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Italy is one of the most preferred destinations for study in the whole of Europe. The reason why 30% of international students apply to Italian universities rather than to other countries in Europe is because of its top-ranked universities offering specialised courses, house of some of the leading brands of the world and cost-effective living costs. The cost of living in Italy is almost 40% lower than in top countries like the USA, UK, Australia and Canada, this is another reason why international students want to study in Italy.

Since it is the home of the oldest university - the University of Bologna, the education system follows rules laid by this university across not just Italy but the entire of Europe. Italy attracts over 5,500+ Indian students annually also. 

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Why Study in Italy?

There are numerous reasons to study in Italy for Indian students, one of the top reasons being its cheap higher education. Some of the oldest universities in the world are in Italy, which laid the foundation for higher education in Europe. Another reason to study in Italy is free education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a lower cost of living for international students. Apart from this, there are over 500+ course options to choose from. In terms of ROI, Italy boasts of a high return on investment with little finances only. 

Study in Italy Highlights

Total Universities in Italy


Public Universities 


Private Universities


Free Universities 


Average Cost of UG Course

€950 - €4,000 per year 

Average Cost of PG Course

€1,500 - €11,500 per year  

Scholarship Availability


Cost of Living in Italy

€12,000 - €20,000 annually

Popular Company HQs 

Enel, Prada, Moncler, Ferrari, UniCredit, etc.

Part-Time Working Hours Permitted

20 hours per week

Education System in Italy

The education system in Italy is divided into four broad categories, the last category being tertiary education. Tertiary education in Italy includes university-level education and vocational education. Only those who qualify for their secondary education at school are permitted to pursue vocational or university-level courses in Italy. Indian students applying to study in Italy would be required to submit their class XII scores for undergraduate admissions at Italy universities. 

Top Universities in Italy

The following are the top-ranking universities in Italy as per QS and THE World Rankings for the year 2023:

Universities in Italy

QS World Ranking 2024

THE World Ranking 2023

Politecnico di Milano



University of Bologna



Sapienza University of Rome



Università di Padova



University of Milan



Politecnico di Torino



University of Pisa



University of Naples - Federico II



Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele



University of Trento



Top Courses to Study in Italy

Italy is famous for its courses offered across streams of Arts, Science, Design, Architecture, Luxury Branding, etc. some of the top courses to study in Italy for Indian students are as follows:

  • Luxury Brand Management 

  • Interior & Living Design 

  • Product Design 

  • Painting, Sculpture or Goldsmithing

  • Cosmetics

  • Fashion & Art Design

Cost of Studying in Italy

The cost of studying in Italy depends upon the student’s choice of university - public or private. The following would be the costs of studying in Italy for international students:

  • Public university: €12,000 per annum

  • Private universities: €35,000 per annum

  • Average undergraduate fee: €5,000 - €12,000 per annum

  • Average postgraduate fee: €3,000 - €40,000 per annum

Cost of Living in Italy

The annual cost of living in Italy is approximately between €3,800 - €5,500. International students can expect to pay between €1,500 - €2,400 annually. More expenses can be incurred on the following given items also:

Expenditures in Italy

Costs Incurred (Per Month) 

Monthly Pass for Travel  


Cost of Dining Outside 

€80 - €90  

Basic Utilities - Mobile bills, WiFi, Gasoline, Electricity  

€175 - €180 (per month) 


€31 - €75 

Sports & Leisure  



€50 - €70 (per month) 

1 Bedroom Apartment within the City  


1 Bedroom Apartment outside the City 


3 Bedroom Apartment within the City 


3 Bedroom Apartment outside the City 




Italy Student Visa

There are two types of student visas in Italy. The visa types for international students are divided based on the course duration: 

  • Type C Visa: Course duration finishes within three months or 90 days.

  • Type D Visa: For course duration that exceeds three months.  

The cost of a long-term student visa in Italy is €76, while a short-term student visa fee in Italy is €80. The student visa application in Italy usually takes one to three weeks for assessment. 

Student Visa Requirements for Italy

There are certain documents required in order to apply for a student visa in Italy. These visa application requirements are as follows:

  • Passport

  • Student Visa Application Form

  • Cover letter

  • Offer letter

  • Value declaration document

  • Proof of funds for covering living costs

  • Medical insurance

  • Financial proof for studying in Italy

  • Air tickets if coming for a short course of study in Italy

Italy PR

International students (non-EU nationals) who have resided in Italy for five long years, consecutively are eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa. There are two types of residence permits in Italy for international applicants - temporary residence permits and the other is permanent residence permits. 

Temporary Residence Permit in Italy

This is for seasonal workers, self-employed professionals, students, refugees and those who choose an elective residence.

Permanent Residence Permit in Italy

This permit is for those who wish to work and live in Italy on a permanent basis. Those who want to set up their businesses and settle permanently in Italy can apply for this permit. 

Admission Requirements to Study in Italian Universities

The admission process for applying at the undergraduate course level in Italy includes a  12- year education background with standardised scores in either SAT or ACT. The minimum requirements would vary depending on the course of choice.

Whereas, for postgraduate courses admission in Italy, Indian students will have to submit their bachelor’s or diploma courses certificate along with either GRE or GMAT scores.

Commonly, for both levels of study, students will have to submit English language proficiency test scores of either TOEFL / IELTS if the course is taught in English. For courses taught in Italian would require language proficiency test scores in Italian.

Check: Application Process to Study in Italy

Italy Intakes

There are six intakes in Italy universities for international students, as per the University of Bologna, these intakes are as follows:

Intakes at Italy Universities 

Deadlines to Apply for Admission 

First Intake 

November last week - January last week 

Second Intake 

January second last week - March week

Third Intake  

March last week - June end 

Fourth Intake  

July first week - September first week 

Fifth Intake  

September first week - October starting of second-week 

Sixth Intake  

October starting of the second week - November first week 

Top Cities Preferred by Students in Italy

Milan and Rome are the top cities preferred by students in Italy. As per QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2023, Milan ranks at #48 and Rome ranks at #74. Other cities preferable for studying in Italy are - Venice, Florence, Bologna, etc.

Scholarships to Study in Italy

There are over 100+ scholarships offered in Italy for foreign students studying across Italian universities. Some of the popular scholarships offered to international students in Italy are:

  • Accademia del Design e della Moda (IUAD)

  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Sanremo – Istituto “I. Duncan”

  • Accademia di Costume e Moda

  • Accademia Italiana di Arte, Moda e Design

  • Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica “Silvio D’Amico”

  • Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana “Torre di Babele”

  • Conservatorio di Musica “Arrigo Boito” di Parma

  • Conservatorio di Musica “Giacomo Puccini”

  • Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Arcangelo Corelli”

  • Conservatorio Statale di Musica “G. Verdi”

  • Domus Academy

  • Fondazione Collegio delle Università Milanesi

  • Fondazione Siena Jazz

  • Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD)

  • Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)

  • Istituto Italiano di Fotografia

Education Loan to Study in Italy

There are various options to apply for an education loan to study in Italy, where students can just submit their documents like offer letter, mark sheets of X and XII, course fees, etc. the loan amount would depend on the course fees and the tenure of stay in Italy for international students. Some of the preferred banks for applying for an education loan can be found at - Private vs Public Loan Providers for Studying Abroad.

Part-Time Work Options for International Students in Italy 

International students are permitted to work for 20 hours a week on a part-time basis in Italy. The average hourly pay for international students working part-time in Italy is €7. On a weekly basis, international students can earn around €140 and on a monthly basis, international students can expect to earn a maximum of €560. Find more details at: Part-Time Work Options in Italy.

Post-Study Work Permit in Italy

International students studying in Italy are eligible for a post-study work visa and can stay back after completing their studies until they find a job for one year. Only those who hold a master’s or a PhD degree can stay back to look for full-time jobs. In order to apply for a post-study work visa in Italy, students will have to submit the following supporting documents:

  • Temporary residence permit

  • Proof of at least five years of stay in Italy

  • Police verification certificate

  • Passport

  • Proof of accommodation in Italy

  • Health insurance

Job Prospects in Italy

There is a huge need for English language tuition teachers in Italy, hence handful of options were available for English speaking workforce. Some of the popular employers in Italy for English-speaking students are as follows:

Popular Employers in Italy









Poste Italiano

Fineco Bank



Popular Job Sectors in Italy

Some of the popular job sectors in Italy which yield a high number of international students are as follows:

  • ICT

  • Retail 

  • Telecommunications

  • Environmental Services

  • PR & Related Events

Average Salary in Italy - By Job

For some of the top job roles, the following are the average annual salaries in Italy for international students who choose to work full-time:

Job Roles in Italy

Average Annual Salary

Financial Analyst 


Product Manager 


Software Engineer


Web Developer 




Mobile Developer 


Study in Italy FAQs

Q. What is the highest average monthly salary in Italy's which city?

A. Milan tops the list of offering the highest average monthly salary of €1,784, followed by Verona, offering €1,580 average monthly salary. Then comes Venice - €1,540, Bologna - €1,497 and Rome - €1,489. Thus, the salary will also depend on the applicant's highest qualification and the placement opportunities that they are offered.

Q. Which type of scholarships are offered in Italy to international students?

A. There are various types of scholarships offered in Italy to international students - university-level scholarships, government-funded scholarships, and external scholarships which are further divided into merit and need-based scholarships.

Q. Can international students study for free in Italy?

A. Yes, there are certain universities in Italy which are either tuition-free or offer a full tuition fee waiver to their international students. Thus, in some cases and not all cases can international students study for free in Italy irrespective of their level of study.

Q. Is the Italian language course free for international students studying in Italy?

A. Yes, there are extra classes held for students who wish to learn the Italian language and for this, they earn extra credits as well. These classes are usually held after the routine classes at the respective universities of the students. Some universities may charge a nominal fee for attending these classes. 

Q. What is better - studying at public universities or private universities in Italy for international students?

A. There is no such rule that private universities are better or public universities are better in Italy. The course of an international student’s choice depends if it's offered in a public university or private university in Italy. The course fee is definitely higher in private universities in comparison to public universities in Italy, and so are the costs of living. It's completely up to the student and his/her choice of course and university.

Most popular MS colleges

Fees and Affordability for MS in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for MS in Italy

Fees and Affordability for MIM in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for MIM in Italy

Fees and Affordability for MA in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for MA in Italy

Fees and Affordability for BBA in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for BBA in Italy

Most popular MArch colleges

Fees and Affordability for MArch in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for MArch in Italy

Fees and Affordability for MBA in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for MBA in Italy

Most popular BE/Btech colleges

Fees and Affordability for BE/Btech in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for BE/Btech in Italy

Fees and Affordability for MBBS in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for MBBS in Italy

Fees and Affordability for MDes in Italy

Eligibility & Exam score for MDes in Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Study destinations similar to Italy

Students Visa for reaching Italy

Visa application process

Simple Moderate Complex

Fees for visa

Euro 76 = Rs 6,775/-

International students who are looking to study in Italy would require an Italy Student Visa to enter the country. In this article, we are going to be discussing details about Italy study visa requirements, Italy visa fees for Indian students and Italy student visa processing time among other important details regarding the application for an Italy student Visa for Indian students.

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Study and work in Italy

Part time jobs in Italy

20 hours

per week

Applicants are international students and are studying in Italy, they are eligible to work for up to 20 hours a week,...

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Work permit after study in Italy



Indian students studying in Italy can apply for a post-study work visa in Italy only after the second stage master's...

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Economic overview of Italy

Economic growth rate


growth rate

Known as the world’s ninth-largest economy, Italy is the heart and soul of the luxury goods manufacturing market....

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Popular job sectors

Law, Medicine, Bank Managers, and English language teachers

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