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University of Oklahoma Admissions 2024: Requirements, Application Fees, Acceptance Rate & Deadline

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What’s new at OU?

  • The University of Oklahoma application deadline for graduate students is Sep 1, 2024
  • Nov 1, 2024, is the OU application deadline for undergraduate admission

Know more about the Admission Intakes In US Universities 2024-2025

University of Oklahoma Admission Process

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Commonly asked questions

Q:   Is it hard to get into the University of Oklahoma?


The University of Oklahoma acceptance rate is 73% according to U.S. News & World Report. This means that the university is less selective when it comes to admissions. So, to take admission to the University of Oklahoma, the applicants are required to meet the entry requirements and application requirements.


Q:   What GPA is required for the University of Oklahoma?


The University of Oklahoma GPA requirements for the undergraduate courses are mentioned below:

  • Freshman: The applicants must have graduated from secondary school and have never attended a post-secondary institution. The minimum GPA required is 3.0
  • Graduate: Indian applicants must have a bachelor’s degree at a minimum. To know about the GPA requirements, it is advised check the respective course pages

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Q:   How long does it take to get acceptance from University of Oklahoma?


After successfully submitting the University of Oklahoma admission application, the Office of Admissions & Recruitment evaluates and verifies academic credentials. Students should receive a notification of their admission decision through regular mail within 4 to 6 weeks. Incoming freshmen can apply one of three ways to the University of Oklahoma, either through the OU Application, the Common Application, or the Coalition Application.


Q:   How can I get MBA admission to OU?


Admissions Committee at OU reviews the applications in its entirety. OU admission requirements for the MBA course are:

Admissions Interview: The Admissions Committee contacts students via email to schedule the interview. Interviews can be conducted online, in-office, or over the phone.

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Q:   Does Oklahoma University require GRE?


As such, the Graduate College of Oklahoma University does not require GMAT and GRE test scores. But, note that some academic units do need GMAT / GRE scores as a part of the application requirements. So, in case, if the GMAT / GRE score is required, the applicants are advised to submit their official standardized test scores before admission can be granted.


University of Oklahoma Admissions 2024 FAQs

Q:   What are the top 3 majors at the University of Oklahoma?


U.S. News & World Report has mentioned that some of the popular majors at the University of Oklahoma include

  • Engineering
  • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs

Q:   Does the University of Oklahoma give out scholarships?


Yes, international students studying at the University of Oklahoma are eligible for scholarships. The details of these scholarships are given below:



Cleo Cross Scholarship

  • Must have completed one year at OU
  • Must be a regular, full-time enrolled UG or Graduate student at OU
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for UG students and 3.0 for graduate students

Sue Williams Service Award & Paul & Rose Sharp Scholarship

  • Must have completed one year at OU
  • Must be a regular, full-time enrolled UG or Graduate student at OU
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for UG students and 3.5 for graduate students


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Q:   What are some of the useful tips for students starting their first semester at the University of Oklahoma?


According to student reviews on unofficial sources, the following are some points that students must keep in mind while attending their first-semester at OU: 

  • Working extremely hard to maintain the GPA. Minimum 3.0 GPA is required for admission to bachelor's degree of OU
  • Part-time work option – It is advised to keep the working hours around 10 – 20 hours per day so that juggling classes while working is possible
  • A chance to meet students from various places
  • Sports – The university is known for Football, so students can join any football team to see the hype

Q:   Does the University of Oklahoma accept IELTS?


Yes, the University of Oklahoma accepts IELTS for undergraduate and graduate courses. International applicants whose first langauge is not English must meet the University of Oklahoma IELTS requirements. We have mentioned below IELTS test score with other English language tests accepted by OU:

English Language Tests

UG Score

PG Score



6.5 or higher



79 or higher



60 or higher





Q:   How much does it cost to go to the University of Oklahoma for international students?


The University of Oklahoma fees for international students varies from INR 13 L to INR 28 L for first-year. The University of Oklahoma cost for various courses for international students is given below:


1st Year Tuition Fees

MBA/PGDM (3 courses)

INR 16 L - 28 L

MS (11 courses)

INR 13 L - 18 L

BE/BTech (11 courses)

INR 27 L

MIM (2 courses)

INR 16 L - 17 L

BSc (3 courses)

INR 25 L

BBA (1 course)

INR 28 L

BA (1 course)

INR 26 L

Cost of Living for International Undergraduate Students


Estimated Yearly Expenses

Housing & meals

USD 13,840 (Above INR 11 lakh)


USD 800 (Around INR 66,000)

Medical insurance

USD 2,239 (Around INR 2 lakh)

Personal expenses

USD 1,500 (Above INR 1 lakh)

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Q:   How much is the University of Oklahoma application fee for international students?


The University of Oklahoma application fee for undergraduate international students is USD 90 (Around INR 7,500). For graduate courses, OU application fee is USD 100 (Around 8,400) for international students. Along with the application, the documents that have to be submitted are letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, financial documents, English language proficiency score, etc.


Q:   How do I apply to Oklahoma University?


International students wishing to study at undergraduate courses at OU can submit the application via Common Application or Coalition Application. On the other hand, the applicants can apply for graduate courses via the online application portal of OU.

Documents checklist for Undergraduate Applicants

Application Process for OU Graduate Courses

  • First of all, check the international student application deadlines and apply early if possible
  • Then, complete the online application
  • To expedite the process of OU application, upload the unofficial transcripts, English language proficiency score, standardized test scores. The applicants can submit these at a later stage too but this may delay the admission decision
  • Next, pay the OU application fee and submit the application
  • Then, send the official transcripts and test scores

Q:   What are the requirements to go to Oklahoma University?


The University of Oklahoma admission requirements for international students are given below:

  • Undergraduate Courses: The applicants are required to be graduated from secondary school and should have never attended a post-secondary institute in order to take admission to undergraduate courses of the University of Oklahoma. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required
  • Graduate Courses: The applicants must have received a bachelor’s degree in order to study OU graduate courses

Besides the above-given academic admission requirements, the applicants must have also appeared for standardized test scores such as GMAT / GRE (as applicable), etc., and English language proficiency score.

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Q:   Why would someone choose University of Oklahoma over MIT?


There are two main reasons why someone would choose the University of Oklahoma over MIT. These are OU is much cheaper than MIT when it comes to the cost of education and secondly,  OU’s faculty is quite experienced. Also, ROI of OU is much better than MIT. These points are explained below:

  • ROI: It is widely known that the cost of education at MIT is very expensive, but, at OU, students can study without having the stress of debt because of the low cost education at OU. As per an unofficial source, the ROI of an education at OU is dramatically higher than at MIT
  • Worth the Risk: At the time of taking jobs, if the students have attended the University of Oklahoma, they will have a chance to be different from those who have attended top-tier colleges such as MIT, Stanford, etc. OU graduates will have the upper hand to show how competitive they are.

Q:   How much does the University of Oklahoma charge for MBA for international students?


The total cost of a full-time MBA (including tuition and all fees) is USD 52,897.92. This is around INR 44 lakh lakh. On top of the tuition fees, MBA students are required to pay for the living expenses as well. Some of these expenses can vary as per the housing choice, transportation needs, etc.

  • Housing and food are estimated at USD 14,000 per year (Around INR 10 lakh)
  • Textbooks are estimated at USD 200 per year (Around INR 16,000)

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Q:   How do you qualify for a Masters in Computer Science at the University of Oklahoma?


The University of Oklahoma admission requirements for MS in CS are:

  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher in the degree programme coursework
  • English language proficiency score

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