Job Prospects for Indian Students in Singapore

Job Prospects for Indian Students in Singapore

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Anumika Bahukhandi
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Updated on Sep 11, 2023 21:35 IST
Job prospects in Singapore: High salaries, opportunities in various sectors, and having one of the world's most stable economies–Singapore has become one of the top destinations for international students seeking employment over the years. Read through to get an idea about the job prospects the country has to offer to Indian students and top companies which are open to recruitment.
Job Prospects for Indian Students in Singapore

A study by HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2021 ranked Singapore as one of the top destinations for expat experiences. The report goes on to elucidate how Singapore in 2021 became the top destination for the expat workforce as foreigners were drawn to the strong and stable economy, increased earnings, and a chance to take their careers to the next level. Overseas talent is actively motivated by the government of Singapore to pick up employment and live in the nation. Multiple opportunities are available in various fields such as engineering, marketing, education, IT, etc.

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Part-Time Work Options in Singapore for Indian Students

Don't get fooled by the small size of this island country as economically Singapore packs a powerful punch. Singapore is one of the four 'Asian Tiger' economies, along with Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, defined by rapid economic growth.

The country is eager to acquire foreign talent and offers extremely lucrative salaries to entice the international workforce. The country is also well known to be open to outsiders and provide safety and efficiency combined with a welcoming attitude towards foreigners and a high standard of living making Singapore one of the most sought-after countries for international students looking to work in the country.

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Students looking to stay back in Singapore after they have pursued their education can do so for one to three months depending on their student visa. Indian students can also apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) for one year to stay in Singapore to look for relevant employment, provided, they have completed their education at a recognized and approved Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore. Students must understand that this is a non-renewable visit pass and in case they are not able to acquire the employment which makes them eligible for a Work Permit by the end of that year, they would have to return to their home country.

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Singapore enjoys a free market economy and has often been listed among the least corrupt nations in the world. The government has also kept the unemployment numbers low pegging currently at 1.90% (Feb 2023). The ports of Singapore are one of the busiest ports in the world because of their massive exports.

Top Job Sectors in Singapore for Indian Students

The workforce in the country is a healthy mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian workers, as well as expatriates from all over the world. Singapore has often struggled to fill jobs as per a study conducted by Manpower Group's 2018 Talent Shortage Survey and the main reason for the talent shortage is the lack of relevant skills and experience.

However, candidates looking to work in Singapore can check out the following job sectors that require international talent:

Other most searched jobs in Singapore include:

  • Data scientists
  • Product managers
  • User experience designers
  • HR professionals
  • Marketing professionals.

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Popular Graduate Jobs in Singapore

The list below shows popular graduate job sectors in various fields:

International companies with operations in Singapore include:

Provided below is a list of international companies with their operations in Singapore that are a major hit among the Indian student workforce. 



BNP Paribas



Deutsche Bank






InterContinental Hotels Group

Johnson & Johnson




Proctor & Gamble


Often termed the Gateway to Asia, Indians with a flair for travel can travel by air or sea to surrounding countries and explore locations such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia when not working. Got more questions regarding job prospects in Singapore? Kindly put your queries in the comments below.

Due to stiff competition in the job market, obtaining a job can be tough and those looking for employment are recommended to build connections, obtain work experience, and display their qualifications and skills to prospective employers.

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Anu Pahwa

7 months ago

Hii i have passed my 12 std and I want to do my undergraduate in Singapore I wanted to ask about jobs are there jobs available for indian students to cover their expenses

Reply to Anu Pahwa


Rahul Singha

3 months ago

Hello Anu. Thank you for writing in. International students are allowed to work part-time as part of their Student Visa. However, the earnings through part-time should only be looked at as pocket money and not a way to cover your living expenses in the country. While applying for your study visa - t



Manokar S

a year ago

Hello sir I want to study cyber security so Do you have cyber security in MBA Degree ?

Reply to Manokar S


Rahul Singha

a year ago

Hello Manokar. You can get in touch with our Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellors for assistance with university admissions here:


sriram S

2 years ago

Hello , I want to study a Short term (6months) course in a private university in Business and retail management in Singapore.I have a doubt the course has Industrial attachment with it. If i got a job there , can i get s pass from student pass?

Reply to sriram S


Rahul Singha

2 years ago

Hello Sriram. You need to apply for a S-Pass online by visiting the official website here:


Bimalendu Panda

2 years ago

Daughter completed 5yr law degree from Indian University. Looking for masters. Would pls. Guide

Reply to Bimalendu Panda


Rahul Singha

2 years ago

Hello Bimalendu. Check out popular universities in Singapore here: or get in touch with our counsellors here:


2 years ago

Hi Rahul, Having 9 years of experience in HR and currently looking for opportunity in singapore (Currently Residing in India). Can you please suggest any Genuine consultant or agency to get the assistance. Thanks and Regards Raja Bhagwat

Reply to neha


Rahul Singha

a year ago

Chayan. Most universities do have a placement cell to assist graduates. I would advise you to check directly with the university about their placements.

Hi Rahul! has suggested me few universities in Singapore for g post graduate management courses in Supply chain & Logistics.. In general do these universities have any placement cell to help the students to get job in Singapore or any other country?

View More Replies (1)

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