Jobs in USA - Internships, Part-Time Jobs & Post-Study Work

Jobs in USA - Internships, Part-Time Jobs & Post-Study Work

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Studying abroad is a dream for many but the whole journey of applying to foreign universities is a strenuous process. Not only one has to invest his/her maximum time to get all the important documents ready but also prepare himself financially for the cost involved. From tuition fee to living expense, one can only invest so much from his own savings. The rest is supported either by family, education loans, scholarships or part-time jobs and internships.

For this reason, many students opt for part-time jobs in the USA as soon as they start their semesters in universities. Apart from this, some universities also have internships programmes for students in their final year. This not only helps them with their daily expenses but they are also able to gain practical hands-on experience.

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Part-time Jobs

Basically, there are two types of part-time jobs that a student can opt for. The first is Campus Jobs and the other is Off-campus Jobs. Campus Jobs include positions like Library Monitor, Teaching Assistance, Tour Guide, Peer Tutor, and so on. These jobs are tailored to the student visa regulations and since it is inside the campus, the students are able to manage it simultaneously with academics. Off-campus part-time jobs can only be taken up if your programme credits/ university allow you to. These jobs include waiters and bar staff, retail staff, warehouse staff, call centre phone operators, and so on. Read about the 10 popular part time campus jobs for students in the US to know about the types of campus job positions available. If you are confused which part-time job you should opt for, read How to find the perfect part time student job abroad.


Students targeting the USA as their study destination can choose from a variety of profession to get them started as well as help them in managing their day-to-day expenses. Some American universities offer internship or Co-op programmes for all their students. You can choose to opt for either of them. The differences between a Co-op and an Internship programme is that internships are usually undertaken during the summer/fall break. On the other hand, Co-ops jobs are multi-term where the work schedules vary depending on your classes and/or as per your employer’s requirements. Apart from this, you can also opt for off-campus internships by your own that might enhance your overall profile. Read: Internship Certificate for Students: Format, Sample

Post-study Work

Depending upon the field of your study, you can start working as soon as you finish your course. Some Popular Job Sectors in US are Technology, Health Care, IT and so on. However, before you can start working full-time in the US, you need to get a post-study work permit. The extension of your stay will depend upon the field of study/job you get that may vary from 12 months to 24 months. For instance, for STEM courses work permit is extended for upto 24 months. To know more about post-study visa extension for work, read Working in the U.S as an International Student.

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