Issac got admit in the course he was looking for after initial setbacks: Shiksha Success Stories

Issac got admit in the course he was looking for after initial setbacks: Shiksha Success Stories

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 7, 2020 17:49 IST

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I am from Gujarat and I have completed my Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Gujarat Technological University in 2015. I scored 278 in GRE and 6.5 in IELTS. I applied to four universities namely Pace University, International Technological UniversityCentral Michigan University and Bowling Green State University. I got admits from Pace and International Technological University.

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Why do you want to go to USA for higher studies?

Currently, I am working in a research institute of an American electronics company, Amtron Electronics, which is responsible for developing electronic products. It serves as a reputed space agency NASA and US military. I want to continue my research in the same module in which I am working currently, i.e. Internet of Things (IOT). I was looking for a particular course. I was looking for a course, where I can continue my research and Pace University was offering this opportunity to me.

How was your experience with the other consultants?

After completing my graduation in 2015, I availed the services of top two consultants in Gujarat. The first consultant charged me 30-40K and asked me to apply to five universities. They discussed the complete application process with me. They worked on my SOP and applied to five universities on my behalf but unfortunately, I didn’t get admit from any of the universities. Then those consultants gave me the reason that I have less IELTS and GRE score and 20 backlogs, so, I am not qualified to get admitted to US universities, and I was disappointed. Then, someone suggested me another consultancy, and they promised me that I’ll get admit from at least one university. So, I paid a hefty amount and followed the complete application process again, however, the result was still the same.

How Shiksha consultants are different from others?

The main difference between Shiksha and other consultants is the transparency. In my previous experiences with other consultants nothing was transparent, I just shared the list of documents as per the checklist provided by them. After that, I was not aware of the status of my application. They wrote my SOP on their own and submitted it to the university without informing or sharing the drafts with me. Whereas at Shiksha, the first thing which they have done is they prepared my SOP. Initially, I shared my Resume and SOP with the Shiksha team, they worked on both the drafts and gave comments. Then they asked me to work on both the drafts again and share them with their team. After following this process, I got a perfect SOP from the Shiksha team and it reflected all my strengths effectively. Shiksha team take care of each and every student. Also, when my Resume was prepared by the Shiksha team, my counselor, Anamika constantly stayed in touch with me for one week and gave me all the updates. I work full time and on many occasions, I was not able to follow all the steps conveyed by my counselor. However, I was happy that my counselor was more concerned than me regarding my application.          

Issac is going to pursue MS from Pace. wishes him for all his future endeavors. 

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Kartik Mathur

5 years ago

hello shiksha, just saw success story about piyush kholi and my situation is about same. I also want to get admission in a university for my post graduation. Can you help me?

Reply to Kartik Mathur

I am a Nigeria, I want to study health information management in Latrobe University, Australia. I hold a Ph.D. in industrial Sociology and a lecturer in Health Information Management Department, College of Health Tech., Calabar - Nigeria. I will be grateful if you can link me with the university.


I understand Maniple University, India also offer the course. I shall be grateful if you can link me with that Institution too. Nigeria is an English speaking and commonwealth Country.