Guide to Short Summer Programs in Germany for Undergraduates

Guide to Short Summer Programs in Germany for Undergraduates

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Apr 11, 2020 17:18 IST

When we talk about Germany, the first thing that comes to your mind is free education. While that is partly true, the fact remains that admission to German Universities continue to be extremely competitive. The universities not only require high academic excellence, their eligibility requirements require an additional year of studies in India if you are interested in a bachelor’s program. Also, English taught/ international undergraduate programs are offered only by a few universities. As such, many students might get left out or postpone their study abroad aspirations till the time they graduate. However, a student need not miss out on all of study abroad advantage as such. The Summer Programs, offered by Germany Universities is an excellent alternative.

Summer Courses

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Let us start by understanding what these are. Essentially speaking, these are short duration courses offered by Universities during their summer breaks. These programs are offered to international students and are paid. However, the costs can vary. They could be theoretical or practical based programs and cater to special topics.


While many of the Universities have tie ups with Universities Abroad and offer these programs only to the students studying in those specific universities, some universities also offer Summer Courses that are open to all. To be eligible to apply to them, however, you need to be

  • Enrolled in the related course and major you are interested in
  • Should be a student of a recognized university in your home country pursuing graduation
  • Should be an advanced bachelor’s student which usually means you should have completed at least 2 years of the program at your University
  • Language requirements may vary. Depending on the course you opt for, the university might require a basic to advanced knowledge of the language. If you are looking for summer programs taught in English language, you might have to show language proficiency in English.

Duration and Permissions

These short courses can be of 1 month, 3 months or even a semester long course of about 6 months. In all these cases, the University would require you to commit to the program and would require you to furnish proof that you would be able to complete the course. This could include written permission from your University or even financial viability.

Universities Offering Short Duration Courses in English Language

Here’s a list of few universities offering programs in English

Course Name



General Engineering Bachelor Exchange Semester

Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Mar - Jul

Munich Summer School of Applied Sciences: Engineering for Sustainability

Munich University of Applied Sciences

Jul - Aug

Finding Nano: Discovering Nanotechnology and Culture in Germany

Technical University of Munich

Jun - Jul

International Summer School - Experimental Physics

University of Bayreuth

Sep - Oct

German History

Free University of Berlin

May - Jul

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