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Toronto University Law
Course duration & fees

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Courses1st Year Tuition FeesDuration & Eligibility
B.A.(2 courses)
INR 36 L
Duration4 years
Exam AcceptedIELTS: 6.5 & Above, TOEFL: 100 & Above, Duolingo: 120 & Above
LL.M.(2 courses)
INR 29 L - 41 L
Duration1 year
Exam AcceptedTOEFL: 100 & Above, IELTS: 7.5 & Above

Toronto University Law
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35.67 L - 36.38 L
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2 Courses1 year
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#16 THE
29.48 L - 40.95 L
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Toronto University Law
Popular Courses

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36.38 L
1 year
A++ Shiksha Grade
#16 THE
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29.48 L
4 years
A++ Shiksha Grade
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35.67 L
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40.95 L

Toronto University Law
Students Ratings & Reviews

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Vibe of Campus
  • Academically oriented
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Liberal
  • Easy going
Student Views
  • 33% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work4.4
Post study jobs4.5
Quality of faculty4.8
Student Life4.6
Value for money4.3
Public transportation4.9
Indian Food4.4
Permanent Immigration4.4
AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Engineering in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
My journey at the prominent University of Toronto.
Tips: Uoft is the most prestigious university in Canada. Canadians really give you the awe moment when they know you're studying at this university. Some of the courses are of top-notch particularly Data Science courses. Others are okay. You would know how to survive in the industry. Top companies came to the universities to offer internships and projects. That's pretty much everything. The only con is that the fees is much higher than any other university in Canada. I do not feel any cultural shift personally. But one must be ready to accept ideologies. So, it depends on the person. In my course, there isn't any but MASc. and Ph.D. offered few scholarships to students. Overall, I am satisfied with my university and course.
Reviewed on 18 Sep 2023Read more
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Samarendra Dash Verified Icon
MS in Applied Computing in Computer Science - Batch of 2024
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Live every moment and work hard for your academics, at University of Toronto.
Tips: Cultural shift sure, but not that much. In my programme and in the city too I find enough Indians that I feel at home. There are some shifts but in a good way. Like people are quite honest and rule following here than what we SEE in India. They have a vector scholarship, but it can be hard to get. Like only 120 students in my batch got it that too across 5 different universities. From my programme probably only 4 to 6 people got the scholarship. Courses are great, there is a high focus on practical applications. The courses are mainly project oriented so students get good hands on experience. Placement in my is industry focused. So like nearly everyone gets an internship.
Dislikes (Internships): Although university doesn't an internship, they will help you 100% to get one. And the best part is the salary from the internship can pay a large portion of your tuition fee. Adding to if you can get the TAship and the vector scholarship you can take off the money loads significantly.
Reviewed on 14 Sep 2023Read more
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Sidharth Sachdev Verified Icon
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science - Batch of 2025
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Best university in the country and top level education system.
Tips: When I moved to another country, things changed a lot. People, customs, and everything were different from what I knew. It was interesting to learn about this new culture, even though it was sometimes difficult. Eventually, I got used to how things were done there and began to enjoy the special traditions, food, and celebrations. It was a big chance, but it made me see the world in a whole new way and gave me lots of new experiences.
Likes (Public transportation): Using public transportation here has been quite good. It connects well with the rest of the city, and it's not too expensive. The weather is nice too. But if you plan to work in the long term, you might find it handy to have your own vehicle, like a car.
Dislikes (Indian Food): In Canada, especially in Toronto, homemade Indian food can be expensive. That's why I often choose traditional or local fast food options. I suggest buying groceries and cooking your own meals to get what you want. It can be a fun very cheap way to enjoy your favourite dishes.
Reviewed on 8 Sep 2023Read more
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Rutvik Shailesh Solanki Verified Icon
Master of Engineering in Civil & Mineral Engineering - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
University has a great reputation.
Tips: You have a major cultural shift once you interact with diverse groups of people. I did not avail of any scholarships, but the option to work on campus provides a lot of opportunities to earn money, and hence, expenses are not that huge of an issue. University has a great reputation, and it is essential to take a multi-faceted approach. Try learning as much as you can and focus on utilizing the resources you can get. Don't just study and try getting a job - explore all the options.
Likes (Permanent Immigration): Immigration is almost guaranteed in Canada, given you don't do something illegal. Furthermore, there are Master stream programs in Ontario, which boost your chances of getting a permanent residency in Canada. Furthermore, you can also go to other provinces where immigration is easy.
Dislikes (Internships): Direct internship is not an option in my course. We need to find it on our own. Furthermore, having a part-time work status does not help, as most of the internship options are left out. Overall, university policies and government regulations make getting an internship very tough.
Reviewed on 14 May 2023Read more
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Jashwant Raj Gunaseelan Verified Icon
Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Satisfied with The University of Toronto.
Tips: I would say that exams are quite tough and the competition rate is quite high as well as many foreign students opt for this university. You can feel a slight transition in correspondence between culture and society, especially if you are from India. I don't have any idea regarding scholarships as I haven't opted for any. But, I am very much satisfied with my university and this engineering course as well.
Likes (Student Life): College life at The University of Toronto is quite competitive as well as fun. There are enormous facilities provided here on the campus and so many events especially cultural ones are organized in each particular month. The teachers are very promising and extremely talented as many of them are consultants at multiple top companies and some of them also own start-ups. Overall, my experience over here is quite good.
Reviewed on 12 May 2023Read more
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University CityToronto, Ontario, Canada
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