CELPIP Exam Format/Pattern 2024: Check CELPIP General & General LS (Section-Wise) Test Format Here


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The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is accepted by the Canadian government for immigration purposes. The language proficiency test is also accepted by various educational institutions in Canada. It is conducted by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia (UBC). There are two versions of CELPIP exam CELPIP-General, and CELPIP-General LS.

CELPIP Exam Pattern

CELPIP Test Pattern

In this article, we will inform you about the syllabus for CELPIP-General and CELPIP-General LS. Also, we will inform you about the CELPIP-General test format and the CELPIP-General test format.





  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Test time

3 hours

1 hour and 10 minutes

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CELPIP Syllabus

The CELPIP-General test comprises of four sections Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Whereas, the CELPIP-General LS test includes Listening and Speaking.

Listening Section

Focus Area

Skills Tested

Listening Test, Part 1

  • Question types
  • Introduction to test-taking strategies
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Listening Test, Part 2
  • Listening Test, Part 3
  • Establishing context
  • Note-taking strategies: Location and time
  • Note-taking strategies: Main ideas and supporting details

Listening Test, Part 4

  • Using abbreviations for note-taking
  • Synonyms
  • Note-taking to record facts

Listening Test, Part 5

  • Visual clues
  • Relevant vs. irrelevant information

Listening Test, Part 6

  • Recognizing facts and opinions
  • Differentiating between summaries and paraphrases
  • Identifying pros and cons
  • Practice Listening Test
  • Test review and error analysis
  • Course review
  •  All Listening Test skills

Reading Section

Focus Area

Skills Tested

  • Overview of the Reading Test
  • Active vs. passive readers
  • Previewing, skimming, and scanning
  • Getting meaning from context
  • Eliminating wrong answers
  • Improving your reading speed
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Reading Test, Part 1
  • Skimming and scanning
  • Synonym-matching pair work activity
  • Timed reading
  • Reading Test, Part 2
  • Understanding coherence and applying logic
  • Locating specific information
  • Recognizing a writer’s purpose and tone
  • Timed reading
  • Reading Test, Part 3
  • Understanding paragraph components
  • Identifying main ideas in paragraphs
  • Timed reading
  • Reading Test, Part 4
  • Understanding meaning based on context
  • Eliminating wrong answers
  • Identifying viewpoints
  • Fact or opinion
  • Timed reading
  • Practice Reading Test
  • Test review and error analysis
  •  All Reading Test skills

Writing Section

Focus Area

Skills Tested

  • Overview of the Writing Test
  • Understanding performance standards
  • Precision and meaning
  • Identifying common errors
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Writing Test, Task 1
  • Writing emails
  • Email conventions: Greetings, openers, closers, and sign-offs
  • Tone and register
  • Indirect questions
  • Writing Test, Task 1
  • Email format
  • Paragraphing
  • Introduction
  • Synonyms
  • Avoiding repetition
  • Time sequencers
  • Writing Test, Task 2
  • Note-taking
  • Expressing an opinion
  • Using conjunctions
  • Supporting details
  • Writing Test, Task 2
  • Transitions
  • Concluding sentences
  • Timed writing
  • Peer feedback: Identifying common errors
  • Analysis of sample responses
  • Practice and peer feedback
  • Test and individual feedback sessions
  • All Writing Test skills

Speaking Section

Focus Area

Skills Tested

  • Overview of the Speaking Test
  • Understanding performance standards
  • Review of speaking skills
  • Developing ideas
  • Introduction to vocabulary-building
  • Speaking Test, Task 1
  • Speaking Test, Task 2
  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Giving advice
  • Using WH questions for narratives
  • Time expressions
  • Transitions
  • Speaking Test, Task 3
  • Speaking Test, Task 4
  • Prepositions of location
  • Describing details
  • Practice: Describing and making predictions
  • Making predictions from a scene
  • Speaking Test, Task 5
  • Speaking Test, Task 6
  • Choosing, comparing and persuading
  • Inflection and intonation
  • Giving effective reasons
  • Speaking Test, Task 7
  • Speaking Test, Task 8
  • Stating an opinion
  • Weak vs. convincing reasons
  • Analysis of sample responses
  • Practice and peer feedback
  • Test and individual feedback sessions
  • All Speaking Test skills

TEST Format


The total time allotted for this section is 47-55 minutes.


Number of questions asked

Practice Task


Part 1: Listening to Problem Solving


Part 2: Listening to a Daily Life Conversation


Part 3: Listening for Information


Part 4: Listening to a News Item


Part 5: Listening to a Discussion


Part 6: Listening to Viewpoints



The total time allotted for this section is 55-60 minutes.


Number of questions asked

Practice Task


Part 1: Reading Correspondence


Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram


Part 3: Reading for Information


Part 4: Reading for Viewpoints



The time allotted for this section is 53-60 minutes.


Number of questions asked

Task 1: Writing an Email


Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions



15-20 minutes are allotted for this section.


Number of questions asked

Practice Task


Task 1: Giving Advice


Task 2: Talking about a Personal Experience


Task 3: Describing a Scene


Task 4: Making Predictions


Task 5: Comparing and Persuading


Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation


Task 7: Expressing Opinions


Task 8: Describing an Unusual Situation


Unscored items

There will be unscored items in the Listening and Reading sections. These will have the same format as the scored items, candidates won't be able to find any difference between the scored and unscored items, so, they should give equal weightage to every question in the test.

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CELPIP Test Format FAQs

A. The detailed CELPIP Exam Pattern can be found in the article above.

A. Whether a test is hard or easy is very personal. However, rest assured, the CELPIP  test has been created to test your understanding of the English language and not to make you miserable. The tests are created keeping in mind the student and a good preparation plan would yield positive results.

A. The detailed CELPIP syllabus is provided in the article above for the benefit of our readers.

A. Preparation is key. Candidates are advised to start early as this would give them ample time to set time aside for the revision of the study material. As the saying goes, no one size fits all. Hence, there is no set method that would guarantee you a successful CELPIP performance. Candidates should work on their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and above all be honest in their preparation.

A. CELPIP General Test evaluates the test taker’s English speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills and is used for permanent residence applications and professional designations.

A. CELPIP General Test is conducted numerous times annually. However, you need to select a date and time for registration according to your nearest location.

A. Your CELPIP scores are valid for a period of two years from the date of the test.

A. You may register for no more than one Test Session within four (4) calendar days.

A. Unfortunately not. Later comers will be refused entry and will not be allowed to take the test.

A. The registration fee for the CELPIP Test is INR 10,845 plus taxes.

A. The CELPIP General Test takes approximately 3 hours to complete and can be done in one sitting with no separate speaking session.

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