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Anumika Bahukhandi

Western University’s Ivey Business School’s MBA program has been recognised as the best in Canada for the value of money. 97% of the 2021 batch had obtained atleast one employment offer by three months of passing out and 99% obtained the same after six months of post graduating. Also, 89% of the students who got offers made atleast one career change. Some of the top portfolios in which Ivey graduates got hired were consulting (30%), technology and CPG (17%), and financial services (29%).

The majority (70%) of the MBA graduates from Ivey, who obtained employment offers, preferred Toronto/GTA as their job location after graduation. Also to be noted is that 21% of these graduates got hired into different types of roles in different Canadian cities, whereas 9% of the students accepted the offer from both local and international organisations.

The average total compensation which included the base salary, signing bonus, and other guaranteed compensation was $122,525. (data from 80% of the students). 34% of the MBA students bagged a job by making use of their own networking skills, whereas 59% made it to renowned agencies through the opportunities yielded by the school itself.

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Ivey Placement Highlights 2021

Students with atleast 1 employment offer (3 months of graduation)


Students with atleast 1 employment offer (6 months of graduation)


Top Employment Industries

Consulting, Technology and CPG and Financial Services

Most Popular Job Location


Average Base Salary


Industry with the Highest Compensation


Top Employers

McKinsey & Company, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, Apollo Health & Beauty Care, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Heinz Inc., PepsiCo Canada, Procter & Gamble Inc., Ivey Business School

Ivey Class Profile 2021


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Ivey Employment Profile 2021

Most (59%) of the MBA graduates got hold of jobs the School-Facilitated events/connections. The second most popular source of obtaining jobs was Career Management Postings (44%). Graduate-facilitated employment was the third most popular source, with 35% of the graduates getting a job through it. Other popular sources for finding a suitable job profile include outside-school networking, via school networking, previous employer, law school recruiting, and company websites, external job boards, LinkedIn.

Pre and Post-MBA Employment Industry: Comparison

Before completion of the MBA, most of the students (25%) were employed in Financial Services, whereas after obtaining an MBA degree, Consulting was the industry which witnessed the highest number of MBA graduate employment from the Ivey School of Business.

The table below shows a comparison between the pre and post-MBA industries of the graduates.

Pre-MBA Employment Industry

Post-MBA Employment Industry

Financial Services: 25%

Consulting: 30%

Consulting: 22%

Financial Services: 29%

Consumer Packaged Goods/Wholesale/Retail: 7%

Technology: 12%

Energy & Resources: 7%

Consumer Packaged Goods: 5%

Technology/Telecommunications: 7%

Food Services/Restaurant: 4%

Engineering: 4%

Construction/Manufacturing: 4%

Healthcare/Medical: 4%

Telecommunication: 3%

Marketing/PR/Advertising: 4%

Energy & Resources: 3%

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Ivey Top Employers 2021

Ivey MBA graduates have been employed by various reputed agencies and organisations, both local and international. With the right amount of skillset and great performance outcomes, these students have made it to some of the best companies in the world. The table below features some of the top-rated agencies which absorbed Ivey Business School MBA students.




Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Canadian National Institute for the Blind




Boston Consulting Group

Ernst & Young

Everest Group


Lipton LLP

Linwood Homes


Roland Berger

Dairy Lane Systems






Great Gulf

High 12 Brands

Ivey Placement Stats by Location 2021

The location which witnessed the highest MBA graduate placement was Toronto (GTA), with 70% of the students getting a job there. This was followed by Calgary, Ottawa/Hull, and Vancouver. The areas where the least number of students got hired were London and Kitchener/Waterloo.

The pie chart displayed below shows the employment rate of the Ivey MBA graduates as per different locations.


International Placement

  • China/Hong Kong: 4%
  • India: 1%
  • Singapore: 1%
  • UK: 1%
  • US: 2%

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Ivey Average Salary 2021

This section will discuss the salary outcome of MBA graduates from Ivey Business School. It should be noted that an overall aggregate level salary is included for the class in the report on the basis of industry and function.

Considering the feedback of 80% of the MBA graduates, the average base salary was reported to be $107,850.

MBA 2021 Salary Breakdown

  • 100% received Base Salary: Minimum $30,000, Maximum $219,000, Average $107,850
  • 38% received Signing Bonus: Minimum $1,000, Maximum $78,700, Average $16,266
  • 24% received Other Guaranteed Compensation: Minimum $1,300, Maximum $101,000, Average $22,887

Ivey Salary by Industry 2021


Western University Internships

Students at Western University are given opportunities to take part in internships, practicums, and co-ops in order to gain actual-world skills and experiences in their CVs. Around 8,000 employers are connected with the university who hire students and help them build impressive resumes. In 2021, over 4,700 Western University students gained such work experiences. Also, the average yearly salary for the paid internships was between $33,150 to $49,134. For the unversed, it was noticed that the placements doubled in the last five years.

Ivey Career Placement Support

The Ivey School of Business has career management guides who put great efforts into helping MBA graduates understand the interview and recruitment process, equipping them with the right tools to develop the skills needed to secure their future post-MBA. In the year 2021, there were 84 companies from which MBA graduates accepted job offers. A total of 221 companies posted jobs to Ivey. Also, 91% of the students stated that they were satisfied with their accepted position after completing the MBA. Western University’s Career & Experience Department promises to provide unlimited support to its students by providing them with practical experiences and productive connections.

Placement-related activities are explained in detail below:

Book a Virtual Appointment: Students can book a virtual meeting which will be conducted via zoom call, skype, or a telephone call. Through this, they can reach out to the university counsellors and get their queries or doubts solved regarding their future career choices or further education.

Western’s Employment Resource Centre: This centre provides suitable advice with regard to the creation of your resume/CV, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Students can also practice mock interviews here and get their personal statements enhanced. Thoroughly trained undergraduate and graduate students are available to help you with your application documents and interview. Out of all the students who took the help of WERC’s services, 93% stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the received feedback.

Peer Mock Interviews: Students can get their interview skills analysed here by a career profile advisor in a virtual 30-minute session.

Western Connect: This platform contains employment and internship opportunities by over 100 employers and organisations, who wish to hire Western University students as well as alumni.

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Ivey Business School Placement 2021 FAQs

Q. What were the employment functions of Ivey Business School MBA graduates in 2021?

A. The function which witnessed the highest MBA graduate employment from Ivey Business School was ‘Consulting – Management/Strategy’, with 26% of the students opting for it. The second rank was obtained by ‘Leadership Development/Rotational Programs’, with an employment rate of 16%. This was followed by both ‘Business Development/Corporate Development and Internal Corporate Strategy with a 5% employment rate.

Q. Which industry yielded the maximum salary for the MBA graduates after placement?

A. The highest maximum salary for the MBA graduates was yielded by ‘Consulting’, with the amount being $219,000. This was followed by ‘Consumer Packaged Goods, Food Services, & Retail’, with a salary amount of $162,000. The third place was occupied by ‘Financial Services’, with the maximum salary standing at $154,000. The industry which yielded the lowest maximum salary was ‘Telecommunications’.

Q. Which were some of the top employers/organisations which offered placement to Ivey MBA graduates?

A. Trojan Technologies, Insight Global, MTA Network, America Express Canada, Bank of Canada, Barclays Capital Canada, Citi, Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs & Co., HSB Canada, HSBC Bank, National Bank of Canada, PIMCO, Philips, Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics Canada

Q. Which function yielded the highest and the lowest average salary for the MBA graduates?

A. The highest average salary was yielded by ‘Finance - Asset Management (includes Investment, Portfolio, Wealth Management)’, with the amount being $113,000. This was followed by ‘Consulting - Management/ Strategy’, with an average salary of $126,774. The lowest average salary was yielded by Finance – Other (Commercial Banking, Operations, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Retail Banking, and Sales & Trading).

Q. Which were some of the popular employment-related sources which helped the Ivey MBA graduates get placed?

A. Most (59%) of the MBA graduates got hold of jobs the School-Facilitated events/connections. The second most popular source of obtaining jobs was the Career Management Postings (44%). Graduate-facilitated employment was the third popular source, with 35% of the graduates getting a job through it.

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