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Chemistry - MSc 

  • A Shiksha Grade
  • Public University
  • Institute IconFaculty of Science

Chemistry - MSc
University of Waterloo 


2 years

Course Level

PG Degree

Mode of Course

Full Time

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15.81 Lakh
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Chemistry - MSc
University of Waterloo 

  • Chemistry - MSc is offered by Faculty of Science under University of Waterloo, Canada.
    This a Masters level program of a course duration of 2 Years.
    Download the brochure to read more details of this course.

Chemistry - MSc
University of Waterloo 

Latest curriculum for Chemistry - MSc at University of Waterloo can be downloaded from the below link. The curriculum PDF has semester wise course structure, electives and detailed course content. You can also check course curriculum of other specializations offered in MS at University of Waterloo

Chemistry - MSc
University of Waterloo 

Chemistry - MSc
University of Waterloo 
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Chemistry - MSc
University of Waterloo 

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Calculated at the exchange rate of 1 CAD = INR 61.92 | Tuition & expenses were last updated on 23ʳᵈ November 2023

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Vibe of Campus
  • Academically oriented
  • Friendly
  • Stressful
  • Multi-dimensional
Student Views
  • 63% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work3.9
Post study jobs4.4
Quality of faculty4.4
Student Life3.8
Value for money4.1
Public transportation4.5
Indian Food3.8
Permanent Immigration4.5
Noble Saji Mathews Verified Icon
Master of Mathematics- Computer Science - Batch of 2025
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
This is for passionate learners to research and work on building new and awesome things.
Tips: In terms of pursuing a Masters, University of Waterloo has a very good research focused programme where you can dedicate your time to research. This was one of the biggest factors in my choosing to go to UWaterloo over other US colleges I had fully funded offers from. Talking of which you should have a look at the scholarships you can avail for Masters, at Waterloo, at least for CS programs, you can find a scholarship that can cover your tuition and expenses and leave you with a bit extra to save as well. I would say in terms of graduation school your experience would vary based on your supervisors and you should get in touch with past students of the professor you want to work with so you get a better idea of the expectations and opportunities. Just 2 semesters in I have been exposed to so many different things which have only helped me reaffirm my decision to pursue Master at UWaterloo. There are no wrong choices in terms of the school, it's honestly the people that matter and what you make of the opportunities provided to you!
Likes (Indian Food): There are Indian stores all around Ontario, you wouldn't have difficulty finding desi ingredients for cooking or lack of Indian food for takeout though it might be pricier than you expect. To be honest there is every kind of cuisine around the campus due to the large number of international students.
Dislikes (Part time work): I am writing this at a point the job market isn't great and I see some of my friends struggling to land a good job that makes most of their skills. I haven't had issues finding part-time work in the realm of AI and also there are a lot of opportunities your supervisors can expose you to.
Reviewed on 13 Jan 2024Read more
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Anay Baid Verified Icon
Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) - Batch of 2027
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
University of Waterloo: Balancing academics, culture, and opportunity!
Tips: Before joining UWaterloo, prospective students should be prepared for a rigorous academic environment and consider the opportunities that the wonderfully built co-op programme provides for gaining real-world experience. Transitioning here, I did experience some cultural shifts, but the diverse campus community made it easier for me to adapt. I was fortunate to secure scholarships, primarily based on academic merit, which somewhat ease my financial burden. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my university, the CS degree, and the opportunities this country has provided for personal and academic growth.
Likes (Indian Food): I would rate Indian food options as a 5 as rich and diverse flavours are abundant. Local Indian restaurants around campus offer a range of authentic and fusion Indian, as well as Chinese and Korean dishes, appropriately priced. While I enjoy dining out for socialising, Indian tiffin services off-campus provides a convenient and budget-friendly taste of home.
Dislikes (Student Life): My student life at UWaterloo has been demanding with occasionally heavy workloads. To offset that, I would very highly regard the diversity, co-op opportunities, and variety of student clubs, but finding a balance with academic commitments, especially pursuing a STEM degree can be challenging at times, though very doable with appropriate planning.
Reviewed on 9 Jan 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management - Batch of 2028
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
It's a good university but keep expectations in order
Tips: Be ready for studying hard and having no social life. The faculty is good but the workload is high. Work hard and it shouldn't be a problem. Internships are fine but competition is tough so be ready to apply externally. The fees are on the higher end for international students.
Reviewed on 20 Dec 2023Read more
Thumbs Up IconThumbs Down Icon
Amandeep Kaur Verified Icon
Master of Mathematics- Computer Science - Batch of 2024
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Multiple work opportunities are present at University of Waterloo
Tips: Try to do as many co-ops as you can. The university offers great work opportunities. Each department offers specific scholarships, so do apply within the deadline. My course is extremely competitive, but highly rewarding in the later stages. UofWaterloo teaches you to manage various aspects of life together.
Likes (Indian Food): Waterloo is a student-led community, majority population belongs to either undergrads or graduate students. Hence, the university organizations like WUSA, GSA, IPC organize events throughout the semester. UofWaterloo also has country-specific organizations like uwindia - they organize Indian theme parties, and festivals.
Dislikes (Permanent Immigration): The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced. Each professor has a different methodology of teaching. Usually 800-level courses, professors are moderators and evaluators of student presentations, while 100-600-level courses, they are instructors.
Reviewed on 3 Jan 2024Read more
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Prabhjot Singh Verified Icon
Master of Mathematics- Computer Science - Batch of 2024
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Great learning environment
Tips: Moving to a different country is a process, appreciate and give process some time, you will do well. There are a lot of scholarships, bursaries and part-time jobs available on campus, which will help with monthly expenses and sometimes even managing fees.
Likes (Student Life): Graduate House organizes events regularly that will help you indulge socially. There are also several extracurricular clubs that one can join. Graduate House also organizes a cool Diwali night each year, so people don't get homesick. Moreover, there are lots of intra-college sporting competitions.
Dislikes (Indian Food): Eating outside is expensive in Waterloo, so usually all students prefer cooking at home, this would sum up to be around 300 CAD amount of groceries. There are also tiffin services that are about 200 CAD available for students who don't prefer cooking.
Reviewed on 2 Jan 2024Read more
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Chemistry - MSc
University of Waterloo 
Contact Information


200 University Avenue West, Waterloo Ontario, N2L 3G1
Waterloo ( Ontario)

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