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Laurentian University Admissions 2023: Application Fees & Deadline

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Laurentian University (LU) is a public university located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario in Canada. It offers bilingual programs (English and French) to students coming from around the globe. It prides itself on being one of Canada's top undergraduate universities. The small class sizes ensure that students are treated as an individual and supported throughout their education. It is a great place for advanced learning with smaller classes and gives various research opportunities to students. Interested students can conduct research alongside professors with international reputations. Recently, Ontario awarded CAD 1.25 million as funding for the three LU projects. The three projects include Collaborative Healthcare Simulation, Decolonization Film Project, and Virtual Learning Strategy Project to target the digital capacity. Apart from this, the university is committed to fostering a sustainable culture on the campus. Students can also participate and assist in finding solutions for a sustainable environment and climate change.

Courses Offered


What all courses are available to international students?


Laurentian University offers over 100 programs, including undergraduate and graduate courses in English and French languages. LU offers dynamic and unique undergraduate programs that allow students to customize their degree through a multidisciplinary experience. Various programs offer hands-on experience, field work and co-op placements as well. For undergraduates, over 40 courses are available in English. At the graduate level, LU has 27 programs, out of which 23 are offered in English and one is a bilingual course.


Eligibility & Documents Required


What are the eligibility requirements?


LU has country and course specific requirements at all levels of study with a mandatory English/French proficiency requirement. For Indian aspirants, general admission criteria includes:


UG Admissions

PG Admissions

Indian students must be 18 years old at the time of commencement of a course. The students are required to submit one of the following certificates for admission:

  • State Higher Secondary Certification by a State Board of Higher Secondary Education.
  • Secondary Education Certificate from CBSE Board.
  • Delhi Senior School Certificate.
  • Indian School Certificate by ICSE Board.


Students are also required to submit their Grade 10 exam scores, Grade 11 final mark sheet, and predicted or mid-year Grade 12 results.

  • A four-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university or equivalent with a minimum average grade of 70 % (B average).
  • Some courses (MBA) may require GMAT* or GRE scores.


*The combination of GPA and GMAT score must correspond to the table below:


Laurentian GPA

GMAT Score

High C (65%)

4.5 - 4.6

600 or more

C+ (66-69%)

4.7 - 5.4

575 or more

B (70-74%)

5.5 - 6.4

550 or more

B+ (75-79%)

6.5 - 7.4

525 or more

A (80%)

7.5 or over

500 or more


Language Requirements for International Students

International applicants need any one of the following English test scores:

English Proficiency Test Accepted

Minimum Score Required


iBT: 88 overall

CBT: 230 overall


Overall: 6.5 overall

No band below 6.0

CAE (C1 or C2)

176 or more


UG: 60 overall

PG: 70 overall

Duolingo (DET)

110 or above


Applicants who have opted for programs in French medium or bilingual courses should have any one of these proofs to showcase French language proficiency:


What all documents are needed for application?


International students need to submit course-by-course evaluated transcripts through trusted credential evaluators like the World Education Services (WES). If the original documents are not in English or French, applicants need to get them translated into either of these languages via a credible source. Apart from this, students also require language proficiency score report and GMAT/GRE score report as per course requirements. Other application documents required are:


Application & Tuition Fees


Is there any application fees?


International students are required to pay an application fee of CAD 100 when applying for any graduate program at the university. The application fee for undergraduate programs is CAD 133. All application fees are non-refundable.


What is the fee structure of courses offered by the university?


International UG students are required to deposit CAD 1,105.61 as Incidental and SGA Association Fees, and graduate students need to deposit CAD 710.05 for Incidental and GSA fees per year. Annual tuition fees for international students as per program are given below:

Undergraduate Annual Tuition


Annual Tuition (in CAD)

All full-time program with 30 credits


Engineering (36 credits)


Business Administration (30 credits)


Architecture (30 credits)


Computer Science (30 credits)


Source: Laurentian University


Graduate Tuition


Tuition Fee (in CAD)

MBA per 3 credits


M.S.W. per 3 credits


G.Dip - Science Communication per 3 credits

(27 credit program)


M.S. Com. Science Communication per 3 credits

(33 credit program)


M.A. Humanities and History per trimester

(Thesis and Non-Thesis Streams)


M.Sc. Geology (Thesis stream) per trimester


M. Sc. Geology - Mineral Exploration (one year) per trimester


M. Arch. Architecture (per 12 credits)


M.Eng (fast track program only - per 3 credits)


M.A. Forensic Science per trimester


All other Masters programs per trimester


All Ph.D programs per trimester


Source: Laurentian University


Trimester = three academic sessions = September to December, January to April, and May to August.

Note: Tuition fee mentioned above does not include other charges. This fee varies depending on the course and progressive years. We encourage you to check the school/department’s official website for the exact fee structure for current academic year.


Scholarships & Financial Aid


Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?


Laurentian University offers various scholarships to both international undergraduate and graduate students. The scholarships are offered based on the merit or academic excellence.

International UG aspirants are eligible for the International Excellence Scholarship. It is automatically calculated based on the equivalency-adjusted GPA of the students.

GPA Average

Scholarship Amount

Distribution of Amount

90% to 100%

CAD 60,000

CAD 15,000 in the first year.

The remaining amount is provided in subsequent years if the average is maintained.

80% to 89.9%

CAD 40,000

CAD 10,000 in the first year.

The remaining amount is provided in subsequent years if the average is maintained.


International graduate applicants are eligibility for Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) if they:

  • Are enrolled in a full-time program
  • Have a B+ average or 75%
  • Are enrolled in a master's program for two years or a PhD program for four years

The amount of GTA is CAD 9,180 for MSc students and CAD 13,307 for PhD students. Eligible students can work for 10 hours a week as a GTA.

Other scholarships offered to international students are:

  • Dean’s Entrance Scholarship
  • OGS
  • LU Internal Scholarship 


Admission Process


When do the admissions start?


The university has three intake sessions, i.e., fall, winter, and spring. However, most of the courses have only one intake, which is usually in the fall session. Deadline for each course differ each academic year. In general, the deadlines for admissions are as follows:





How to apply to UG courses?


International UG applicants need to apply to the university directly by filling the International Application Form for Undergraduate Studies, which is an online form.

Form link:

Step 1: Start by filling personal information on the first page.




Step 2: Select the required undergraduate program and fill in the language requirements.




Step 3: Add your high school and post-secondary education information.




Step 4: Add details of postsecondary education, if applicable.




Step 5: Accept the terms and conditions. After reading, submit your application and pay the application fee.





How to apply to PG courses?


International graduate students need to apply to LU through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) website.


When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?


The university usually takes two to three weeks to completely process your application and arrive at a decision. You can also track your application status through the university application portal.


Student Diversity & Preferred Profile


What are the chances to get into this university?


Laurentian University has an acceptance rate of 60-70% (2020), which makes it a moderately selective university. It aims to admit students with potential and promise who can contribute to the university as well. LU usually offers admission to applicants who meet all criteria and have at least a 70% overall average in their 6 best U/M courses.


How many Indian/international students are studying at the university?


Laurentian University has more than 9,000 students, including undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students. In Spring 2020, it enrolled over 4,300 students, including international students from all over the world. On an average, the university has over 500 international students from 60 different nations.


Part Time Work While Studying


Can I work while studying here?


International students can work on and off-campus while studying a full-time degree at Laurentian University. However, it is essential to meet the eligibility requirements for both on and off-campus employment. Students are only allowed to work 20 hours a week during regular sessions. During the summer vacations or holidays, students can work full-time or 40 hours a week.

On-campus Employment

Students can work at all the faculty buildings of their school campus. If you study at more than one school campus, you can work at the campus you attend more frequently. You can work at other locations at the university if you are enrolled in a teaching or research fellowship or assistantship. As an international student, you should meet the following criteria to be eligible for on-campus work:

  • Full-time post-secondary students
  • Have valid study permit
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for verification purposes


Off-campus Employment

Students are not required to work for more than 20 hours during a regular study session. If you work for more than 20 hours, it will be a violation of your study permit conditions, and you can be asked to leave the university or deported from Canada. International students who meet the following criteria are allowed to work on-campus:

  • Enrolled in a full-time degree program at the university
  • Enrolled in a post-secondary or vocational program
  • Have started the study program at the university
  • Enrolled in a study program of at least six months duration, which would lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate
  • Have a SIN for verification purposes


Campuses & Accommodation


How many colleges and campuses does the university have?


The university has two campuses; the main campus is in Sudbury and the other is the McEwen School of Architecture in downtown. LU has seven major faculties, four academic schools, and 22 other departments and schools through which its offers all its degree programs.

Faculties at Laurentian University

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture


Is on-campus housing available?


Laurentian University offers both on and off-campus accommodation to international students. The residence halls of the university offer free internet connection, TV, study lounges, computer labs, photocopying machines, kitchen, laundry facilities, and access to the fresh marche-style dining facility and more. The university's residence is divided into five buildings at Sudbury Campus, which are:

  • University College Residence
  • West Residence
  • East Residence
  • Mature Student Residence
  • Huntington University Residence


Cost/Annual (in CAD)

University College


West Residence


East Residence


Mature Student Residence


Huntington University Residence


Source: Laurentian University


Note: The rates are subject to change. Students are advised to check the university’s housing webpage for exact rates for the academic year.


University Contact Information


Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?


Students can contact the university in case of doubts and queries:

Address: Laurentian University, 935 Ramsey Lake Rd, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6, Canada

Telephone: +1-705-675-1151



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