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The University of Essex prepares you for the future by providing an excellent academic education and plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. Students get a better education and practical experience to get better jobs after completing the degree. By undertaking a University of Essex placement, you will be able to apply your learning in an actual workplace and gain the transferable skills and expertise needed to secure that ideal job when you graduate.

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University of Essex Employment Profile

There are many University of Essex Employment Profiles available for students and staff. Essex recognizes diversity’s value and recruits, develops, retains, and motivates students with a diverse workforce. Essex attracts people who will be good citizens and contribute to the University’s life. The University recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and other aspects of life including a career break scheme.

University of Essex Top Employers



BAE Systems







Sentara Health

Shakespeare Company

Hewlett Packard

Tommy Hilfiger


University of Essex Placement Stats by Industry/ Sector-wise Analysis

University of Essex Average Salary by Jobs

Graduates get the highest salary of $75,000 annually for Insurance Jobs professionals. The lowest-paid Essex University alumni & graduates are Healthcare & Alternative Medicine professionals at $28,000.

University of Essex Average Salary by Jobs


University of Essex Average Salary by Degree

The best paying degree at Essex University is Master (Other), with alumni earning an average salary of $73,000. Essex University graduates earning the lowest salaries are those with another Degree degree, earning a salary of $36,000 annually.

University of Essex Average Salary by Degree


University of Essex Part-time Jobs

At the University of Essex, students can find many part-time job opportunities in multiple profiles. Below are some of the popular University of Essex Part-time Jobs for university students.

  • Accommodation jobs
  • Event Essex jobs
  • Residence Life jobs
  • Student Ambassador roles
  • Welcome assistant jobs

University of Essex Study/Work Options after Graduation

After graduating from De Montfort University, students can pursue different career paths such as:

  • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Higher education and research
  • Entrepreneurship

University of Essex Internships

The University of Essex Internships is available for graduate students of the university. Being an intern can give students great experience, life-long skills, and permanent work. We have mentioned below some of the popular internship profiles that students can get.

  • Content Writer
  • Media Assistant
  • Marketing Intern
  • Finance Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Project Coordinator
  • Development Intern

University of Essex Placement FAQs

Q. Is the University of Essex prestigious?

A. Essex is ranked 42nd in the UK and has a good placement rate compared to other global universities. This shows how prestigious is the University of Essex. Many students choose this university to study in UK and complete their higher education.

Q. What is the University of Essex’s salary?

A. The University of Essex’s salary depends on grades from grades 1 to 11. The salary ranges from £ 18,898 to £ 69,499 and is depend on the grade you achieved.

Q. What is an average salary of an employee at the University of Essex?

A. The average salary of an employee who graduates from the University of Essex is ₹20.8lakhs. Students can also check the placement record of the university before applying for admission.

Q. Is a placement year at Essex worth it?

A. By completing a placement year at Essex, you automatically increase your chances of securing a graduate job. All the big graduate employers look for candidates who have completed work experience before graduation. You might get a job from your placement employers.

Q. Which are the top skills in the UK?

A. Business Development, Project Management, Sales, Market Research, Account Management, etc. are some of the major job profiles available for UK graduates.

Q. Is it hard to get a placement year at the University of Essex?

A. Yes, it may be difficult to get a placement year at the University of Essex because of the high competition. You'll need to ensure that your application is tailored to the individual role and company that you're applying to. Also, don't miss the application deadline. That's a surefire way to not get the job.

Q. Do fresher get jobs in the UK?

A. Yes, international students who have completed their master's from universities in the UK get jobs as fresher. They need to check their criteria as required for the profile.

Q. Which UK university has the best placement?

A. The University of Greenwich, the University of West London, London South Bank University, the University of Leicester, the University of Westminster, etc. are the popular universities that offer better placement opportunities to graduates.

Q. What happens if I don't get a placement at the University of Essex?

A. If you've failed to secure a work placement at the University of Essex, you should first speak to the university. If a placement is a compulsory part of your course, they should have staff on hand to help you through every step of the process. That includes if and when things go wrong.

Q. Which UK universities offer placement years?

A. The University of Greenwich, the University of West London, the University of Leicester, the University of Westminster, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Essex, etc. are some of the UK universities that offer placement every year.

Q. Does other UK universities give placement?

A. Apart from Essex, many British Universities have integrated up to 1-year placements with their Master's courses. Students opting for such placement Masters courses in the UK will thus be eligible to get a UK student visa for the course length + the length of the placement + additional 4 to 6 months.

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