Duolingo Exam Eligibility 2024: Check Age Limit, Qualification, Score & Documents Required


Raj Vimal

Raj VimalStudy Abroad Expert

Updated on Jul 8, 2024 21:36 IST

Duolingo English Test Eligibility: The first and foremost question that arises in one's mind when looking forward to the Duolingo exam is who can take the Duolingo English Test, i.e., what is the Duolingo English Test eligibility? Anyone willing to prove his/her English language proficiency can take the Duolingo English test. Candidates who wish to pursue their higher studies in a major English-speaking country and need to prove their English language proficiency can take the Duolingo English Test from anywhere, anytime.

Knowing all about Duolingo English Test requirements is important for students who are going to Duolingo registration. In this article, we will inform you everything about the Duolingo English Test eligibility. As such, there are no set criteria to prove Duolingo test eligibility. However, candidates need to have certain test requirements as set by the conducting body, Duolingo to take the exam. There are no specific academic requirements to take Duolingo English Test. Candidates just need to register for the test and make payment to take the test.

Duolingo Exam Eligibility

Q:   What are the minimum eligibility criteria for Duolingo English Test?


There aren't any set Duolingo English Test requirements that students need to fulfill to appear in the exam. With any educational qualification, candidates of any age can take the exam to prove their English language proficiency.  Note that, Candidates below 13 years of age need parental consent to appear for the test.


Q:   What is educational eligibility criteria for Duolingo English Test?


There is no need to show academic qualification as eligibilityof an applicant to is not required to appear for the Duolingo examination. Candidates who come from any education background can apply for DET test and make Duolingo English Test booking after completeing registration process.


Q:   Is there any age limit for taking the Duolingo English Test?


As such, there is no age limit set by Duolingo for taking the test. Anyone willing to take admission to undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, or research programs can take the test. Candidates below the age of 13 years need parental or guardian consent for taking the test. Duolingo has joined hands with many global institutions which use the score obtained by the test takers for their admission procedure. The list of institutions which accept the Duolingo scores are is available on the official Duolingo website.


DET Exam Eligibility 2024

You don't need any specific qualifications or need to fulfill any academic requirements to appear for the DET exam. The Duolingo English Test can be attempted by anyone who wishes to prove his/her proficiency in the English language. Although there is no official Duolingo English Test eligibility set by Duolingo to take the exam, candidates need to follow certain rules to attempt the test. Below we have mentioned in detail the generic Duolingo exam eligibility criteria. We have given details about the age criteria and academic qualification for the Duolingo English Test.

Duolingo English Test Age Limit

There is no specific age limit for taking the Duolingo English Test. Anyone who needs to prove his/her English language proficiency can take the test. Candidates below 13 years of age need parental consent to appear for the test. They need the consent of their parents or legal guardians to take the exam. They can provide their consent by filling out an online form during registration.

Duolingo English Test Academic Qualification

Officially, Duolingo has not set any academic criteria for attempting the exam. Candidates need not prove their academic qualifications to take the exam. Anyone from anywhere can register, make payment, and can appear for the test.

Duolingo English Test Requirements

Some of the basic test requirements which a candidate should take care of befor the DET exam begins are as follows:

  • Your passport, driver's license, or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • 60 minutes of free time
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer
  • Windows or macOS
  • A front-facing camera
  • A microphone
  • Working speakers

The Duolingo English Test scores are accepted by thousands of universities globally and are used for admission criteria by top universities in the USA, Canada, and the UK. As such there is no official eligibility criteria set by the Duolingo, however, there is no limit on the number of attempts one can give the Duolingo English test. A student can take the Duolingo English test any number of times, however, candidates need to follow certain rules and prerequisites for taking the test. Read: Countries that Accept DET Scores for Student Visas 

Duolingo English Test is a convenient, fast, and affordable English language proficiency test that can be taken from anywhere, anytime. One can finish the test in 1-hour and get results in 2 days.

Q:   What is the eligibility of the Duolingo English Test?


Anyone can take the Duolingo English Test as no strict eligibility requirement has been set for the same. It can be taken by anyone, regardless of his/her age, nationality, and educational background, who wants to analyse his/her English language skills. Duolingo has not set any age or academic eligibility criteria for taking this exam. Usually, students who are going for higher education abroad take this test to prove their English language proficiency. The eligibility requirements may differ on the basis of the language and the specific test one chooses if one wishes to take the Duolingo Language Certification Test.


Q:   What is the minimum age for taking the Duolingo English Test?


There is no age limit or restriction for taking Duolingo English Test. Students of any age can take the DET (Duolingo English Test). The aim of this english proficiency test is to proof the English language proficiency that is required to study or work in any English speaking countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand and etc. Note that, applicants aged below 13 years require parental consent.


Q:   Can I take the Duolingo English test after completing 12th?


Yes! The Duolingo English Test is one of the popular English proficiency exams to study or work in English-speaking countries. Anyone with any educational background can take the DET test. There is no fixed eligibility for DET test takers. It is a popular alternative to IELTS, TOEFL and other English proficiency tests. 


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Duolingo English Test Total Attempts

Although no limit has been set for the number of times one can appear for the DET, you cannot attempt it more than three times in a 30-day period. Once you've purchased the test, you will get 21 days to start it. In case you wish to know if you can buy another test, check the record of your previous 30 days and figure out the number of times you've purchased the test within this period. Those who fail the test more than once can retake it easily. But please remember that if you're unable to improve your performance even after multiple attempts, it would mean that this particular test is not assisting you with learning. You can then try some other method or test to enhance your language learning.

Q:   How many attempts are allowed for Duolingo English Test?


There is no restriction in the number of times a candidate can attempt to take the Duolingo English Test, but one cannot take it more than three times in a period of 30 days. Check details of the previous 30 days and count the number of times you've bought the same within those days in order to see if you can buy another test or not. Even if you fail this test multiple times you can make a re-attempt. But if the test taker is unable to improve or enhance his or her score even after many attempts, it would imply that the test is not helping them with learning. They should then try some other method to improve their language skills.


Q:   How many attempts are possible in the Duolingo English Test exam for students looking to study abroad?


As mentioned earlier, There is no limit on the number of attempts for the Duolingo English Test to study abroad. Students can make DET slot booking and appear for the DET test any number of times. Note that, questions in every attempt will not be same to access your proficiency.


DET 2024 Score Validity

The validity of the Duolingo English Test score will last two years from the date of the test. The score or result of the DET exam can be shared with as many institutions as you want as soon as you have the test scores. A relatively new English language proficiency test, universities across the world are slowly accepting the Duolingo English Test scores for admissions as evidence of English language proficiency. As far as the DET score validity is concerned, the same can also vary from university to university. Applicants should remember that the acceptance criteria tend to change over time, therefore they should frequently visit the official websites of these institutions to obtain the latest details regarding the same.

Duolingo Exam Eligibility FAQs

Q. Can one become fluent with Duolingo English Test?

A. You will learn new words and sentences while preparing for the exam, but you need to have a conversation with someone regularly to become fluent. Apart from interacting with people, be regular with reading books or novels to improve your vocabulary and sentence formation. You may also start watching some good web series or documentaries in order to polish your English language skills. There are various blogs and groups online and other mobile apps as well where you can practice your language skills and interact with other users.

Q. Which countries accept Duolingo English Test scores?

A. Duolingo English Test scores are accepted by various universities and colleges in more than 10 countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Qatar, and China. It is also accepted in European countries like Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Spain. Many organisations in various nations also accept the Duolingo Language Certification Tests. Keep in mind that the list of institutions accepting test score is regularly revised on the official website of Duolingo. Keep visiting the same in order to keep yourself aware of any changes that happen.  

Q. How can I score well on Duolingo English Test?

A. The official website of Duolingo has a guide which applicants can go through. A practice test is available at the end which one can attempt for free of cost. One can take the test as many times as one wishes. This test will just be for practising for the exam and won't be proctored. Whatever score you will obtain will be an estimate only. One can visit YouTube and open the Duolingo English Test channel in order to view videos regarding test preparation and other related topics.

Q. Does Harvard accept Duolingo English Test scores?

A. Harvard Extension School uses English as a medium of instruction. So if a student’s native language is something other than English, he/she will have to provide evidence of his proficiency in English in order to get enrolled in any extension school programmes. Those who are degree candidates at Harvard College, Harvard Extension School or a Harvard graduate or professional school are exceptions. Harvard accepts IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo English Test for giving admission. Make sure to submit the score before the set deadline.

Q. What documents are needed for Duolingo English Test?

A. Those who intend to appear for the Duolingo English Test (DET) do not need to submit any documents for the same. The entire test is conducted online and the results for the same are sent directly to the institutions or universities which you have applied to. But it is always a good idea to keep your identity documents handy, such as your national ID or passport, as the same may be used for identity verification purposes. While setting up your test, you may be required to submit a photo ID.


Q. Why does one need to switch on his webcam while appearing for a Duolingo English Test?

A. A Duolingo test taker has to keep his/her webcam switched on while taking the test in order to let the proctors review the test video. This way they will be able to verify one's identity and ensure that the person taking the test is the same as the one who created the account. It is also needed when the test taker appears for the video interview section of the test, which along with the proficiency score is sent to institutions. Your behaviour may be evaluated during the same and a check will be kept on any unethical practices.


Q. How is the Duolingo English Test scored?

A. The scoring of the Duolingo English Test is done with the help of statistical machine learning algorithms. The same is done on the basis of your response's content. Your score won't get affected by the amount of time you take to complete each question. The penalty for skipping a question will be the same as that for a wrong answer. The test taker will obtain the same marks for a blank or wrong answer for c-test questions. If you omit a word rather than typing the wrong word in listen/transcriptions questions, you will have to face more penalties.  

Q. What is the latest update regarding Duolingo English proficiency test?

A. The latest update was that interactive listening questions had been added to the Duolingo English Test on May 1, 2023, onwards. This new addition has been made in order to provide fresh, creative ways of measuring the test taker's proficiency skills which might come handy at a university. The test will have a total of two interactive listening situations, with two components each. One passage will contain a peer-to-peer interaction while the second one will have a student-to-professor interaction. Time limit will exist for both the components.  

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Lavanya Pal

7 months ago

What are the job and career options after passing the Duolingo test?

Reply to Lavanya Pal


Rahul Singha

5 months ago

Hello Lavanya. Please note that the Duolingo English Test is an English language exam. Candidates can take the Duolingo test to prove their english communication skills.


Ufuoma Peace

11 months ago

When I registered and pay, can I write the test immediately

Reply to Ufuoma Peace


Anumika Bahukhandi

11 months ago

Hello Ufuoma. Yes, you can start the test immediately after purchasing it. You will get one credit for purchasing one DET. On purchasing a DET bundle, you will get two credits. These credits are used to attempt the Duolingo English Test. Candidates are provided a total of 3 attempt for using the cre



priya sapkade

a year ago

If we get 100 score it is enough for pass duolingo exam.

Reply to priya sapkade

Hello Priya. Obtaining a good DET score can help you in getting admission into your desired educational institution. The desired test scores are decided by the universities as part of their admission criteria. A score of 100 falls in the Upper-Intermediate (85-120) category. It implies that one can




a year ago

If i received score in range of 90-135 in duolingo practice test then what can be my actual english test if i give i just anticipating answer based on previous experiences that people had with them.

Reply to aman

Hello Aman. The score which you've obtained in your practice test does not give an absolute real picture of the score you'll obtain in DET. Scores obtained in the practice test roughly predict your real test scores. Scores of the real test are usually an average of your practice test scores. You can




a year ago

sorry for grammatical mistake i didn't recognize before posting and now, i am not able to edi that


Marchee Nyanh

a year ago

I need the official email for the test

Reply to Marchee Nyanh

Hello Marchee, the official website for Duolingo is englishtest.duolingo.com.