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Campus details
University Park Campus
Main Campus
Rating Star Icon3.6/5(13 Reviews)
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  • University Park campus features most of USC's 23 prestigious academic schools & units

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campus Map IconUniversity of Southern California Los Angeles, CA 90007, USA
campusPhone Icon213-740-2311

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University Park Campus ratings & reviews

Verified Icon13 Verified ReviewsInfo Icon
Vibe of Campus
  • Sporty
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Fun loving
  • Academically oriented
Student Views
  • 36% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work3.5
Post study jobs3.4
Quality of faculty4.3
Student Life4.2
Value for money3.2
Public transportation3.6
Indian Food4
Permanent Immigration2.9
Ganpati Goel Verified Icon
MS in Engineering Management (MSEMT) - Batch of 2023
The University is awesome, there is a lot of competition, sports, extracurriculars and party house.
Tips: Complete assignments on time, make sure to clear all subjects, and join extracurriculars like Table tennis, triathlon club and cycling etc., if you are not into all of this then don't bother coming to USC and save some money. USC is not merely for education but for the holistic development of self if you have missed that in Indian colleges.
Likes (Public transportation): I personally learnt skateboarding and life was so much easier than to walk the whole campus. So skateboarding + public transport I could travel anywhere in the city. USC also has unlimited free Lyft in 2 mile radius around the campus from 6 pm to 2 am. You can get the tap card at a discount for college students.
Dislikes (Post study jobs): In USA: 1. Post study jobs matter on the following: a. Location of University. If you have done college from East Cost you will get a company call back from East Cost majorly and vice versa- the name of the college doesn't matter as much. b. Experience: Your own experience matters. People with prior experience are more likely to secure jobs. c. On campus companies: Very few companies that come on campus sponsor, so it is pretty much useless.
Reviewed on 5 Jun 2024Read More
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Agraj Khare Verified Icon
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering - Batch of 2024
This place has a lot to offer. Student life is happening.
Tips: One should definitely do their due diligence with which course they plan on taking UPAT USC. It is definitely a great leap and transition coming to a new country and it will take some time to get yourself adjusted in the system. Getting habitual of doing everything on your own can also prove to be challenging. With time you will definitely find an on-campus job to support your living expenses and things will improve for the better. The key is to remain patient and stay consistent. USC as a university has a lot to offer, so don't be afraid to grab onto opportunities and get as involved as you can! Make the most of it and have a great time. Striking a balance between fun and work is equally important.
Likes (Student Life): There is always something going around in campus. The campus is forever hustling and bustling. I honestly feel the people you'll meet at USC will be great, I am sure there are exceptions but the student population is diverse and has a lot to offer. There are ample events conducted by AIS (Association of Indian Students) so you don't miss your key festivals away from home.
Dislikes (Safety): Safety is definitely a concern in Downtown Los Angeles. Even though USC makes more than sufficient efforts to keep its students safe, you will come across instances of crime a little too frequently for comfort. But I still feel safety is a matter of personal choices as well. So always make sure you're cautious and taking the right precautions.
Reviewed on 15 Mar 2024Read More
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Science in Computer Science - Batch of 2024
USC is a decent university
Tips: The neighborhood the university is located in is not the safest, so you will have a tough time adjusting here. It is not the prettiest either and a far cry from the ideas that were fed to you about LA. There are no scholarships offered and getting a job on campus too is very hard given the high demand. There are better locations and universities in the US that would serve better to people who are new to the US.
Likes (Student Life): There are quite a few student clubs and events happening on campus but you need to be the one to track them and put in the effort to attend them. They aren't always the most productive but you do enjoy yourself. The masters courses are usually late in the day so it does give you time to participate in other activities early in the day.
Dislikes (Public transportation): You have free lyft around campus. You also are given a public transport pass so it's decent that way but not the most convenient or safe. But if you need to go anywhere far you will need to buy a car or use Uber which can get quite expensive. On campus, many students just use a cycle.
Reviewed on 8 Feb 2024Read More
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Science in Computer Science - Batch of 2024
Great but also expensive
Tips: As someone who is from Mumbai, moving to LA feels like a huge change. The city is huge but it is difficult to explore without a car. The people here are welcoming, and there are a lot of international students, especially from India. But it is expensive without a scholarship, and USC discontinued the Honours Scholarship programme so it is more difficult to fund your education now.
Likes (Quality of faculty): The faculty at USC is really good. In the courses that I took, the faculty had a thorough understanding of all the topics and were super friendly and welcoming during their office hours. Even if you aren't able to reach the professors, there are TAs who are also really helpful most of the time.
Dislikes (Value for money): Although USC is a good school, it is quite expensive. There are a lot of students in some courses, and for those courses, the quality drops. I believe other universities that are less expensive have the same level of courses and an equal number of opportunities for internship and full-time jobs.
Reviewed on 1 Mar 2024Read More
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Science in Computer Science - Batch of 2024
Go with an open-mind to experience the best.
Tips: Very satisfied with my university, course and country. The first 2 months are the hardest but after that, you settle in and it only gets better. Do not create any opinions based on what seniors say, Experience everything and form your own opinions. Your masters experience depends on how you make it. Do not have preconceived notions.
Reviewed on 21 Feb 2024Read More
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Health Sciences Campus
Rating Star Icon3.8/5(1 Reviews)

Health Sciences Campus photos and videos

Campus View
Campus Building
Health Sciences Campus All(1)
Location & contact
campus Map IconZonal Avenue, Biggy St, Los Angeles, CA 90033, United States
campusPhone Icon323-442-2000

Health Sciences Campus ratings & reviews

Verified Icon1 Verified ReviewInfo Icon
Vibe of Campus
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Sporty
  • Academically oriented
Student Views
  • 100% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work5
Post study jobs4
Quality of faculty5
Student Life5
Value for money5
Public transportation2
Indian Food3
Permanent Immigration2
Astha Tewatia Verified Icon
MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Batch of 2024
Mental peace and health are given importance at University of Southern California
Tips: Students should not get intimidated by the fee expenses. They should be willing for hard-core multitasking and should be at their best in time management. If not, they will miss out on some serious opportunities organized by the university for students. Students should be willing to come out of their comfort zone and should actively participate in activities for making the most of this university.
Likes (Quality of faculty): The quality of faculty is 5/5. They make your efforts count in every possible manner. It is very easy to reach out to the professors and they are always willing to help students out of their domain as well. Mental peace and health are given importance. Professors are always ready to listen to students which is all that an international student needs sometimes.
Dislikes (Safety): Safety in Los Angeles has been quite an issue for students over here. Public transportation is not the first option for many students when traveling alone. I have witnessed incidents where safety of people in LA is compromised. Homelessness is a major concern over here.
Reviewed on 28 Dec 2022Read More
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FAQs on Campus

Q:   How many campuses does the University of Southern California have?


There are total two campuses of the University of Southern California. The main University of Southern California campus is the University Park campus. In addition to this campus, another campus of the university is the Health Sciences campus. If we talk about campus life, then students of USC have the opportunity to extracurricular interests, including recreational sports, leadership opportunities, rich spiritual life, and various rewarding volunteer opportunities.


Q:   What is the campus life like at USC?


From Arts to Sports to student organizations, there are various opportunities for USC students to feel at ease. In the context of Arts, students can check out the USC Fisher Gallery and take part in USC Spectrum, which brings the nationally and internationally known artists to campus each year for education and entertainment. A variety of sports activities including over 52 active club sports teams run by students and Intramural Sports Program. Also, there are more than 750 student-run-organizations on the USC campus that encompass all aspects of life such as cultural, academic, recreational, political, social, religious, etc.


Q:   What does USC Health Campus specialize in?


The University of Southern California Health Sciences campus is a 70-acre campus located Northeast of Downtown Los Angeles and adjacent to Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center. It is home to houses the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Programs in Occupational Sciences and Physical Therapy, the School of Pharmacy, and research labs for the School of Dentistry and 3 major teaching hospitals.


Q:   What are the best places to study on the campus of the University of Southern California?


USC has numerous great places to study on campus. Some of the popular spots include the Leavey Library, the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, the Doheny Memorial Library, and a few outdoor areas like McCarthy Quad and the E.F. Huton Park.


Q:   Is USC expensive for international students?


The University of Southern California cost to study for international students can be checked from the table given below:

Courses1st Year Tuition Fees
MBA/PGDM (30 courses)
INR 32 L - 1 Cr
MS (103 courses)
INR 25 L - 68 L
MIM (26 courses)
INR 32 L - 65 L
B.A.(47 courses)
INR 51 L
PG Certificate (40 courses)
INR 18 L - 64 L
BSc (30 courses)
INR 51 L - 56 L
BE / BTech (18 courses)
INR 50 L - 56 L
M.A.(13 courses)
INR 34 L - 60 L
MFA (8 courses)
INR 30 L - 45 L
MPH (8 courses)
INR 37 L - 55 L

Cost of Living: The estimated 2024-25 (For two semester study) USC housing rate for international students can be checked from the table given below. The living expenses will include components like books, supplies, housing, meals, and other living expenses.


Living Expenses (On/Off-Campus)


USD 12,271

Food / meal plan

USD 7,660

Books & supplies

USD 1,200

Personal and Misc.

USD 2,006


USD 441





Q:   How big is USC campus?


There are two primary campuses of USC, that are located in Los Angeles. The University Park Campus size is 229 acres. It features most of the university's 23 academic schools and units. In the northeast lies USC's Health Sciences Campus with 79 acres of land showcasing the top-rated medical instruction at both the Keck School of Medicine and USC Alfred E. Mann School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences complemented by 3 renowned teaching hospitals. 



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