UCLA: Jewish girl sent to Emergency Room after reportedly beaten by pro-Palestine pro-testers

UCLA: Jewish girl sent to Emergency Room after reportedly beaten by pro-Palestine pro-testers

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Pallavi Pathak
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New Delhi, Updated on May 1, 2024 13:11 IST

University of California, Los Angeles is also witnessing an escalating tension amid the standoff between pro-Palestine and pro-Jewish students. As per the report, the protest has taken an unfortunate turn where a Jewish girl at UCLA is beaten by pro-Palestine protesters and later taken to the Emergency Room.

UCLA Jewish girl sent to Emergency Room after reportedly beaten by pro-Palestine protesters

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

UCLA: While the Israel and Gaza war continues, US Universities have also turned into a war zone with ongoing protests, deployed police forces and tear gases across different schools. The pro-Palestine protestors are demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and a complete divestment from Israel's companies. Now, it is being reported that at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a Jewish girl was beaten by pro-Palestine protestors and after she became unconscious she was taken to the Emergency room.

"Jewish girl at UCLA sent to the ER after being beaten unconscious by pro-Palestine protesters. The incident reportedly happened at Dickerson Plaza. According to ‘ThatKoreanJew’ on IG who is a medical student at UCLA, the girl was surrounded by 5 people. She suffered a concussion and was unable to recognize her family when she initially woke up. Thankfully she is in stable condition now. Source: ThatKoreanJew on IG," said a message on X.


"Mob of UCLA students corner a journalist, assault him and hold him hostage against a wall. Earlier in the day the reporter was robbed by activists with campus security refusing to help, telling him they had received a ‘Stand Down’ order," said another message on X.


“Brave Jewish UCLA student who was denied entry to the university building by anti-Israel protesters delivers powerful speech calling out the masked activists. “Whilst they cower behind their masks and hide who they are, we stand tall and proudly voice our message to the world,” reads another message.

“When a jewish student ends up at the Emergency room, unconscious, hit violently in the head , is still FREE SPEECH ?????? These students from UCLA copy-pasted all the terrorists’ tactics. Violence just comes naturally. This. Is. Not. Acceptable !,” tweeted former TV journalist miha schwartzenberg.


Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli protesters clash at UCLA

The protest gained momentum at UCLA on Sunday when scores of demonstrators including students and outside members from the wider Los Angeles community gathered on campus with Palestinian and Israeli flags. The students are part of the broad protest against Israel's attack on Gaza where the protestors are demanding divestment from Israel.

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