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Sarina Russo Institute: Courses, Admission, Cost

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Q:   Will my campus life be better at Sarina Russo Institute than staying off-campus?


Yes, your campus life is likely to be better at Sarina Russo Institute compared to staying off-campus. The institute is conveniently located on Queen Street in Brisbane's CBD, allowing students to gain insight into accessible education pathways and experience the ultimate student lifestyle by utilizing various services available on-campus. Also, College campuses are heavily guarded, and the university ensures that all college students continue to be secure. While living off-campus can also be safe, it generally relies upon the region you're staying in. It is impossible to have 24-hour protection and medical assistance at your disposal whilst residing off-campus, unlike the convenience and safety supplied by way of on-campus housing. 


Q:   What is Sarina Russo Institute known for?


Sarina Russo Institute (SRI) is known for the following:
Founded in 1979 in Brisbane, Australia, it has established a reputation for excellence in education, training, recruitment and job creation over the past 40+ years.

It offers English language courses for international students to improve their skills for university study and employment. SRI has helped hundreds of students each year achieve their desired English proficiency level.

The institute uses its own unique "TELL" (Total English Language Learning) system that takes a personal approach and offers a variety of learning methods to help students progress quickly.



Q:   Why do Indian students choose to study at Sarina Russo Institute?


Indian students choose to study at Sarina Russo Institute because:
Diploma programs are developed to ensure skills and knowledge are imparted in a practical way using their iLearn platform, creating a virtual business environment where students develop an understanding that can be easily translated into any real business environment. 
High completion rates and graduates who are confident and knowledgeable due to students remaining engaged throughout the programs
Government-funded VET Student Loans are available for a range of Diploma programs, with each programme having specific entry requirements. 


Q:   What do student reviews say about Sarina Russo Institute?


Student reviews of Sarina Russo Institute are mixed. Here are some key points from them:
One student said "I am really glad with this school's teachers and all of the students. One of the best schools I had ever studied at. I am really happy because my English skills have improved incredibly in a short time."
Another student who attended a LinkedIn workshop said "Outstanding presentation – certainly will be recommending you throughout my network. Your knowledge and ability to communicate to the group is so valuable."
However, some students have had negative experiences. One user said "Sarina Russo also took credit for every job that I found even though all of them were applied for before I was on Centrelink. 


Q:   Is getting part-time jobs easy while studying at Sarina Russo Institute?


Getting part-time jobs while studying there seems feasible. The Sarina Russo Institute offers industry-focused education and training, including programs that help students develop employability skills and gain work experience. The Workforce Australia programme at the institute supports individuals in transitioning into employment, providing opportunities for practical learning, engagement with employers, and access to job vacancy sites. Students at the Sarina Russo Institute are allowed to work up to 48 hours per fortnight while studying. 



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Commonly asked questions
On Scholarships

Q:   What are the top scholarships for Indian students at Sarina Russo Institute and how to avail them?


Here are the top scholarships available for Indian students at Sarina Russo Institute in Australia:
Australia Awards Scholarships
The Australia Awards Scholarships are open to students looking for undergraduate or postgraduate programs and TAFE certificates at some Australian institutions.

Destination Australia Program (DAP)
The Destination Australia Program offers over 1000 scholarships each year to support both domestic and international students studying at regional campus locations in qualifications from a Certification IV level and above.

Sarina Russo Institute Scholarships
Sarina Russo Institute offers its own scholarships for international students. These are merit-based scholarships that provide partial tuition fee waivers. 

To avail these scholarships:
Check the eligibility criteria for each scholarship and ensure you meet the requirements.
Prepare your scholarship application including all required documents and submit your scholarship application along with your course application to Sarina Russo Institute by the specified deadlines.


Admission process

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    Commonly asked questions
    On Admissions

    Q:   Is it hard to get into Sarina Russo Institute?


    It does not appear to be particularly difficult to get into Sarina Russo Institute. To get admitted to Sarina Russo Institute, applicants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the course. International students are considered on a case-by-case basis, with some additional requirements depending on the program. Sarina Russo Institute does not appear to publicly disclose its acceptance rate. As a private vocational education and training provider, they likely have an open enrollment policy for most of their English language and vocational courses, as long as applicants meet the minimum entry requirements. 


    Q:   Is Sarina Russo Institute good for international students?


    The Sarina Russo Institute seems to be the perfect place for international students who want to enhance their English language skills academically and continue to study business-related literature in Australia. The Institute offers English language programs of longer duration and more hours per week. The organisation has also participated in events such as International Women’s Day and International Education Day, in recognition of its commitment to education and inclusion.


    Q:   Can an average Indian student join Sarina Russo Institute?


    Yes, an average Indian student can join the Sarina Russo Institute in Brisbane, Australia. The minimum age for any course at the institute is 17, and classes generally begin every Monday. Indian students are also required to cubmit English language proficiency test scores. The Institute is renowned for providing vocational education and training in Australia, offering courses. It is recommended that you contact the Sarina Russo Institute directly for accurate and detailed information. 


    Q:   What are the documents required in the visa process for Indian students at Sarina Russo Institute, Australia?


    To apply for a visa as an Indian student at Sarina Russo Institute in Australia, you'll have to put together the following documents:

    Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE): This record is supplied by the institute and confirms your enrollment in a path.

    Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Insurance: Proof of medical insurance coverage throughout your live in Australia.

    Valid Passport: Ensure your passport is legitimate for the whole period of your stay in Australia.

    Proof of Temporary Stay: Any documentation that proves your brief stay in Australia.

    Other Supporting Documents: These may additionally vary but ought to consist of evidence of economic capacity, academic transcripts, English language talent test ratings (e.G., IELTS), and every other documents requested by way of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.


    Q:   What is the acceptance rate of Sarina Russo Institute?


    Sarina Russo Institute does not appear to publicly disclose its acceptance rate. However, here is some information about admissions:
    International students are considered case-by-case, and additional requirements may be depending on the program.
    Applicants must be 18 years old at the beginning of the course.
    Students from non-English speaking countries need to submit English language proficiency test scores.
    Original transcripts from previous academic institutions are required, along with financial support statements and passport ID.


    Courses and Fees 2024

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    Courses1st Year Tuition FeesDuration & Eligibility
    UG Diploma(2 courses)
    INR 5 L - 9 L
    Duration7-12 months
    Exam AcceptedIELTS: 5.5 & Above, TOEFL: 71 & Above, PTE: 42 & Above
    UG certificate(1 course)
    INR 6 L
    Duration1 week-50 weeks
    Exam AcceptedIELTS: 3.5 & Above, TOEFL: 35 & Above
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    Commonly asked questions
    On Fees and Eligibility

    Q:   Is Sarina Russo Institute cheaper than Australian Institute of Management?


    Sarina Russo Institute is generally more affordable than Australian Institute of Management

    The Tuition Fees for both the institutes:
    Sarina Russo Institute: From AUD 260 per week (approximately AUD 1,200 per month).
    Australian Institute of Management: AUD 16500 - 48500 per year (approximately AUD 1,375 - AUD 4,000 per month). 


    Q:   How expensive is it to live in or near Sarina Russo Institute?


    Living at Sarina Russo Institute can vary in fee, with the full average price being USD 2462. This includes USD 1030 for housing, USD 898 for food, USD 138 for lifestyle prices, and USD 396 for garb. Prices are payable at the time of enrollment or according to an agreed payment plan, and failure to pay expenses may also bring about the student's enrollment being cancelled. International scholar prices are payable up to no more than 50% of total route fees before graduation, with extra prices for resources and sundries as listed within the Payment Details. 


    Q:   What is the application fee of Sarina Russo Institute?


    The application fee for international students at Sarina Russo Institute varies depending on the program. For the Unipath English program, the Acceptance of Enrolment Fee is AU$250, which is non-refundable. For other programs like the Bridging English Entry Program, the Acceptance of Enrolment Fee is also AU$250. The refund policy for the acceptance of the enrollment fee at Sarina Russo Institute states that for international students, all fees are refundable up to no more than 50% of the total course fees before commencement. 


    Q:   What are the english proficiency exams accepted by Sarina Russo Institute?


    The Sarina Russo Institute accepts various English proficiency exams for admission. These exams include the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Pearson Test of English (PTE), and Occupational English Test (OET). The minimum scores required for these exams are as follows:
    IELTS: 6 for undergraduate programs and 6.5 for graduate programs. 
    TOEFL: 64 for undergraduate programs and 75 for graduate programs.
    PTE: 50 for undergraduate programs and 58 for graduate programs.


    Q:   How much money is required in Indian rupees to study at Sarina Russo Institute?


    The fees for English Language Programs at Sarina Russo Institute are as follows:

    Intensive General English: AUD 340 per week, which equals to INR 18,915.  

    Unipath English 1: AUD 360 per week, which equals to INR 20,028.  

    Unipath English 2: AUD 360 per week, which equals to INR 20,028.

    Bridging English Entry Program: AUD 360 per week, which equals to INR 20,028.

    Other Fees: Acceptance of Enrolment Fee: AUD 250 (non-refundable), which equals to INR 13,908.

    Learning Materials Fee: AUD 15 per week, which equals to INR 834 per week.


    Placements 2024

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    Commonly asked questions
    On Placements

    Q:   What are the job opportunities after doing Diploma of Management from Sarina Russo Institute?


    Here are some potential career paths after doing a Diploma of Management from Sarina Russo Institute:

    Management Roles:
    Operations Manager
    Project Manager
    Team Leader
    Department Manager

    Business Roles:
    Business Development Manager
    Marketing Manager
    Human Resources Manager
    Financial Manager

    Leadership Roles:
    Senior Manager
    Executive Manager
    General Manager

    Industry-Specific Roles:
    Healthcare Manager
    Education Manager
    Hospitality Manager
    Retail Manager

    Entrepreneurial Roles:
    Small Business Owner
    Start-up Founder. 


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