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Virginia Tech Admissions 2024: Requirements, Application Fees & Deadline

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Virginia Tech Admissions
What’s new?

What’s new at Virginia Tech? For Virginia Tech undergraduate applicants, the transcript submission deadline for Regular Decision (for students who went to school outside the US) is Oct 16, 2024. 

Virginia Tech's acceptance rate is 57% as per U.S. News & World Report. The acceptance rate clarifies that the university is moderately selective at the time of admission. So, the applicants are required to apply as per the deadline and meet all the entry requirements. For Virginia Tech University admissions, the undergraduate applicants should have earned Class 10 and Class 12 qualifications. Whereas, for admission to graduate courses, the applicants should have earned an undergraduate/graduate degree. Virginia Tech application fee is USD 70/INR 5,835. If the application fee is not paid then the university will not process your application. 

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Virginia Tech
Admission process

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Commonly asked questions
On Admissions

Q:   How good is Virginia Tech University's computer science Masters program?


The master's programme in computer Science at Virginia Tech is highly esteemed and recognised for its robust academic offerings, research prospects, and faculty proficiency. With the range of tracks and specializations available in the program, students can customize their coursework to fit their interests and professional objectives.
The program's emphasis on practical skill development and hands-on learning is one of its strong points. Modern facilities and research centers are available to students, which can offer invaluable experience and networking opportunities.
Furthermore, Blacksburg, Virginia, where Virginia Tech is situated, is a thriving and friendly community that provides students with an excellent quality of life.
The master's program in computer Science at Virginia Tech is widely regarded as both competitive and credible, drawing applicants from both domestic and international regions.


Q:   What are the GRE requirements in Virginia Tech University for an MS in Aerospace Engineering?


The following ranges are often within competitive GRE scores for Virginia Tech graduate programmes:
Reasoning Verbally: 150–160
Reasoning Quantitatively: 155–165
Writing Analytical: 3.5–4.5
Remember that these are only approximates and that actual requirements can be different.


Virginia Tech
MS Admissions 2024

43 courses 1 year - 2 years
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14.2L - 43L

iconEligibility Criteria

  • Accepting Exams: TOEFL, IELTS, GRE

Virginia Tech
Students Ratings & Reviews

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Vibe of Campus
  • Academically oriented
  • Friendly
  • Fun loving
  • Multi-dimensional
Student Views
  • 67% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work4.6
Post study jobs4
Quality of faculty4.2
Student Life4.6
Value for money3.9
Public transportation4.7
Indian Food2.9
Permanent Immigration3.2
AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Batch of 2024
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Internships are easily available. Civil department is good.
Tips: I have become a lot more independent. A cultural shock I experienced was the small talk and greetings with strangers, which is not practised in India. I had a scholarship. I got it as I was a research assistant and a teaching assistant for 2 semesters. I am highly satisfied with the course however it gets stressful at times.
Likes (Internships): There are a lot of good opportunities for Civil Engineering. Since Virginia Tech is highly reputed in the civil department, it is not very difficult to find an internship. The internships available are very much relevant to the field of study. There are a lot of options available.
Dislikes (Indian Food): There is just one Indian restaurant in Blacksburg, which is not that great and is overpriced. There are a lot of other options like Mexican, Chinese, American, Korean, Thai etc. However no good Indian restaurants. The nearest good one is 40 minutes car ride away.
Reviewed on 8 Feb 2024Read more
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Adithya Harish Verified Icon
Master of Science in Computer Science - Batch of 2025
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
A review on MS CS at Virginia Tech
Tips: The MS thesis programme has good funding options than the MEng one. Be interview-ready before you join college. The college and academic curriculum will satisfy you. If you get a TA/RA, apart from a tuition waiver you will be paid 2000$ a month. Contact professors once you get admitted.
Likes (Part time work): The college has good academic finding options like TA/RA. Also, there are plenty of dining jobs. TA/RA comes with a tuition waiver while dining jobs pay 17$ per hour which can cover your living expenses. Time management can be pretty tight as you need to spend 2-3 hrs a day.
Dislikes (Indian Food): The town is in Blacksburg. It's a pretty small town and there are no Indian restaurants. The nearest big city is Washington DC. So in the college town, there aren't any authentic Indian restaurants. But it has good American food. I prefer cooking myself.
Reviewed on 23 Jan 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
MS in Electrical Engineering - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
A great academic and research University filled with opportunities
Tips: I experienced a cultural shift from India because here the accessibility of purchasing items is less. For example, buying stationery, clothes etc. has limited options. Mainly because Blackburg town is in a remote area. We only have a few groceries here. I got a teaching assistantship during my course. I got it with my admission offer. I think one of the reasons for getting it was that previously, I had taught students of 9th and 10th grade at an NGO. Also, if you have good grades and academic knowledge, your chances of getting these scholarships are high. I also got a research assistantship for one semester by working under a Professor. The course is high-ranked, the university is well-equipped for research and the education is worthy. There is a fast-paced environment here and every course that we take involves many practical deliverables.
Likes (Value for money): The ranking of Virginia Teach is good for Industrial and Systems Engineering and especially for Human Factors concentration. The faculty and research laboratories are equipped with instruments to carry out research. So, overall, it can provide a good return on investment. Hence, I gave it a good rating.
Dislikes (Indian Food): There are two restaurants nearby which offer Indian food. First one is India Garden which provides Indian curries at the price of around $16-17. The curry comes with a price. However, the other options like Naan, roti are expensive. Also, the taste of the food is not that great but potion size was good. The second restaurant, Humro Kitchen offers some options like Momos and many Indian Curries. There also each item is priced between $15-20. However, the potion size is small and the taste is also not good. I prefer to cook at home myself. Also, I take frozen Chapatis from Oasis Asian Market.
Reviewed on 9 Jan 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Science in Computer Science - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Great course, nice little university town
Tips: It would be good to apply to graduate assistantships before hand, there are many opportunities but one needs to apply before the start of the semester. The university and courses is nice, but courses can get full at times to book sooner. Most courses are not so hectic and can be easily managed. Do spend time finding and communicating with an advisory for your MS thesis before you come here. Living expenses are not so much and there are many cheaper options too but students should start finding housing sooner in March or April for Fall. Focus on finding internships from the very start otherwise, it can be tough to get one.
Likes (Student Life): The university is nice, it is a university town. There are regular events held and activities are available for hiking or laser tag. Regular events happen and are updated online or via weekly emails. There are numerous student clubs as well and they also hold their own activities throughout the semester. There are places to sit on the campus and have a sunny daybreak or just study on the hill. Study spaces on the campus are also nice and peaceful. The downtown is walkable and one can get quick coffee or lunch.
Dislikes (Internships): Usually internships are sought for off-campus and most opportunities on campus are for citizens but students do get a place via campus as well but that's much less in number. In the USA beyond a certain ranking, all universities are on par when finding internships and one has to ensure their profile is strong enough.
Reviewed on 23 Jan 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
MS in Mechanical Engineering - Batch of 2024
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
VT is a good place to be, find your friends circle. Attend events, and don't be shy.
Tips: VT is a very good Engineering college. All engineering programs are good. Decent chance for getting funding, through TAships and RAships ( higher if you are doing a thesis, significantly low chance for non-thesis programs). TA and RA cover tuition fees, provide a stipend of around 2500$ per month, and health insurance. Getting a TA is kind of based on your profile, TOEFL score etc., so there is not much you can do ( like mailing someone) to get a TA. If you see any mail asking for TAs, just apply and wait. To get an RA you should try to mail pros and try to show your interest in joining their groups for doing your thesis, and there is a possibility that they'll reply back. Sometimes your proof can talk to the depth and can get you TA funding as well. Sometimes a grading wage position can help you get a TA in a later semester. Pretty easy to find wage positions on campus, dining plays around 16-18$/hr, grading around 11-12$/hr etc. VT's research is pretty good, I would ask people to choose colleges wisely, and not just over brand value. It feels nice when you get admitted from say a very huge brand college say U. Mich Ann Arbor, but you will have to take an insane amount of loan, for doing the same course work and research as VT. The brand value might have a slight difference in job search, but with some extra work, it is quite possible to land jobs all over the country for both VT and U. Mich. As far as internships, job search, starts early. VT has career counselling for free, use it. Careers fairs have not helped me personally, but it might, you never know, so attend them. It's a good experience. LinkedIn Glassdoor etc. Helps. A lot of VT alumni can be found in companies if you want a referral etc.
Likes (Public transportation): There are free buses all the time ( that is needed). You can go to any part of the city, with insanely good frequency ( during semester days). You can also travel to nearby places for free, and to go to Washington DC pay 40$ which is also not bad. So transportation is pretty good. Nice biking trails as well.
Dislikes (Indian Food): There are a couple Indian based restaurants, and they are not that good, given the price. Indian grocery is also relatively expensive, yet it is essential to make good food. You can find Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean food. A couple of good Nepali places as well. There are always subs, sandwiches, pizzas and burgers. Nice diners, and bars as well.
Reviewed on 14 Jan 2024Read more
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Virginia Tech Admissions 2024 FAQs

Q:   How much is Virginia Tech cost for Indian students?


An idea about Virginia Tech University cost for various courses can be checked from the table given below:


1st Year Tuition Fees

MS (43 courses)

INR 14 L - 43 L

BSc (36 courses)

INR 26 L - 27 L

BA (31 courses)

INR 23 L - 27 L

BE / BTech(23 courses)

INR 23 L - 27 L

BBA (12 courses)

INR 23 L - 35 L

MEng (12 courses)

INR 21 L - 26 L

MA (12 courses)

INR 20 L - 39 L

MBA/PGDM (1 course)

INR 26 L

M.Arch (4 courses)

INR 26 L - 43 L

M.Agri. (5 courses)

INR 23 L

Cost of Living for Out-of-State UG Students 

Estimated costs for the 2023-24 academic year for UG students can be checked from the table listed below:


Expenses for On-Campus UG Students

Expenses for Off-Campus UG Students


USD 8,038 (Around INR 7 lakh)

USD 7,218 (Around INR 6 lakh)


USD 6,850 (Around INR 6 lakh)

USD 5,360 (Around INR 5 lakh)

Books & Supplies

USD 2,620 (Around INR 2 lakh)

USD 2,620


USD 2,400 (Around INR 2 lakh)

USD 2,400


USD 2,078 (Around INR 2 lakh)

USD 2,078

Loan fees

USD 70 (Around INR 6,000)

USD 70

Note: The currency conversion rate given above is as per 1 USD = INR 83.39

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Q:   Is it hard to get into Virginia Tech?


According to U.S. News & World Report, Virginia Tech acceptance rate is 57%. The acceptance rate justifies that the university is moderately selective when it comes to admissions. However, for undergraduate admissions, the university reviews the applications holistically. It looks at the applicant’s performance inside and outside the classroom. The factors that are considered at the time of the application review are:

  • Academic Review: Grades in courses, standardized test courses, rigor of academic programme within the context of school
  • Personal Review: Activities outside the classroom such as jobs, clubs, sports, service, family responsibilities, etc., personal status, residency, disciplinary record, etc.

Even for graduate applicants, a holistic admission process is followed. The university considers the following factors for admission:

Academic record

  • Leadership
  • Community involvement
  • Social, economic, physical and other barriers
  • Personal / professional ethics
  • What the applicants have achieved
  • Your Research and scholarship

Q:   What are the best things to do on weekends as a student at Virginia Tech?


Virginia Tech students can do the following activities while studying there:

  • At least once, eat West End Brunch
  • Try to go to Claytor Lake and paddle-board
  • Shop at Math Empo
  • Try out some local breweries
  • Go drive the Blue Ridge Parkway at Fall and check some Fall festivals
  • Go for hiking

Q:   What are the minimum requirements to get into Virginia Tech?


Virginia Tech University admission requirements for international students vary as per the course levels. The admissions requirements for UG and PG courses are given below:

UG Academic Requirements

Before the consideration of admission, the freshman applicants must have completed:

  • 3 units of Math (includes Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II)
  • 2 Units of Laboratory Science (chosen from Chemistry, Biology or Physics)
  • Additional academic units (foreign language is highly recommended)

To apply for UG courses, the applicants must have proper Class 10 and Class 12 education

PG Academic Requirements

  • For admission to Graduate courses of Virginia Tech University, the applicants are required to have earned or will an undergraduate or graduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better

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Q:   What are some of the helpful tips for students starting their first semester at Virginia Tech University?


According to student reviews over an unofficial source, it is important to keep in mind while starting studies at a new university, it is crucial to be yourself. Take risks and take pride in your triumphs. Moreover, try to follow the career path that you want to go for. Virginia Tech has a diverse community so do not be afraid of change and learn about others by interacting with them. Also, try to find a balance between the social and academic life. In all, explore and embrace yourself and make new friends.


Q:   Does Virginia Tech require IELTS for international students?


Yes, the applicants whose native language is not English must submit demonstrate English proficiency. They can do so by submitting any one of the below-given English language proficiency tests at the time of Virginia Tech University Admissions:


UG Test Scores

PG Test Scores


80 or higher

90; 20 in all sections are required


6.5 or higher with no sub-score below 6.5



59 or higher



115 or higher



Q:   How much is the application fee for Virginia Tech for international students?


Virginia Tech University application fee is USD 70 (Around INR 6,000) for undergraduate international students. Whereas, for graduate international applicants, the application fee is USD 75 (Around INR 6,300). Along with the application fee, the applicants are required to submit the following documents as well:

Documents required to apply

Note: The currency conversion rate given above is as per 1 USD = INR 83.39


Q:   How to apply to Virginia Tech?


The undergraduate applicants willing to seek admission to Virginia Tech University can apply using Common Application. Whereas, the graduate applicants can apply directly to the university using the concerned direct application link. Make sure to submit the following application materials in order to apply:


  • Standardized test scores – ACT / SAT (Optional)
  • Academic transcripts / Statement of marks: Mark sheets of lower secondary education examination (Class 10) and transcripts of results for Grade 11 applicants if applicants have not graduated and Class 10 and Class 12 mark sheets if the applicants have graduated
  • Letters of Recommendation are not a part of the application for UG Applicants


  • College transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GMAT / GRE / Other test scores (As required by specific department)

Q:   How long does it take to hear back from Virginia Tech?


For freshman applicants, the admission decision notification for Early Action will be made till Late Feb. On the other hand, for the applicants who have applied as per the Regular Decision deadline will receive a notification of the admission decision in Mid-March. In case of the graduate applications, the application processing time depends on the department.


Q:   How can I get into Virginia Tech MS in CS program?


To be considered for the MS in CS programme of Virginia Tech, the applicants are required to meet the below-given admission requirements:

  • No GRE scores are required
  • English language proficiency score: TOEFL score of 90 / IELTS score of 6.5
  • 3 Letters of recommendation
  • Copy of transcripts of undergraduate or graduate degree (if applicable): GPA of 3.0 or better is required

The application for Virginia Tech University MS in CS course can be submitted via Virginia Tech Graduate School’s online application form.


Q:   What are the document checklist to apply for Virginia Tech MEng in Computer Application?


The documents required to apply to Virginia Tech MEng in Computer Application are:

  • An undergraduate degree or graduate degree with GPA of 3.0 or better
  • TOEFL score of 90 / IELTS score of 6.5
  • GRE test score is not required
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts

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