What is a Letter of Enrollment (LOE)?

What is a Letter of Enrollment (LOE)?

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A letter of enrolment is an official document that highlights the status of admission of students to a university. It confirms the admission of a student into a programme. Students wait for the confirmation of admission once the application form has been submitted successfully. The admission process is finally confirmed after the verification of all documents and application forms submitted by the students.

letter of enrollment

Since the letter of enrollment differs from country to country. In this article, we will inform you what a Letter of enrollment is and how it is different from an offer letter.

What is an Offer Letter?

An offer letter is issued by the university once the student’s application is approved and he/she is eligible to be admitted to a particular course. All those who receive the offer letter are required to sign and resend it back to the university in order to confirm the acceptance of admission. So, an offer letter is an acknowledgement and confirmation of a student’s acceptance of the rules and regulations specified by the university. But, it is not the final confirmation of admission of students. This letter can be used by students to apply for a student visa and complete other admission formalities of the university. There are two types of offer letters conditional offer letter and Unconditional Offer Letter. You can read the difference between the Conditional and Unconditional Offer Letters here

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What is an Enrollment Letter?

An enrollment letter is an official letter issued by the university to confirm the enrollment of a student. It confirms that a seat has been already secured by a student at a university. It also confirms the semester and date of commencement of the course. An enrollment letter is sent to the students in the form of a letterhead that states the students’ id, course in which admission has been taken, course type, students’ id, academic year, etc. It is usually sent to students on their registered email id. To receive the enrollment letter, students are required to pay the initial tuition fee amount. The tuition fee has to be paid in order to secure a seat in any university. However, the amount which the applicant needs to pay varies from university to university. Some university asks students to deposit partial fees while some universities ask students to deposit complete fee. This letter is issued by universities in the UK and Australia. In the UK, it is also called the CAS letter, whereas in Canada it is called by the name of Letter of Acceptance.

Letter of enrolment issued by the Australian universities includes what the student is going to study, date of commencement and end date of the course and how much fee the student has paid and how much is remaining (if the student has paid a partial amount). Students are required to keep the LOE with them along with their Australian Student Visa till the completion of their course.

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Purpose of Enrollment Letter

While applying for the student visa, a letter of enrollment acts as proof of registration for the candidate. Letter of Enrolment is very beneficial for international students. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • For student permit application: The student permit application is best supported by the enrollment letter. It not only accelerates the process of the visa application but is required at the time of extension of a study permit.
  • Helps in bank procedure: This letter acts as proof of bank procedure. The letter can be used while applying for an education loan in your home country. Banks will get an idea about the total amount which they need to transfer/sanction to students. It contains all the details regarding the tuition fee and what other charges student has to pay at the time of enrollment.
  • Social insurance number: The social insurance number is a requirement for students going to study in Canada. Hence, a letter of enrolment will be used to apply for the same.
  • Co-op Work Permit Letter: The letter is useful to obtain or extend the Co-op Work Permit.

Contents of the Enrollment Letter

The letter of enrolment from any university around the globe shall have the following information:

  • Personal details of students (name, id number, age, contact etc)
  • Details of the institution
  • Course details
  • Date of nomination
  • Terms and conditions
  • Restrictions and Allowances
  • The validity period of LoE
  • Signatories and Undertakings

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What is Letter of Enrollment FAQs

Q. How do I get an enrollment letter?

A. The enrollment letter is sent by the university itself to confirm your admission. The university sends the enrollment letter to your registered email id. Once the applicant has the enrollment letter, he/she is eligible to apply for visa application in the respective country of study and begin their preparations to study abroad after the visa formalities are completed. In case the enrollment letter is not issued, applicants must get in touch with the respective universities and their admission committees. 

Q. What is the difference between an offer letter and enrollment letter?

A. An offer letter is sent to students once their application has been approved by the university and they are eligible for admission. It is basically an acknowledgment that a student will abide by the terms and conditions of the university. An enrollment letter, on the other hand, is an official document that confirms the final admission of the students to the university. For receiving the enrollment letter, students need to pay the tuition fee. The amount of the tuition fee, however, varies from university to university.

Q. What are the uses of the letter of enrolment?

A. For international students, the letter of enrolment can be used to fast-track the process of getting a student visa. It can be used as proof for bank procedure in order to study abroad and to get a social insurance number to study in Canada. While it also allows students to work part time while being enrolled at the university and earn based on the national average or median wage set per hour. This right only comes with the letter of enrollment for international students.  

Q. What are the details mentioned in the enrollment letter?

A. The enrollment letter contains the details like personal details of the students, institution’s details, course details, terms and conditions of the institution, nomination date, etc. Since this is an official letter, this contains formally represented information and hence, the applicants cannot use it anywhere for personal pursposes. This document is only for records and university enrollment data in the country abroad. Thus, this should be given to official people only also if only when asked.

Q. Do I need to pay the tuition fee in order to get the enrollment letter?

A. Yes, you are required to pay the initial tuition fee in order to receive the letter of enrolment. It is important to pay the tuition fee to finally get a seat in a particular university. However, the amount of tuition varies from university to university. By paying the tuition fee or a part of the tuition fee, you are confirming your enrollment at the university. In case the applicant fails to pay the tuition fee within the requisite time, they can be penalised and letters may not be released for such candidates also. 

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