Italy Student Visa 2024: Types, Application Process, Fees, Requirements

Italy Student Visa 2024: Types, Application Process, Fees, Requirements

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Italy Study Visa: International students who are looking to study in Italy would require an Italy Student Visa to enter the country. In this article, we are going to be discussing details about Italy study visa requirements, Italy visa fees for Indian students and Italy student visa processing time among other important details regarding the application for an Italy student Visa for Indian students.
Italy Student Visa

Why Apply for an Italy Student Visa?

As mentioned earlier, all international applicants who belong from outside the European Union (EU) would require an Italy study visa to enter the country to pursue education. Along with EU Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland are exempted from applying for an Itay Study visa however, these countries will still require an Italy residence permit after 3 months. The following non-EU applicants are required to apply for an Italy Study Visa:

  • Students who are pursuing full-time (minimum of 20 hours per week) studies at an accredited school or educational centre that will result in a degree, diploma, or certificate
  • International students applying for secondary school (middle or high school) exchange programmes with an accredited school or science centre
  • Candidates who are engaged in Doctoral studies or Training activities
  • Candidates applying for Internships or traineeships at public or private entities that do not qualify for an internship visa

Italy Study Visa – eligibility

There is no eligibility to apply for a student visa. However, candidates are required to keep a couple of important pointers in mind before they plan to apply for an Italy Student Visa. These are:

  • The candidate is required to have a valid passport with the required validity
  • The candidate should travel to Italy to pursue study-related activities such as higher education, research, internship or training
  • The candidate is required to have an acceptance letter from an Italian university before applying for a student visa
  • The candidate is required to have the funds needed for studying in Italy

Italy Student Visas - Types

In this section, we will be talking about the different kinds of Italy study visas that are available to students wanting to study in Italy.

Italy Short Stay Visa (Visa Type C)

Candidates who are travelling to Italy to study, train, intern or undertake volunteer work that is less than 90 days in duration are required to apply for an Italy Short Stay Visa. The short-stay visa is valid for one or more entries and for a period not exceeding 90 days. The short-stay visa is also referred to as Visa Type C  or Schenegan Visa and does not come with any employment benefits.

Italy Long Stay Visa (Visa Type D)

Students who are travelling to Italy to enrol into a programme that is for more than 90 days are required to apply for an Italy Long Stay Visa or Visa Type D. The Long stay visa for Italy is valid for a year subject to annual renewal for the entire duration of your course. The Long stay visa is also often referred to as Visa Type D. The long-stay visa allows candidates to undertake 20 hours of part-time work in a week during their time in the country.

Italy Study Visa Requirements

In this section, we are going to be talking about the Italy student visa requirements for candidates looking to pursue higher education in Italy. These are mandatory documents that are required for the processing of the Italy Student Visa Application. 

Passport/Travel Document: The passport must be issued within the previous 10 years, and the validity must not exceed 10 yrs. Handwritten passports are not accepted. Passports with any manual observation will also be not accepted. The passport should have a validity of 3 months after the intended stay and have at least 2 blank pages

Italy Student Visa Application Form: Applicants are required to submit a duly filled-in visa application form. Two photographs are to be submitted along with the Italy Student Visa application form. The form should have the travel dates mentioned and 'N/A' wherever columns are blank.

Cover Letter: The applicant is required to submit a cover letter that should ideally have the following details: name of the applicant, the purpose of a study visa, who will bear the expenses and the travel dates and duration of the stay of the candidate.

Documentation: The student visa applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  • For courses not subjected to pre-enrolment: official note stating the enrolment by the Italian Institution stating clearly the initial date and duration of the course
  • For courses subjected to pre-enrolment: an official letter of acceptance of pre-enrolment and summary of pre-enrolment stating clearly the initial date of the course
  • “Dichiarazione di Valore” (Declaration of Value) or evaluation ENIC NARIC from Cimea of the applicant’s educational certificates duly legalized by the Consulate General of Italy
  • Receipt of duly payment of tuition fees requested for courses not subjected to pre-enrolment

Cost of Living: The candidate is required to provide adequate proof of boarding and lodging or a minimum of Euros € 9.000 on top of the required financial documentation.

Italy Student Visa Financial Requirements: Candidates are required to submit documentation regarding the applicant’s economic status for university courses or postgraduate courses and Scholarships. These include:

  • Proof of means of support in Italy of not less than €5977.79 Euros per year or €459.83 Euro for each month of the academic year
  • Three months' original bank statement signed and stamped by the bank. Whereas not belonging to the applicant, the bank statement can be in the name of a family member who acts as a sponsor by signing a letter of commitment and enclosing a copy of their ID proof or
  • Students granted a scholarship need to present a copy of the Scholarship

Overseas medical insurance: Candidates are required to have medical insurance with a coverage of Euros €30,000. The medical insurance must include the “repatriation clause”.

Air Tickets: Applicants opting for short stay visa are required to provide flight details or an airline reservation printout or a minimum of Euros €2200- on top of the required financial documentation, students travelling on the Long stay visa category are required to provide one-way flight details or airline reservation printout or a minimum of Euros €2.200- on top of the required financial documentation. 

Candidates would also require to carry with them a passport photocopy of the applicant, one photocopy of the applicant’s passport front page, one photocopy of the applicant’s passport last page, one photocopy of all previous Schengen visas, (if any) and one photocopy of valid UK and US visas, (if any). All documents mentioned above should either be in Italian or English. If they are not they need to be translated by an authorized translator.

What is the Italy Visa Fee for Indians?

The Italy short-stay visa also referred to as the Schengen Visa or Visa Type C will cost you around €80 and the Italy Study visa cost for Visa Type D (Long Stay Visa) is €76.

Cost of Italy Visa

Type of Italy Student Visa Duration of Visa Cost of Visa Application for Indian Students
Short Term Italy student visa fees €80 INR 6409.51
Long Term Italy student visa fees €76 INR 6089.03

How to apply for Italy Student Visa?

In this section, we are going to talk about how candidates can apply for their Italy Student Visa. 

Apply to an Italian University

Step 1: It is important for the candidate to apply to an Italian university and complete the application process. Once you have gone through the application process to Italy. You would be given an acceptance letter which is a mandatory part of the Visa application process.

Select Your Visa

Step 2: The second step involves applicants identifying the visa type. Short-term courses that are less than 90 days would qualify for an Italy Short Stay Visa. Courses that are longer than 90 days would require a Long Stay visa. 


Step 3: It is important for the candidates to get their Italy student visa requirements, and Italy financial requirements in place. The documents to apply for an Italy Study Visa have been mentioned above. 


Step 4: The Italian embassy or consulate in your country is equipped to handle your Italy study visa requests. Candidates are advised to schedule an appointment before they reach the venue. The right time to apply for an Italy study visa is at least three months before the candidate's scheduled course commencement date.

What is the Italy Student Visa Processing Time?

The processing time for your Italy study visa could vary depending on the intake season. However, on average, your Italy student visa processing time could take anything between 1 – 3 weeks and sometimes longer. Candidates should note that the Consulate General of Italy reserves the right to request additional documents or personal interviews. In such scenarios, your visa processing time would take much longer than the estimated window. It is always advisable to apply early to avoid any delays towards the end.

Residence Permit for International Students

Candidates should note that the Italian student visa is often considered an entrance visa. All candidates staying longer than three months would be required to apply for an Italy Residence Permit. International candidates are requested to visit their nearest post office within eight days of their arrival and apply for an Italy Residence Permit. To apply for the Italy Residence Permit, the candidate is required to take their university acceptance letter, their passport and any other document that could be important for the Residence Permit application process. Your Residence Permit would also allow international students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week or a total of 1040 hours per year.

What is the right time to apply for a student visa?

From applying for a visa to finally getting it issued, it can take as many as 60 days or two months to complete the visa process. Hence, to ensure that you get your visa on time, it is important to submit your visa application, with all documents attached, as early as possible. Experts often suggest that to be on the safe side, students should start the visa process at least three months before their chosen program starts.

What is the validity of your Italy Student Visa?

The Italy Study Visa is usually issued for a maximum of one year with the possibility of annual renewal for the entire duration of your course. However, you would be required to pass all your yearly exams at university for the successful renewal of your Italy Study Visa. All international students in Italy who come from non-European countries have to be vigilant about the concurrency of their stay permits and study visas.

  • At least 30 days or a month before your stay permit is about to expire, you will need to go to the Questura or the police station to extend the permit for the whole year. For this, you should have proof of finances to support yourself, an enrollment certificate issued by the higher education institution in Italy, and all the other documents related to the issue of the stay permit.
  • Study visas and stay permits of international students are renewed only if they have passed at least one exam in the first year of their degree programs and at least two more exams in the following years. However, if a student has passed only one exam during the study visa period because of a serious reason such as very poor health, their stay permit may be renewed too. However, in no case will the stay permits be issued for more than three years beyond the duration of the study program you have opted for.

Italy Student Visa Rejection - What Next?

There is a possibility that your student visa gets rejected. But rest assured., It is not the end of the world. Candidates are advised to leave no stone unturned while submitting their visa application process. However, if your visa application gets rejected do not worry. You would be provided with a reason for the rejection of your study visa. You will have to just make the necessary changes and apply again. The applicant also has the option of challenging the decision of the visa-issuing authority. 

Common reasons for the rejection of Italian student visa applications include:

  • Incomplete application form
  • Invalid travel insurance
  • Intention to return home after graduation is not clear
  • Lack of proof of funds to support yourself
  • Missing or false documents

Applicants should note that the visa application process is an independent process and no one can influence the decision. Our Shiksha Study Abroad counsellors provide assistance with university admissions and also conduct mock visa interview rounds to build confidence among applicants. They can get in touch with our counsellors on our website. You can get in touch with us in the comments below.

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