Explore the Vibrant Life at USC: Guide to University of Southern California Campus

Explore the Vibrant Life at USC: Guide to University of Southern California Campus

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Students studying or going to study at the University of Southern California (USC) campus will witness vibrant campus activities. From museums to shopping and dining, architectural marvels to sprawling Chinese-styled gardens, all can be found at the Southern California University campus and this article will discuss them in detail.

university of southern california campus

The main campus of USC is located in Downtown, Los Angeles. University of Southern California's campus size is 226 acres. There is another campus of the University of Southern California for its Health Sciences campus located two miles away from the main campus (Park University campus) in the northeast direction. Read on for more details about the University of Southern California campus and all the services and facilities that are available on campus for students.  

University of Southern California Campus Highlights

USC Campuses

Main Campus and Health Sciences Campus + Children's Hospital

Total Students Studying on Campus


Total Buildings in USC Campus


Oldest Buidling

Widney Alumni House (1880)

American Disability Association (ADA) Optimised 


Museums On-Campus

USC Fisher Museum of Art & Viterbi Museum

Olympic Size Pool at USC

The Dalands Swim Stadium

Art Galleries on USC Campus


Residential Halls on USC Campus


University of Southern California Campus Rankings 2024

There are sustainability rankings for university campuses based on QS rankings. The sustainability rankings are for those universities which align their economic and social systems and do not go against nature's life support system. Thus, the University of Southern California has also made it to the QS World University Rankings: Sustainability 2024 and ranked at #24th position.

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USC rankings also include a Silver Rating from the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS).

University of Southern California Campus Life

With all major facilities and amenities available on-campus for students and faculty alike, the University of Southern California campus life is full of different types of activities and has a plethora of facilities to. From self-guided tours to exploring murals, statues and sculptures across the campus, makes USC campus life quite an exciting one. Here’s a list of what can be found at the University of Southern California’s campus life:

Key Features of USC Campus Life

Facilities Available

State of the Art Facilities

  • Archival collections at libraries and museums
  • Technically backed facilities across campus
  • A modern medical centre for students

23 Libraries on the USC Campus

  • More than 3,000+ volumes for reference and academics
  • Optimised for both self and group studies on campus

Computing Labs

  • Can provide essential technology across campus
  • 1,000+ personal computers supported
  • A valid ID needed to use these services on campus

USC Engemann Student Health Center

Covers all health care services for students at USC. specialises in:

  • Primary and Specialty Care
  • Counselling Services
  • Allergy Clinic
  • Immunization
  • Pharmacy
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Athletics at USC Campus

Houses the following at USC campus for athletics:

  • The Dalands Swim Stadium (25x25 pool)
  • Courts for playing Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball along with Racquetball and Squash courts
  • 21,800 sq. ft. main Gym for basketball, volleyball and badminton
  • Locker and changing rooms
  • For an additional fee, the following activities are also available:
    • Aerobics / Water Aerobics
    • Muscle conditioning
    • Cardio boxing
    • Spinning
    • Latin cardio jam
    • Water jogging
    • Diving
    • Martial Arts
    • Yoga
    • Dance
    • Fitness walking

Sustainability at USC Campus

  • Battery recycling receptacles
  • Bicycle racks
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • LEED-certified environmentally friendly buildings
  • Plant beds across the campus

960+ Student Organizations

Academics, professional development, political organisations, social development, recreational purposes, artistic inclinations, cultural communities and community service interests.

The USC campus life is ecologically optimised for students to sit on an open campus and study. Also, University of Southern California campus life is optimised for those with physical disabilities, based on ADA standards. Facilities which foster ease of movement and activities at the USC campus for students are as follows:

  • Accessible parking
  • Auditory assistance for parking and directions
  • Automatic entrances 
  • Emergency phones to seek help 

Thus, University of Southern California campus life is always buzzing with action and different activities. Since it has a big campus, there is everything available in one place. 

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10 Things to Do at USC Campus!

The University of Southern California campus is always buzzing with activities. Various attractions can be found at the campus of the University of Southern California. So here's a list of 10 things to do at USC campus and they are as follows:

1. Visit The Oldest USC Building - 'Widney Alumni House'

Visit the first and oldest building at the University of Southern California is Widney Alumni House which is a museum and classes are held here for students. The building has stood tall since 1880, the year when the foundation of the university started. Widney Alumni House also maintains its charm despite undergoing several transformations over the years. This building is the epitome and the very essence of being a part of the alumni community of the University of Southern California. 

2. Check out the 'Doheny Memorial Library'

Built on the line of Romanesque architecture, the Doheny Memorial Library of the University of Southern California is a memorial after its alumni and trustee - Edward L. Doheny, Jr.. It was the first ever freestanding library on campus since its inception. This library is known for its East Asian books’ collection, reference and classics collections, faculty member’s scholarly publishings and, also a Cinematic Arts Library and Music Library. Students who enjoy sitting and working in libraries can peacefully sit in USC's Doheny Memorial Library for long hours. They can also use reference material at their disposal and study at the library of USC’s campus.

3. Must Visit 'Trojan Shrine!'

The identity of students studying at the University of Southern California is the Trojan Shrine. Students at the University of Southern California are referred to as Trojans. On the campus of USC, students can see the Trojan Shrine which became an identity for the students of USC. Following is the image. of the Trojan Shrine and how it holds a major significance for students of USC. 

trojan shrine at USC

This is the famous Trojan Shrine at the University of Southern California. Why the Trojan Shrine holds importance is because:

  • Dedicated in 1930 upon USC’s 50 years of completion.
  • This has been modelled after USC’s athletes with inscriptions on the base - faithful, scholarly, skilful, courageous and ambitious.

4. 'USC Fisher Museum' - Museum at USC!

The USC’s Fisher Museum is one of the popular USC museums that was founded in the year 1939. A donation of 74 drawings, sculptures and paintings to USC was witnessed. These drawings, sculptures and paintings were of Collection donated by Elizabeth Fisher to USC comprised of: 

  • 19th-century American Hudson River School and French Barbizon landscapes
  • 17th and 18th-century British portraits
  • 16th through 18th centuries’ Dutch and Flemish works.

Elizabeth Fisher began collecting artwork between 1939 and 1951 and focussed majorly on American artwork. The museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums.

Apart from these works, exhibitions are also held at this museum and various artists represent their works through these exhibitions. Those who are interested in Arts, paintings and drawings or sculptures can get a good experience by visiting this museum.

5. 'USC Pacific Asia Museum' - Et All!

The USC Pacific Asia Museum is home to over 15,000+ objects and 225 rare pieces of artwork. Also, there is a collection of 200 Japanese folk paintings dating back to the 16th and 18th centuries. There are various artworks which are on display while the others are not on display. The exhibitions at the USC Pacific Museum can be an exhilarating experience. The USC Pacific Museum’s courtyard is itself an architectural marvel in harmony with nature based on Chinese classic gardens.

Apart from the museums on campus, there are also two art galleries - Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery and Helen Lindhurst Architecture Gallery. These galleries hold exhibitions for in-house students enrolled across corresponding courses of study. Thus, students studying at USC can benefit from these exhibitions and will also get an opportunity to showcase their talent.

6. 'The USC Village' - A One-Stop Solution for Everything!

The USC Village sprawls across 104,000 sq ft of space with 460+ parking spaces and around 36 retail spaces with various shopping, dining, beauty and fitness services offered. Thus, the students studying at the University of Southern California can make use of these services and get all that they want in just one place. There is also 20% space for programs that are conducted locally or for a community get-together purpose. So students do not need to go out shopping or find good dining options. Thus, they can find everything within the premises of the USC’s campus. Here's how it looks:

usc village fountain

7. Exposition Park by Discover in the Vicinity of USC

While not exactly within USC’s campus, there is an Exposition Park in Downtown, LA. This can be a good excursion for students to visit while they take a break from the monotonous schedule of studies and related activities. The Exposition Park has: 

  • California African American Museum
  • California Science Center
  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
  • BMO Stadium
  • EXPO Center
  • Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

8. Experience USC's Hospitality

University of Southern California campus hospitality is at par with its students. Once students are admitted to University of Southern California will be allowed to experience its hospitality. There are dining halls, menus of food and even the facility to order food from USC's Dining App on the go. The students can also request the catering teams at USC for their services in case of events. Thus, there are also options to swipe meals, take food from the residential dining hall to college and be able to choose food from a variety of options. Thus, these are unique in their own ways and USC has made it easy for students too with its personalised hospitality.  

9. Miscellaneous Activities on the USC Campus

Apart from the above-given activities at USC, there are a couple of student-run activities for students which are a major attraction. Students who like attending events and enjoy co-curricular activities can attend these:

Activities to be a part of at USC Campus
3D Printing Improv Comedy Cultural Potlucks
Art Exhibitions on USC’s Lawns Bollywood Fusion Dance Weekly Farmer’s Market
Trojan Marching Band Volunteering Activities 1000+ Student Clubs & Organizations

10. University of Southern California Campus Tour

Are you admitted to USC or are planning to study there? If interested you can go for the University of Southern California campus tour. There are campus tours at USC for those enrolling for admissions in upcoming sessions. Also, those who are recently admitted or have joined the USC's workforce can go for a USC campus tour any Tuesday or Wednesday. Thus, this is equally an exciting adventure and students can get to know their USC campus more closely.  

Thus, the University of Southern California campus is home to everything from museums, art explorations, exhibitions and shopping and dining experiences. There is everything available at one place at USC campus, and students can benefit from it always. 

University of Southern California Residential Halls

Students coming to study at the University of Southern California campus can find accommodation across residential halls or residential communities. There are various housing options available for first-year students, continuing students and graduate students as well.

University of Southern California On-Campus Housing

International first-years studying at the University of Southern California, have to mandatorily opt for on-campus housing. The University of Southern California on campus housing comprises of seven traditional-style residential colleges. Residential colleges available for first-year accommodations for USC on-campus housing are as follows:

  • Birnkrant
  • McCarthy Honors Residential College
  • New North Residential College
  • Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College
  • Parkside International Residential College
  • South Residential College
  • West Residential College

These residential colleges which are traditional-style halls offer students accommodation in double occupancy rooms and commonly share study rooms, lounge areas, workout spaces and bathrooms. 

University of Southern California Off-Campus Housing

For those who could not find accommodation on-campus can go for the University of Southern California's off-campus housing options. The off-campus housing options at USC include apartments, suites and partnered locations for accommodation. The graduate students at USC can also look for housing options off-campus if the need arises. 

University Southern California Address

University of Southern California address for its main campus is located in the Park District of Los Angeles. The address of the University of Southern California’s main campus is:

University of Southern California

Park University District

Los Angeles, 

California, United States 

Phn no: +1 213-740-2311

Apart from the main campus of USC, there is another campus for Health Sciences and there is also a third campus of USC where the Children’s Hospital is located and the hospital is staffed with USC”s Keck School of Medicine professors and students. 

University of Southern California Map 

Students who require assistance in reaching the University of Southern California can refer to the following map of University of Southern California which will help them navigate through and give them the right directions for reaching the university:

Source: Google Maps

The University of Southern California campus map can be obtained at the University itself. The students can find the campus map of USC when they enter the university premises as well. 

Overall it can be concluded that the campus of the University of Southern California is one of its kind. From being aesthetically perfect with picturesque murals and architectural marvels to look forward to, there are all possible services and facilities available at USC’s campus. Students who are studying or will be studying at the University of Southern California will enjoy being on campus.

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