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Karolinska Institutet: Overview, Rankings, Fees & Courses

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About Karolinska Institutet

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On Highlights

Q:   Is it difficult to get into Karolinska Institutet?


According to unofficial sources, Karolinska Institutet acceptance rate is around 58%. The acceptance rate justifies that the university is moderately selective at the time of admission. The applicants who meet the admission and application requirements have a higher chance of getting admission. General admission requirements include having a high school qualification for bachelor’s courses admission. On the other hand, for admission to KI master’s courses, the applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Also, the applicants must have proof of English language proficiency for admission.


Q:   What is the Karolinska Institutet famous for?


Karolinska Institutet is one of the largest medical universities in the world. It consistently placed among the highest-ranked universities in the world and has been dedicated to Medical education and research since 1810. Also, KI accounts for the single the largest share of all academic medical research conducted in Sweden and offers the country’s the broadest range of education in Medicine and Health Sciences. Furthermore, the Nobel Assembly at KI selects the Nobel laureates in Medicine or Physiology.


Q:   Does Karolinska Institutet teach in English?


Yes, Karolinska Institutet teaches in English. Master’s as well as one bachelor’s programme are taught in English. A total of 11 master’s programs and Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine is are taught in English. Some of the study programs at the master’s level that are taught in English are listed below:  

  • Biomedicine
  • Bio-entrepreneurship
  • Global Health
  • Nutrition Science
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Health Economics, Policy and Management

Q:   Does Karolinska Institutet accept international students?


Yes, Karolinska Institute accepts students from a variety of backgrounds. In total, there are more than 6,500 students at the university. Various master’s programs and one bachelor’s programme are available for international students. Moreover, the tuition fees at this university and will cost around INR 13 L – INR 15 L. Also, there are scholarship opportunities available for international students. One of the scholarships for which international students are eligible is Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarship.


Karolinska Institutet Scholarships

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On Scholarships

Q:   Does Karolinska Institutet offer scholarships to international students?


Yes, Karolinska Institute offers scholarships to international students. International students are eligible for two scholarships that this institute offers namely Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarship and KI-DIS Scholarship. Though there is no additional requirement for the Global Master’s scholarship and an international student who has applied to one of the institute’s Global Master’s programs can avail this scholarship, there is one additional condition for KI-DIS Scholarship apart from just applying to one of the Global Master’s program. This condition is that besides being an international student, the students are required to have studied with DIS in either Stockholm and Copenhagen.


Q:   What is the Karolinska Institutet Global Master's Scholarship?


KI Global Master’s Scholarship is applicable to international students who have applied to one of the Global Master’s programs. This scholarship only covers the tuition fee (or part of the tuition fee for programs only partially given by KI). The competition for this scholarship is fierce as around 1,500 apply for this scholarship annually. For this scholarship, the selection process is based on the overall assessment of the applicants’ CV and qualifications.


Karolinska Institutet Admission Dates 2024

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    Commonly asked questions
    On Admissions

    Q:   Is there any application fee to Karolinska Institute?


    Yes, international students seeking admission to Karolinska Institute have to pay an application fee of SEK 900 (Around INR 7k). Make sure to submit the application along with the required documents such as academic transcripts, English language proficiency score, etc. On top of this, make sure that the application is submitted before the deadline.


    Q:   How to apply to Karolinska Institutet?


    The applicants can submit Karolinska Institutet application via Sweden’s Central application portal, universityadmissions.se. To apply to KI, here are some of the general application steps:

    • First of all, choose the programme in which admission has to be taken
    • Then, check the entry requirements
    • Then, apply on the designated portal
    • Next, fill out the CV that is required to be used in the selection process
    • Lastly, do the follow up on the application after submitting it

    Q:   How is the KI application assessed?


    If the applicants meet the documents and entry requirements, then they are going to compete with the other applicants for available places. Note that all the applicants are given merit rating and the better the merit ranking, the better chance of being awarded a place in a program. In case, the applicants have been given granted admission, they are not required to accept or reply to the admission offer for the confirmation of place.


    Karolinska Institutet Tuition Fees, Duration & Eligibility 2024

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    Courses1st Year Tuition FeesDuration & Eligibility
    MS(4 courses)
    INR 13 L - 16 L
    Duration1 year-2 years
    Exam AcceptedIELTS: 6 - 6.5, TOEFL: 90 & Above, PTE: 62 & Above
    MPH(1 course)
    INR 14 L
    Duration2 years
    Exam AcceptedIELTS: 6.5 & Above, TOEFL: 90 & Above, PTE: 62 & Above
    M.Sc.(1 course)
    INR 14 L
    Duration2 years
    Exam AcceptedIELTS: 6.5 & Above, TOEFL: 90 & Above, PTE: 62 & Above
    MBA/PGDM(1 course)
    INR 14 L
    Duration2 years
    Exam AcceptedIELTS: 6.5 & Above, TOEFL: 90 & Above, PTE: 62 & Above
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    Commonly asked questions
    On Fees and Eligibility

    Q:   What are the minimum requirements for Karolinska Institutet?


    The general Karolinska Institutet admission requirements for bachelor’s and master’s courses are given below:

    • Bachelor’s: An upper secondary school / high school education must be attained by the applicants
    • Master’s: The applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognised university

    Besides, the applicants should have an English language proficiency score or equivalent criteria. The accepted English language proficiency tests are IELTS / TOEFL / PTE. For admission to KI, English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6 is required.


    Q:   What are the entry requirements for Karolinska Institute Joint MSc in Health Informatics?


    The duration of the KI MSc in Health Informatics programme is 2 years. KI admission requirements for MSc in Health Informatics are given below:

    • A bachelor’s degree or a professional degree equivalent to a Swedish bachelor’s degree of at least 180 credits in Healthcare, Medical Technology, Biomedicine, Computer and System Sciences, Informatics or the equivalent is required
    • Proof of English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6 / English B. This can be proven by submitting An internationally recognised English test (IELTS / TOEFL / PTE) / certain upper secondary school studies / previous university studies

    Q:   Is Karolinska Institutet free for international students?


    No, Karolinska Institutet is not free for international students. Tuition fee has to be paid by students. The tuition fee range is between INR 13 L – INR 15 L. Check the detailed Karolinska Institutet fees from the table given below:


    1st Year Tuition Fees

    MBA/PGDM (1 course)

    INR 14 L

    MS (4 courses)

    INR 13 L - 15 L

    MSc (1 course)

    INR 14 L

    MPH (1 course)

    INR 14 L

    Living Cost: The total monthly budget for students living in Stockholm. Majorly, the living cost will majorly depend on the type of accommodation a student chooses. A monthly budget mentioned by KI is given below:




    SEK 2,810


    SEK 3,500 – SEK 7,000

    Student Union fee, books

    SEK 200

    Local travel

    SEK 850

    Other (phone, insurance, clothing, leisure, etc.)

    SEK 1,970

    Also Check: Cost of Living in Sweden for International Students 


    Q:   What are the English language requirements for Karolinska Institutet?


    Karolinska Institute has specified that international applicants must have the level of English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6. To meet this requirement, the applicants can submit any one of the following:

    • An internationally recognised English test
    • Certain upper secondary school studies
    • Certain university studies

    As per the Swedish upper secondary school course English 6, the ELP tests that are accepted are IELTS / PTE / TOEFL.


    Minimum Scores


    Overall score of 6.5 and no section below 5.5


    Overall 90 score, with 20 score in written test

    PTE Academic

    Overall score of 62 (Writing 61)


    Karolinska Institutet Placements

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    Commonly asked questions
    On Placements

    Q:   Can I work while studying at Karolinska Institutet?


    Yes, international students can do part-time work while studying at Karolinska Institutet. Common student jobs in Sweden are tutoring a language, babysitting, teaching any other skills that a student have, or working in a café or a restaurant. Many students also take an extra job in one of the labs at KI or a student assistant.


    Q:   Where do the alumni of Karolinska Institutet work?


    As per the details available on the web, some of the places where alumni of KI work are Capio Sverige, Region Stockholm, AstraZeneca, Aleris, etc. The industries where the alumni work are Healthcare Services, Education, Business Development, Operations, Human Resources, Consulting, Sales, Information Technology, Media and Communication, etc.


    Karolinska Institutet Rankings 2024

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    by Shiksha
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    On Rankings

    Q:   What is the ranking of Karolinska Institute?


    Karolinska Institutet ranking is within the Top 50 Universities in the world as per a ranking publisher in 2024. In the same ranking, the university was placed at #49 position in the previous year. Furthermore, according to another top-ranking publisher, the university was placed at #51 (Global Universities category) position in 2022-23. All these rankings show that KI has consistently rank among the top universities in the world on a number of prestigious ranking tables.

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    Q:   What is the subject ranking of Karolinska Institutet?


    According to a top-ranking publisher, Karolinska Institutet subjects are ranked within the Top 50 universities in the world in 2024. The subjects that are ranked are given below:


    Subject Ranking 2024



    Pharmacy and Pharmacology


    Biological Sciences





    Studying in Sweden

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    Karolinska Institutet Notable Alumni

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    On Alumni

    Q:   Who are the popular names included in Karolinska Institutet alumni?


    A few of the names included in the KI alumni list are:


    Designation / Achievements

    Johan Harmenberg

    Olympic Champion Epée Fencer

    Carl-Gustav Groth

    Pioneer of Organ Transplantation

    Ivar Wickman


    Pehr Edman


    Lars Leksell



    Q:   Who are the Nobel Laureates of KI?


    Some of the Nobel Laureates who studied at KI are listed below:


    Nobel Laureates

    Hugo Theorell

    Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

    Tomas Robert Lindahl

    Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

    Ulf Von Euler

    Physiologist, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine



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