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UCLA Acceptance Rate 2024

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UCLA Admissions
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One of the most popular universities worldwide, University of California, Los Angeles is a top public university in Los Angeles, United States. UCLA has been consistently ranked among the top 30 global universities by prestigious ranking bodies such as QS, US News & THE.

Students across the globe apply for UCLA admissions. However, only a fraction of candidates secure an enrolment due to the extremely competitive nature of the university.

UCLA Acceptance Rate 2024

University of California, Los Angeles welcomes students from all around the globe, who come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. In fall 2023, UCLA received more than 145,000 applications from candidates worldwide. However, only about 6,500 candidates got enrolled in the university for their higher education. Thus, it can be concluded that with the UCLA acceptance rate of merely 9%, the university is extremely competitive to get into.



Application Received


Admitted Students


Enrolled Students


UCLA Acceptance Rate for International Students

UCLA international students count stands at 5,247, which contributes about 11% of the total student population and they represent 106 countries around the globe. Undergraduate student body of UCLA comprise of 9% international students. Whereas, the graduate body is made up of 17% overseas audience.

When it comes to a breakdown on the basis of ethnicity, a vast number of UCLA students are Asian & Pacific Islander, White, Hispanic, African American and more.


Percentage of UCLA undergraduates

Percentage of UCLA graduates

Asian & Pacific Islander









African American



Other Domestic/Unknown



American Indian & Alaska Native



Females dominate the undergraduate student population of the University of California, Los Angeles with 60% enrollment. Whereas, an equal percentage of male and female students represent the graduate student body.


Percentage of UCLA undergraduates

Percentage of UCLA graduates










UCLA Acceptance Rate Trends

Lately, the acceptance rate of UCLA has plummeted in comparison to the previous years. In the year 2023, UCLA acceptance rate was recorded to be 9%, which is unchanged from its 2022 statistic. However, for the years 2021, 2020, and 2019, University of California, Los Angeles acceptance rate stood at 11%, 14%, and 12% respectively.

Also, the number of students applying to UCLA has witnessed a huge surge in the last 5 years. In fall 2023, UCLA received a total of 145,910 applications from students worldwide. Out of these, only 6,585 candidates got admitted in the university for their higher studies in USA. In comparison, a total of 108,887 applicants applied to UCLA and 6,386 of them secured an enrollment in the year 2020.


Number of Applications Received

Number of Students Accepted

UCLA Acceptance Rate





















UCLA Admission Requirements for International Students

In order to get admitted in the University of California, Los Angeles, all international must fulfill the admission requirements listed below:

Conversion Used: 1 USD = INR 83.12

UCLA Admission Requirements for Indian Students

University of California, Los Angeles accepts country-specific qualifications from their international students. UCLA admission requirements for Indian students comprises of X and XII state board or CBSE examinations, with average marks above 70 and no mark below 60.

Tips to get selected in UCLA

Getting enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles is extremely competitive and thus, a candidate must be academically excellent along with participating in activities outside the classroom.

Fulfilling the required Grade Point Average is one of the major entry requirement at UCLA and international students must maintain a GPA of 3.4 or higher in order to boost their chances of getting admitted in the university. Other best practices include submission of strong letters of recommendation and statement of purpose. Applicants must also possess a good character as UCLA admits students on the basis of a holistic approach.

UCLA Acceptance Rate vs UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate

UC Berkeley acceptance rate has been recorded to be 14%, which makes it a very competitive university to get into. However, with an acceptance rate of 9%, UCLA is considered to be more selective in their admission criteria.

UC Berkeley admissions are very selective and students must be at the top of their class to study here. Also, they excel in activities outside class in order to enhances their chances of getting admitted in the university for their higher studies.

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Q:   What are some tips for getting into a good college like UCLA?


Applicants wanting to get into UCLA is surely an exciting yet a challenging endavor. As applicants, its crucial to recognize the college admission process and deadlines to avoid the last minute hassle. Hence applicants are always suggested to check their official website. However, beyond academic achievements, UCLA values diversity, leadership, and postive impact. Here are some basic tips for getting into UCLA: 

  1. Applicants must have a strong academic performace.
  2. Applicants must invovle themselves in extracurricular innvolmemnt
  3. Prepare well for standarized tests and aim for competetive scores.
  4. Must have a compelling personal narrative 
  5. Obtain strong LOR's from teachers and high authorities for a good recommendation. 

Q:   What is the acceptance rate for UCLA for Indian students?


The California Los Angeles Campus acceptance rate is 11% for international students it upholds its reputation as a highly selective institute. The university Admission process involves a thorough evaluation process, Considering academic excellence, essays, Letter of recommendation, SOP, extracurricular activities and many more. Applicants are suggested to approach the admission process with utter dedication, showcasing their strengths and talents to get into UCLA. Beyond the numerical, the university is a good choice for pursuing courses and degrees with an exceptional education and renowned faculty. 


Q:   What are some helpful tips for students starting their first year at University of California Los Angeles?


Some of the tips for students starting their first-semester at the University of California Los Angeles:

  • Students who applied for University of California Los Angeles must be humble and should interact with as many people as possible. Mainly beacause, the more people you talk to the better knowledge you get. 
  • Attend as many gathering and parties as much as you can. 
  • Applicants should avoid missing classess, as 70% of learning comes from students going to classes. 
  • Students can get invovlved with extracuricular activities, i.e joing university clubs, sports etc. This will also look good on a portfolio in the longer run. 

Q:   Does the University of California Los Angeles accept international students?


The University of California, Los Angeles  (UCLA) accepts international students as it has a diverse campus community in the most happening and cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles, attracting significant international students. UCLA has more than 12,000 international students. The university allows international students and provides an inclusive environment for international students irrespective of colour, race and gender.


Q:   Is it difficult to get into the University of California, Los Angeles?


Admission to the University of California - Los Angeles is difficult. It is considered one of the most selective schools with an acceptance rate of 6% for international applicants, as per the Fall 2022 freshman admit profile. Whereas the overall acceptance rate is 9%. Each year thousands of students from across the United States and around the world apply to UCLA. All students are required to meet the admission criteria to get into the University of California Los Angeles.



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