How to Find Jobs in USA from India in 2024?

How to Find Jobs in USA from India in 2024?

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Are you interested in getting a job in USA from India? check out this article for how to find a job in USA from India and understand what all you need as an international student to work in USA. Also understand different mediums through which you can look for a job in USA from India. 

how to find a job in usa from india

The USA as a country attracts millions of international students to study and utilise its resources for their educational and career development. While 30% of the international students study further, there are just 20% who get jobs in the US. There is a reason why Indians are the most attracted to work in the US, the reason being a high standard of living and good pay. The median annual wage in 2021 was recorded at USD 45,760 in the USA

Asian American households earn the highest annual median income which is, USD 94,903 in the USA. Thus, more and more Indians apply to the US to get a job. There is a proposed way to apply for jobs in the US and based on this there are work visas in the US for Indians. Let's check out the article and get more details as to how to get a job in the USA from India and its requirements. 

How to Get a Job in USA from India? 

To look for a job from India in the USA, applicants can check out the following resources which may help them in hunting a job in the USA from India: 

Professional Networking 

To get a job in the USA as an Indian, applicants can begin looking for a job in the USA through professional networking websites like LinkedIn.  

  • Applicants can build their connections and follow pages of US-based companies.  
  • Whenever they see relevant job opportunities, they can apply for the same and get in touch with the respective job posters or HRs. 
  • Apart from this, at present, there are 8,000+ job vacancies available on LinkedIn jobs in the USA for foreigners.  
  • Applicants will just have to be vigilant and should be able to apply within the set stipulated time.
  • US University students can get in touch with their part-time employers or internship employers for a full-time job opportunity. 

Apart from online professional networking, applicants can get in touch with people in their circle and look out for opportunities. 

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Job Recruiting Agencies 

There are ample numbers of job recruiting agencies in the USA which have their headquarters in major countries and their top metros. Applicants can also get in touch with these agencies and pay them to get a job in the USA. check out below the list of potential job recruitment agencies which can be approached to find a suitable job in the USA: 

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Best Job Recruiting Agencies in USA 

Randstad Manufacturing 


Robert Half International Inc 

Lucas Group 


Betts Recruiting  

Manpower Group Inc 



Kelly Services Inc.  


Sparks Group  

Beacon Hill Staffing Group 


Integrity Staffing 

Prospective applicants can visit the websites of the above-given job recruiting agencies in the USA for a job if applying from India.  

Websites for Jobs in USA 

There are a couple of websites dedicated to offering jobs for a certain area of specialisation. Below-given are some of the areas under which job hunting in the USA in US-based companies can be easier while sitting here in India: 

  • Technical-Related Jobs: Dice, GitHub, Stack, Overflow,, and others.
  • Hospitality-Related Jobs:, LinkUp, Hospitality Online, iHireHospitality, eHotelier, etc. 
  • Design-Related Jobs: Dribbble, Carbonmade, Coroflot, Behance, AwesomeWeb and many more.
  • Sales-Related Jobs:,, Sales Gravy, SalesTrax, Rainmakers, etc.
  • University-Specific Career Portals: CareerHub, Handshake, etc.
  • Freelance Type Jobs: Freelancer, Upwork, Craigslist and Fiverr. (Check out Part Time Jobs in the USA)

Besides these other job posting websites are commonly used by individuals, they are - Glassdoor, Indeed, Careerbuilder, Job2Careers, Workable and others.

Requirements to Get a Job in USA from India 

The very first step of applying for a job in the US as an Indian applicant is to first identify where the applicant is applying to as in the company. Once the applicant shares his/her cover letter and resume with the employer and the interview is fixed, it's then when the story begins. If the applicant gets selected, there will be two options in front of him/her: 

  1. Is the US employer willing to file a sponsorship for a work visa or not? 
  2. If the US employer cannot file a sponsorship visa then what is the next option? 

In case the employer is willing to give sponsorship then there shouldn’t be a problem but when there is no sponsorship commitment from the employer then applicants will have to look for other ways.  

To be eligible to be able to work in the US without employer sponsorship then the applicant can think of applying for a PR in the US or look for temporary work visa options in the USA.  

Work Visa Requirements in USA for Indians 

To work in the USA, Indian applicants will have to have a work visa in the USA. there are four types of US work visas, they are as follows: 

  • H1B Visa: This is a temporary work visa in the USA offered to academic professionals. 
  • L Visa: This visa is for those, who are transferring from one branch of a company to a US-based branch of the same company. 
  • E Visa: This is also a temporary visa which allows applicants to stay and work in the US for a certain period only. 
  • Green Card: This is a permanent visa for those who qualify to become US nationals. Under this visa, nationals can stay and work freely in the US without restrictions on returning to their home country.  

Applicants must check their eligibility criteria when applying for a US work visa as foreigners while looking for jobs in the USA. Check out: Post Study Work Visa in USA for International Students

Top Paying Jobs in USA

With MBA in USA being the most popular after engineering from USA in terms of highest-paid occupations, there are also legal occupations and health occupations which have recorded a high median salary as per the US Labor Bureau in 2023. Check out the table below with popular occupations that are highly paid in the US: 

2021 National Employment Matrix Titles - USA 

Median Annual Wage 

Management Occupations 

USD 102,450 

Computer & Mathematical Occupations 

USD 97,540 

Legal Occupations 

USD 82,430 

Architecture & Engineering Occupations 

USD 79,840 

Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Occupations 

USD 75,040 

Business & Financial Operations Occupations 

USD 76,570 

Life, Physical, & Social Science Occupations 

USD 72,740 

Community & Social Service Occupations 

USD 48,410 

Educational Instruction & Library Occupations 

USD 57,220 

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, & Media Occupations 

USD 51,190 

Construction & Extraction Occupations 

USD 48,210 

Installation, Maintenance, & Repair Occupations 

USD 47,940 

Protective Service Occupations 

USD 46,590 

Office & Administrative Support Occupations 

USD 38,050 

Production Occupations 

USD 37,710 

Transportation & Material Moving Occupations 

USD 36,860 

Sales & Related Occupations 

USD 30,600 

Building & Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance Occupations 

USD 30,240 

Healthcare Support Occupations 

USD 29,880 

Farming, Fishing, & Forestry Occupations 

USD 29,860 

Personal Care & Service Occupations 

USD 29,450 

Food Preparation & Serving Related Occupations 

USD 28,400 

The above-given table is just for reference and to check the remuneration and have a basic idea of what is offered in the USA if willing to work there. Also, applicants can check out the popular job sectors of USA which pay highly.

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If you still have doubts, get in touch with us in the comments below.  

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