Popular Job Sectors in Sweden: Jobs Requirement and Top Companies

Popular Job Sectors in Sweden: Jobs Requirement and Top Companies

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Popular Job Sectors in Sweden

Sweden is the global leader in terms of having a healthy job market, and it offers a high standard of living and strong workers' rights for both citizens and foreign nationals alike. For international students, remaining in the country after graduation is the most common way to secure a job. The second most popular way is to get a job is to apply to an MNC from your home country.

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In Sweden, the best thing is that language is never a barrier to employment. Everyone speaks fluent English, so you will never have communication problems. The nation has steadily built up a reputation for aiding start-up businesses over the years. Those who find work in Sweden, get to take their career to the next level and they also enjoy the accessible society with subsidized public services. Plus everyone in the country has an impressive amount of holiday entitlement, so that is an exciting bonus!

Jobs in Sweden

Swedish government combines a capitalist economy with the public sector and the welfare system. There is always a demand for skilled workers. The service industry has the most potential along with the following sectors:

  • Management, consulting, finance - Stockholm is the country’s financial centre with head offices of many multinational banks as well as Scandinavia’s largest stock exchange. 
  • Clean-tech sector and Automotive industry - Big vehicle manufacturers like Volvo and Scania are Swedish companies. Saab, a Swedish automobile company was bought by National Electric Vehicle Sweden. Since Sweden is the pioneer country for the advancement of clean technologies and eco-friendly applications, those experienced and knowledgeable in the field of developing or manufacturing greener vehicles will find great career opportunities here.  
  • Information technology - With companies like Sony Ericsson and Skype, Sweden has a lot to offer in the field of IT.
  • Tourism - The fastest growing sector in the tourism industry. Sweden is among the most popular tourist destinations across the world. Once you have visited Sweden at least once, you will understand why the tourism industry in the country is thriving with its variety of cities and beautiful natural scenery to admire.
  • Teaching and education – You need a strong background in the education industry to be qualified for a teaching job. Since this is a regulated job, you will need to fulfil the minimum criteria and then contact the relevant authority to apply for the right to practice.
  • Healthcare – Healthcare is an attractive industry for foreign students, but before you start looking at nurse and dentist jobs, make sure to receive your license certification and professional status. For this will have to contact the responsible authorities. With this approval, your employer is assured that you have received the required training and education to work in the field. Approximately 40 professions are regulated like this in Sweden, with a majority from the healthcare sector. The main requirements to gain approval are a sufficient educational background and prior work experience.

Sweden is the home ground of several popular multinational companies, like -

  1. Ericsson
  2. IKEA
  3. H&M
  4. Microsoft
  5. Saab Automobile
  6. Spotify
  7. AstraZeneca

Got more queries about the popular job sectors in Sweden? Write to us in the comments section below. 

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