income tax in Finland. The tax amount depends on the nature of your job and salary. Non-European students have more job restrictions in comparison to EU/EEA nationals.

Part Time Jobs in in Finland for International Students FAQs

Q. Can international students work part-time in Finland?

A. Yes, foreign students are permitted to work part-time in Finland. International students' employment restrictions are based on their citizenship and the status of their work authorization.  Students from outside the EU/EEA who have a student residency permit are permitted to work part-time in Finland. Over 30 hours a week on average should not be worked during academic terms. As long as the weekly average stays close to 30 hours, students are free to change their working hours on a weekly basis. Working a full-time job over holidays is not subject to any time restrictions.

Q. How many hours students can work part-time in Finland?

A. You are permitted to work part-time in Finland as an international student for up to 30 hours per week while enrolled in classes (during the semester). Additionally, while there are no classes being held during the summer breaks, one may work for any amount of hours. Student residents who are not EU/EEA citizens are affected by this. The 30-hour cap is an average, thus students are free to alter their working schedules on a weekly basis as long as the average stays close to 30 hours. Working a full-time job over holidays is not subject to any time restrictions. It is vital to remember that citizens of the EU and EEA are free to work in Finland without a work permit or hour restrictions.

Q. Which are the popular part-time jobs for international students in Finland?

A. Some of the popular part-time jobs in Finland for international students include:

  • Working in restaurants or cafeterias.
  • Cleaning jobs in hotels, restaurants, ferries, shopping malls, or company offices.
  • Food delivery or newspaper delivery.
  • On-campus jobs (check with your university for opportunities).
  • Internships or part-time positions in international companies.

It is important to note that these are just some examples, and the availability of part-time jobs may vary depending on the location and time of year. It is recommended to actively search for job opportunities, apply in advance, and utilize resources provided by your university or local job boards.

Q. How much can I expect to earn from a part-time job in Finland as an international student?

A. The location and type of work can affect the average wage for part-time jobs in Finland. In Finland, part-time employment typically pays roughly 1,500 euros per month. However, it is crucial to remember that individual incomes can differ; therefore, it is advised to investigate particular job prospects and ask about pay when applying. In addition, the wage a student can expect to earn may vary depending on their experience, skills, and industry of employment.

Q. Is it worth studying in Finland for international students?

A. For international students, studying in Finland can be a great experience. Finland is renowned for having a world-class educational system that constantly ranks among the best in the world. With access to contemporary facilities and a focus on diverse learning methodologies, Finnish institutions offer a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Furthermore, Finland is a secure nation that provides pupils with a safe atmosphere. Another benefit of Finland is its multicultural environment, which enables kids to engage with peers from different cultures and gain exposure to many viewpoints. Finland has very low tuition compared to other nations, even though there may be costs for overseas students. Overall, studying in Finland can give international students a worthwhile and fulfilling educational experience.

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