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Nursing Courses at BPP University

BPP University Nursing
Course duration & fees

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Courses1st Year Tuition FeesDuration & Eligibility
BSN(2 courses)
INR 34 L
Duration36 months-3 years
Exam AcceptedIELTS: 7 & Above, PTE: 70 & Above

BPP University Nursing
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2 Courses36 months - 3 years
34.44 L
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BPP University Nursing
Popular Courses

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34.44 L
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34.44 L

BPP University Nursing
Students Ratings & Reviews

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Vibe of Campus
  • Friendly
  • Academically oriented
  • Easy going
  • Multi-dimensional
Student Views
  • 0% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work3.3
Post study jobs3.3
Quality of faculty4.3
Student Life3.7
Value for money4
Public transportation4.3
Indian Food4.3
Permanent Immigration3.7
Chiragkumar jayendrabhai prajapati Verified Icon
MSc Management - Batch of 2024
Reputable educational institute
Tips: Transitioning after arriving in this country is a new experience. There was a noticeable cultural shift which involved adapting new traditions. I didn't secure a scholarship during my time here but the cost of education here was manageable and I relied on part-time for my expenses. In terms of satisfaction, I have found my university experience to be rewarding.
Likes (Quality of faculty): Our department faculty are very accessible and approachable and they are also helping students. They all are intelligent and most of them are Ph.D. The teaching method is unique but I think it's best for all students to try to learn new things. We are given a lot of practical knowledge.
Dislikes (Student Life): Student life is balanced here. I make my own food. I go to college and attend lectures and lab and then in break time I go to the library and read books. I also work part-time so managing that is not bad. There are many events organised by BPP University. And also there are many student clubs available.
Reviewed on 5 Sep 2023Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Laws (LLM) - Batch of 2022
BPP university is the best for me.
Tips: When you join this college you should learn things like cooking, clothes washing, washing dishes because when you leave your country nobody can come with you to help with your work. So that is mostly important to work on yourself. I am extremely satisfied with my college and academics.
Likes (Indian Food): There are variety of food available in the city like British cuisine, Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Italian cuisine, street food, and gourmet dining lots of varieties are available. But I prefer to cook by myself at home because it's healthy for me and cheaper than outside food.
Dislikes (Part time work): There are many campus jobs available but the competition was too high so your chances to get part-time on campus are quite difficult. But there were many off campus opportunities available for students. Part time along with study is not much difficult if you are doing continuous work then you will be fine. In London average payout is in 12 euro per hour.
Reviewed on 21 Aug 2023Read more
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Aditya Kumar Sharma Verified Icon
BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Digital Business - Batch of 2023
BPP is building your future, making success happen
Tips: At BPP, my transition was smooth, with enriching experiences despite a slight cultural shift. I got a scholarship through the university website, easing tuition costs and providing a monthly allowance. Highly satisfied with the excellent support and resources, BPP aligns perfectly with my career goals. The UK has been a welcoming host, leaving me content with my choices and experiences.
Likes (Safety): In the UK there are numerous job opportunities, but currently, a global economic downturn is affecting many regions, including the UK. Students arriving on student visas may face challenges due to increased competition, but those with exceptional skills and a bit of luck might secure job offers with starting salaries based on their work experience.
Dislikes (Part time work): Faculty at BPP University is incredible accessible and approachable, always open to student questions and support. The teaching methodology stands out with a practical and hands-on approach, making learning both interactive and relevant. The teaching faculty reflects diversity, bringing in perspectives from different nationalities, and enriching the overall learning experience.
Reviewed on 31 Dec 2023Read more
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Raghavender Kalakonda Verified Icon
MSc Management with Project Management - Batch of 2024
The university is good. Look for accommodation.
Tips: Not many scholarships are available. I just got 3000 pounds scholarship and it was based on my percentage. I am satisfied with my university fee and the course. But I am not happy in UK because compared to India, UK is only for money purposes and nothing more than that. Although, the university is good.
Likes (Indian Food): Nandos is good but self-cooking is a better option. There are so many restaurants in the UK but compared to India, there is much different food available in the UK. The pricing here is also higher than what we see in India.
Dislikes (Post study jobs): More than 50 companies offer sponsorships for a work visa. There are so many job roles and different packages for full-time work visas. Many IT companies and more opportunities are provided.
Reviewed on 27 Apr 2023Read more
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Manthan patel Verified Icon
MSc Engineering Management - Batch of 2023
BPP univeraity is the best.
Tips: Coming here I adjuated a new culture that was different to our home country. There are many cultural shift students may face. Yes I avail scholarship before join this college and you also avail to contact you college. I am satisfied with this university because it fulfill my needs.
Likes (Student Life): My day is quite busy attend lectures, take notes, participate in discussion. After class I go to library and study group to work on assignments and homework in break I eat meal with my friends. BPP university hosts diverse events academic and also culture. There are many students club available.
Dislikes (Internships): All the faculty members are very helping nature to us if anyone get a ought they always help you and treat as a friend. They can also help explore practical work experience in their field of study and prepare for their future carrers. Yes internships are relevant to field of study.
Reviewed on 5 Sep 2023Read more
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BPP University

Student Forum

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Answered a month ago

BPP University offers a variety of amenities to their students staying on-campus, such as:

  • Library with a range of quiet study zones;
  • Free internet and Wi-Fi access;
  • Mobile printing facilities available to allow students to print from personal laptops, smartphones and tablets;
  • All students receive EUR 2


Anushree Sinha

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 3 months ago

BPP University not just focuses on academics, but also on providing practical knowledge. Also, students must note that the employment rate of BPP University is 98% for graduates who got employed in highly skilled occupations within 15 months after graduation. In short, BPP University ranks in the To



Subhrajeet Harichandan

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 2 months ago

To study BPP University courses, applicants have to meet BPP University IELTS requirements. We have mentioned below the BPP University English language requirements of popular programs:

BPP Courses


MSc Accounting & Finance

MSc Management (all variants)

MSc Engineering Management

Master of Laws (LLM) (all variants)

LLM International Business and Commercial Law

PGDL/Law Conversion Course (all variants)

SQE Training (all courses)

MSc Healthcare Leadership (all variants)

Graduate Diploma in Accounting

6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.0 in no more than 2 components

Legal Practice Course (LPC) (all variants)

6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.5 in each element

BSc Nursing* this programme is IELTS-only

6.5 overall with a minimum of 6.5 in each element

Barrister Training Course (BTC) (all variants)

7.5 with a minimum of 7.5 in each component

Chandra Shekhar

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 4 months ago

BPP University offers popular programme in Law, Accountancy, Project Management, Data & Analytics at undergraduate and graduate level. Around 98% of BPP University graduates in employment were in highly skilled occupations 15 months after graduating. BPP University fees is affordable for internation


Chandra Shekhar

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 5 months ago

Yes, there are several housing options near BPP University, such as Unite Students, Sanctuary Housing and more. Due to unavailability of accommodation opportunities in BPP, students need to find housing options nearby. Rent in privately owned accommodation blocks typically range from EUR 200 for a s


Anushree Sinha

Contributor-Level 10

BPP University
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