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Courses1st Year Tuition FeesDuration & Eligibility
Others PG(2 courses)
INR 10 L - 11 L
Duration1 year-2 years
Exam AcceptedIELTS: 6.5 & Above

TCD Teaching & Education
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2 Courses1 year - 2 years
A++ Shiksha Grade
#51-100 QS
9.5 L - 11.45 L
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TCD Teaching & Education
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TCD Teaching & Education
Students Ratings & Reviews

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Vibe of Campus
  • Academically oriented
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Friendly
  • Liberal
Student Views
  • 39% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work4
Post study jobs4.2
Quality of faculty4.5
Student Life4.4
Value for money4
Public transportation4
Indian Food3.6
Permanent Immigration3.9
AnonymousVerified Icon
M.Sc in Applied Psychology - Batch of 2020
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
One of the best medical institute
Tips: Transitioning to Ireland seems to have been a smooth experience for many. Students are encouraged to prepare for cultural differences, including weather, and people. I am satisfied with my college, course and country. Ireland is seen as a friendly and welcoming place with a quality education system.
Likes (Safety): There is a helpline for crime victims and student accommodation have full-day staff support to ensure safety. Dublin is generally safe both men and women can go out at night without any worry. The crime rate is low. But there have been some instances of petty crimes like theft and pickpocketing, especially in the city centre. There are concerns about crimes involving Irish teenagers. Although such incidents are rare.
Dislikes (Permanent Immigration): Permanent settlements in Ireland is possible but might require living there for over five years to obtain a Stamp 4 visa, which offers more long-term residence. Whether someone would want to move to Ireland permanently depends on their individual preference and circumstances. And also Ireland offers a positive experience in terms of education, culture, and job opportunities.
Reviewed on 26 Oct 2023Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
I had the best experience of my life at Trinity.
Tips: This college contains a variety of students so you have to be prepared to communicate with each and every person because it is very important to make connections here. You will also feel the quality of education is much higher than India. All my classmates were also very good.
Likes (Quality of faculty): Faculty here is very good and very supportive. Teaching quality of Trinity Business School is up to the mark. All my classmates were also great and very friendly. Teachers also helped me a lot in writing my dissertation and helped me throughout the semester.
Dislikes (Permanent Immigration): Permanent immigration in Dublin is a little bit difficult because we have to stay more than 5 years to get a Stamp 4 visa and till then you will only have voting rights, not permanent residency. But if anyone wants to stay here he\she can stay for that long and can get a stamp 4 visa.
Reviewed on 28 Sep 2023Read more
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Shyam Mohan Verified Icon
MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management - Batch of 2021
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Very satisfied with the University, course and the country
Tips: The culture is pretty warm and friendly. Food would be something that you would miss so learn cooking. I did not avail scholarships. I am very satisfied with the University, course and the country. Ireland is English speaking country. It is friendly and welcoming.
Likes (Quality of faculty): The knowledge possessed by faculty in their respective subjects is immense. The teaching is more job oriented which helps the student to gain knowledge for the job market. Diversity is what I was looking for while choosing Trinity College Dublin. I am extremely satisfied with this.
Dislikes (Internships): TCD does have the concept of internship. But that's not an issue at all because the exposure and quality of the faculty is very good. There are no available internship concepts in Trinity College Dublin. This is something that you find only in UCD.
Reviewed on 10 Jul 2023Read more
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Vanshika Sinha Verified Icon
Bachelor of Computer Engineering - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Insider insights of studying at Trinity!
Tips: Before joining Trinity, the students must know this fact that the university focuses most on practical learning rather than theoretical learning, and due to this, the students must focus on gaining industry exposure to gain practical experience before coming here. It is also very essential to know that there is many cultural difference compared to India, the environment is different, the weather is different, the people are different and the cuisine is also very much different. The students must prepare themselves mentally and physically to study in a foreign land and get used to the cultural difference in the new country. Lastly, Trinity is ranked the no.1 college in Ireland, and studying here is definitely a value for money if the opportunities offered here are carefully utilised by the students.
Likes (Quality of faculty): Doing a Bachelors degree from Trinity College Dublin was a great experience, especially the experience with the faculty there. The professors and the teaching unit at Trinity are extremely supportive and address the student's problems with utmost care and concern. While facing any difficulties, the faculty gives personal attention to the particular student in need and this way the faculty is most easily approachable. In Trinity, there is more attention given to practical learning rather than theoretical learning by making the students work on the assignments and projects by themselves and research the topic deeply on their own, rather than being solely based on the lecture slides and bookish knowledge.
Dislikes (Post study jobs): Being an Indian citizens and holding an Indian passport, it is a very much complicated process to study or work in any European country because most of the European countries follow a very rigid process for immigration and visa sponsorship for international applicants. Unfortunately, some of the companies only offer internships or full-time opportunities to those holding an EU/EEA citizenship, which creates much hassle for the non EU/EEA citizens. The salary offered is pretty good for fresh graduates, but the most difficult part is the immigration and visa sponsorship, which derives the international applicants of various career opportunities.
Reviewed on 27 Jun 2023Read more
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Rishita Singh Verified Icon
MSc Management - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Good university to be in.
Tips: Nice University. Thorough research on the course and values given by the university. Familiarization with the visa process is important for students coming here. You should have happy easy-going attitude during the waiting process at the university. Overall good university to be in. Students must get used to the Irish culture here. Learning to cook will be an important skill one can have before joining studies abroad
Likes (Internships): There are many internship opportunities available especially if you are young and have just graduated from the university. It is easy to apply, which is done from the company website. The acceptance rate is high if you are young and from a good college. The work culture here is good and people are treated with respect.
Dislikes (Safety): Safety can be poor sometimes because there are instances of people getting robbed. There are also many instances of pickpockets happening especially in the city centre. The law doesn't charge children under the age of 18, therefore, the Irish boys are a menace. There are instances of physical assault on people especially foreigners by Irish teenagers.
Reviewed on 25 Jun 2023Read more
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