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Students from Washington University’s (in St. Louis) WashU Olin Business School have been receiving employment offers from various organisations and conglomerates, all of which have international fame and name. Its full-time MBA program has been featured among the best 12 US-based MBA programs according to Financial Times in 2021. Out of all the MBA graduates searching for jobs in October 2021, 94% stated that they accepted one.

$118,000 was the median base salary and the median signing bonus stood at $25,000. Numerous global agencies look forward to hiring these MBA graduates from WashU Olin Business School for internships as well as full-time roles.

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Olin Business Placement Highlights 2021

Placement Rate


Top Source of Job Opportunity

Online Job Postings

First Job Offer by Graduation

74% Students

Highest Employment Rate by Function


Highest Employment Rate by Location


Average Internship Monthly Salary


Top Employers

Ecolab Inc, Clarion Healthcare, CAMP Systems, Deloitte, Amazon, Procter & Gamble, SAP, DoorDash

Olin Business MBA Class Profile 2021

The total number of students in the MBA class of 2021 was 98. There was not much difference between the number of male and female students, with the former being 51% and the latter being 49%. Also, 43% of the MBA crowd was that of international students and 23% were an under-represented minority. The average age of the students was 28 years and the average GMAT score was 695.

Olin Business MBA Employment Profile 2021

The total number of students searching for a job was 86%. Out of those not seeking employment, 1% (each) were already employed, continuing education, and starting a new venture. 3% of students had postponed their job search and 6% were not searching for any job due to other reasons.

MBA Employment Source

Timing of First Job Offers

The total number of graduates searching for a job was 89. 74% of the MBA students were offered their first job by graduation and 20% of them got their first offer after graduation and by three months after passing out. Also, 6% of the students did not report getting an offer by three months after graduating. The three-month job offer rate was recorded at 94%.

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Olin Business MBA Top Employers 2021


Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Capital One



Goldman Sachs


Johnson & Johnson




Nike Inc


Tesla Motors

Washington University

Whirlpool Corporation


Booz Allen Hamilton

Cisco Systems Inc.


CVS Health

General Mills

Liberty Mutual Insurance

McKinsey & Company




Olin Business MBA Placement Stats 2021

The function which witnessed the highest employment rate of the WashU Olin Business School was Consulting, with 31% of the students getting hired. This was followed by Marketing and General Management, with 19% and 13% of the graduates getting employed. The least number of students were employed in Sales, with the placement rate standing at 1% only.

Similarly, according to the industry, the highest MBA graduates were employed in Consulting, with the placement rate being 20%. In the second place was Financial/Insurance, with the MBA graduate employment rate being 19%. The third place was claimed by Healthcare, with 13% of the students finding a job. The least amount of employment rate was witnessed in the Energy, Govt, Retail, Transportation & Logistics Services industry.

Employment by Function

Employment by Industry

Consulting: 31%

Consulting: 20%

Marketing: 19%

Financial/Insurance: 19%

General Management: 13%

Healthcare: 13%

Operations: 13%

Consumer Packaged Goods: 8%

Finance: 12%

Energy, Govt, Retail, Transportation & Logistics Services: 1%

Sales: 1%


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Olin Business MBA Placement by Location (North America)

As per location, the majority of the students were hired in the Midwest and the least percentage of employment was recorded in the Southwest. Only 2% of the students obtained jobs in international locations.

MBA Placement by Location

Olin Business MBA Average Salary 2021

The average base annual salary for the MBA 2021 batch was $115,500 and the median base amount was $118,000. The low-high range was $30,000-$165,000 and the average bonus was recorded at $27500.

Average Salary by Function

  • Overall average salary: $115,500
  • Overall median salary: $118,000
  • Overall high salary: $165,000

Average Salary by Function

Average Salary by Industry

Consulting: $127,400

Technology: $119,200

Business/Data Analytics: $119,000

Consulting: $133,600

General Management: $112,200

Financial/Insurance: $114,200

Operations: $110,200

Healthcare: $113,100

Marketing: $108,300

Consumer Packaged Goods: $110,600

Finance: $92,600


Olin Business MBA Internship Stats 2021

As far as internships are concerned, 81% of the MBA students were searching for an internship opportunity and 19% were not searching for it. The internship acceptance rate stood at 100%. The majority (69%) of the internship opportunities were obtained through school-facilitated activities and 31% through graduate-facilitated activities.

According to the function, most of the students obtained an internship in Consulting with the internship placement rate standing at 25%. This was followed by Marketing and Finance with 20% and 18% of the students obtaining an internship. Information Technology and Manufacturing had the least amount of internship placement rate with only 1% (each) of MBA students getting an offer.

Olin Business Campus Placement Support

The Weston Career Center Services have proved to be very beneficial for students in terms of job search and academic progress. The centre makes sure that the students are a good product for the market and find their dream job with ease. Career coaches are there to help one form connections with relevant employers and industry people. Students can get help regarding company or industry research, resume building, networking, internships and job postings, interview skills, filtering job offers, self-assessments and much more.

Students can make use of the below-mentioned services for enhancing their job search and future growth prospects:

  • Career Counselling: Book an appointment with an MBA career coach and attend industry mini-presentations where various speakers from different industries will be present. 
  • Interview Skills: Practice for the interviews by reaching out to the top employers and getting to know about their interview processes.
  • Building Contacts: Explore employment opportunities according to your skills and experience with the help of WCC coaches and specialists. Students can also volunteer in national internships and job fairs.
  • MBA treks: Here students and the WCC employer relations team commute to different venues for the purpose of career development panels, company visits, networking, etc.

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Olin Business School MBA Placement 2021 FAQs

Q. Which function had the highest amount of median salary for Olin Business School MBA graduates after placement?

A. The highest MBA graduate median salary was obtained by Consulting, with the median salary amount being $125,000. This was followed by Business/Data Analytics and General Management, with the median salary compensation standing at $123,000 and $111,300. The lowest median salary was recorded by Finance, with the median amount being $95,000.

Q. Which industry witnessed the highest median salary for Olin Business School MBA graduates after placement?

A. The highest MBA graduate median salary was obtained by Technology, with the median salary amount being $120,000. This was followed by Consulting and Financial/Insurance, with the median salary compensation standing at $127,000 and $112,500. The lowest median salary was recorded by Healthcare and Consumer Packaged Goods, with the median amount being $110,000.

Q. Which geographical location resulted in the highest salary for the Olin Business School MBA graduate salary?

A. According to the location, the average salary recorded for the MBA graduates was $117,500 and the median salary was $30,000. The high salary amount according to the location was $165,000. The area with the highest median base salary was the South, with the amount being $130,000. This was followed by West and Northeast, with the median base amount being $125,000 each.

Q. How much monthly stipend/salary have the MBA graduates at Olin Business School been obtaining during internship placement?

A. The average internship monthly salary was $6,200 and the median monthly internship salary was $6,600. According to function, students who were working in Operations obtained the highest average stipend of $7,600. This was followed by Business/Data Analytics and General Management, with the average stipend amount being $6,900 each.

Q. Which industry witnessed the highest MBA graduate internship placement rate at Olin Business School?

A. The majority (15%) of the MBA students obtained internships in Consumer Packaged Goods and Financial/Insurance The industries which had the second highest placement rate for MBA graduates were Healthcare and Consulting, both with a placement rate of 13%. Only 1% of the students found an internship in the Real Estate sector.

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