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Dalhousie University Admissions 2024: Application Fees & Deadline

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What’s new at Dalhousie University?  Dalhousie University application deadline for September 2024 intake has been closed, students must submit their applications and apply for scholarships by Mar 1, 2024.

Dalhousie University offers over 200 degree programs. A wide range of undergraduate courses is available for international students in study areas like Computer Science, Engineering, Nursing, Management, Science, etc. Some of the programs available at the graduate level are Business, Chemistry, Law, Nursing, etc. With an acceptance rate of around 60-70%, admission to many programs at Dalhousie University is competitive. The minimum grade point average that is required is 3.0 (B average) in the last 60 credit hours of study.

Dalhousie University Admission 2024 Highlights

Dalhousie University is home to a total of over 21,000 students, out of which international students make up 23% of the total student population and represent more than 115 countries around the globe. Dalhousie University acceptance rate is 60-70%. Given below are the admission highlights of Dalhousie University: 



Applications Portal

Dal Online

Application Fee

Undergraduate: CAD 70 or INR 4,371.25

Postgraduate: CAD 115 or INR 7,141.92

Acceptance Rate

Around 60-70% (As per unofficial sources)

English Language Tests Accepted

IELTS / PTE / TOEFL / Duolingo

International Application Deadline 


  • January: Aug 31
  • May: Dec 31

Dalhousie University Courses & Fees 2024 

Dalhousie University courses for international students comprise  4000+ courses through more than 200 degree programs for undergraduates and over 90 graduate programs along with around 45 doctoral programs. Computer ScienceCommerce, Engineering, and Chemistry are some of the most popular courses offered at Dalhousie University. The student-to-faculty ratio at Dalhousie University is 18:1, which helps students interact closely with their experienced faculties. Check the table given below to know about the courses, the duration of the courses, and the course-wise tuition fee. 



1st Year Tuition Fees

MS (31 Courses)

1 year-3 years

INR 9.03 L - 25.73 L

BE / BTech (12 Courses)

4-5 years

INR 12.96 L - 22.83 L

BBA (10 Courses)

2-4 years

INR 11.03 L - 21.24 L

Others UG (10 Courses)

2-4 years

INR 12.75 L - 16.75 L

Others PG (12 Courses)

12 months-3 years

INR 9.92 L - 19.23 L

MEng (9 Courses)

12 months-24 years

INR 9.7 L - 16.37 L

BSc (20 Courses)

4 years

INR 11.03 L - 19.2 L

BA (25 Courses)

4 years

INR 12.75 L - 13.23 L

MA (11 Courses)

12 months-3 years

INR 9.36 L

MASc (9 Courses)

18-27 months

INR 10.07 L - 11.83 L

Dalhousie University Admission Dates 2024

 Dalhousie University also accepts country-specific admission requirements from Indian students, which is inclusive of academic high school transcripts from the CBSE/ICSE board. International applicants willing to take admission into the undergraduate courses of Dalhousie University can apply for the September 2024 admission intake. On the other hand, for admission to graduate courses, there are three admission intakes namely September, January, and May. 

General Application Deadlines 


Application Deadlines

Fall Jan 31 - Apr 1, 2024

Dalhousie University Application Deadlines for International Students

Undergraduate Courses

Intake Season

Application Deadline

September Intake

April 1, 2024

(Note: The dates given above are subject to change. Also, there are some program-specific deadlines too, check those as well, as applicable)

Graduate Courses

Intake Season

Application Deadline

January Intake

August 31, 2024

Dalhousie University Application Fee


Application Fee

Undergraduate Courses

CAD 70 or INR 4,371.25

Graduate Courses

CAD 115 or INR 7,141.92
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Students Ratings & Reviews

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Vibe of Campus
  • Academically oriented
  • Friendly
  • Easy going
  • Fun loving
Student Views
  • 67% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work4
Post study jobs4.3
Quality of faculty4
Student Life4
Value for money4
Public transportation4.7
Indian Food3.3
Permanent Immigration4
Pavan Abburi Verified Icon
Master of Applied Computer Science - Batch of 2022
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Awesome Dalhousie Journey
Tips: There are no cultural shifts after coming here. Also, it depends on your academics to avail scholarships as you should be attaining top grades in all courses to avail them. And I am greatly satisfied with the university and country except for the harsh winter climates from December to March-April.
Likes (Public transportation): Transportation is awesome as public transportation is free when you are a student and we can have great accessibility around downtown. All parts of the city are well connected with metro buses including the airport. Also, the university has great accessibility to the downtown and there will be frequent buses and a number of stops to avail public transportation.
Dislikes (Part time work): On campus Part time jobs are usually hard to get. Off campus part time jobs are relatively easy to find. MACS course is a bit exhaustive course, so you have to get your basics ready before you join the course as you have to find the right balance between part time and course exams and assignments. The average pay at the moment would be 14-15 CAD.
Reviewed on 13 Jul 2023Read more
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Ankush Kalsi Verified Icon
MEng Industrial Engineering - Batch of 2019
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
University is one of the best in Canada
Tips: The education is world class and cutting edge. Very different from India and required a lot of self-studying and hard work. Be ready to put in a lot of hours and also discipline will go a long way. Make sure to learn skills rather than getting grades, it will help you a lot in the long run.
Likes (Public transportation): Cheap and safe, there is no metro or trains only transportation available are buses but it’s extensive. The buses run till late and cover most of the city. The service is really good and the buses are free for students as you pay for them in your fees.
Dislikes (Value for money): The course provides a lot of opportunities and demand is high for IT professionals in Halifax. Most of students get a job within 6 months depending on the intensity of the job search, skills and passion for the industry but the starting pay is good as compared to money spent on education.
Reviewed on 10 Apr 2023Read more
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Sumith Sai Rachakonda Verified Icon
Master of Applied Computer Science - Batch of 2021
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Tough academics, average lifestyle and very expensive tuition fee
Tips: Make sure what is the tuition fees and what you require to complete the program. No scholarships for international students are given. The college has good campus area, its within city and accessible. Not a lot of on campus jobs. Some courses have 5 days classes so it can be difficult for part time work.
Likes (Quality of faculty): Not all professors are that great. Some have extensive knowledge and some do not. Subjects are not regularly taught by the same professors. Professors try different teaching approaches which sometimes create confusion.
Dislikes (Indian Food): Groceries are not available everywhere and even if they are, its very costly. Restaurants are costly for students and food is not authentic. Tiffin services are available now but still costly for students. There are some local grocery stores which imports some food from country of origin but they are costly too when compared with the minimum wage given here.
Reviewed on 31 Dec 2022Read more
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Dalhousie University Admission 2024 FAQs

Q:   How can I get admission to Dalhousie University?


The application process for admission into the undergraduate and graduate courses of Dalhousie University is given below:
The application process for Undergraduate programs of Dalhousie University

  • Choose the programme as per your interest
  • Next, review the admission requirements such as general or program-specific requirements (if any). Also, know the English language proficiency score details
  • Then, complete the online application on Dal Online
  • Next, pay the application fee
  • After paying the application fee, submit the documents as required by Dalhousie University

The application process for Graduate programs of Dalhousie University

  • First of all, before starting the application, review all the admission requirements
  • Next, check the application deadline
  • Then, complete the online application form of Dalhousie University and pay the application fee
  • Also, submit the required documents and the application form

Q:   What GPA do you need to get into Dalhousie?


 International applicants who want to take admission into the graduate courses of Dalhousie University are required to meet the minimum admission requirements, program-specific requirements (as applicable), and fulfill English language proficiency scores. Applicants who want to take admission into the master’s degree must have a four-year bachelor’s degree. Whereas, applicants willing to take admission to PhD must have a thesis-based master’s degree or its equivalent. The minimum grade point average that is required is 3.0 (B average) in the last 60 credit hours of study.


Q:   Is Dalhousie University expensive for international students?


 International students who want to take admission to Dalhousie University are required to pay the tuition fee. On the other hand, the cost of living varies from person to person. The first-year tuition fee for popular courses at Dalhousie University is given below:

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
MS  (31 Courses) (1 year-3 years)INR 9.03 L - 25.73 L
BE / BTech  (12 Courses) (4-5 years)INR 12.96 L - 22.83 L
BBA  (10 Courses) (2-4 years)INR 11.03 L - 21.24 L
Others UG  (10 Courses) (2-4 years)INR 12.75 L - 16.75 L
Others PG  (12 Courses) (12 months-3 years)INR 9.92 L - 19.23 L
MEng  (9 Courses) (12 months-24 years)INR 9.7 L - 16.37 L
BSc  (20 Courses) (4 years)INR 11.03 L - 19.2 L
BA  (25 Courses) (4 years)INR 12.75 L - 13.23 L
MA  (11 Courses) (12 months-3 years)INR 9.36 L
MASc  (9 Courses) (18-27 months)INR 10.07 L - 11.83 L

Traditional Residences Rates & Fees for Undergraduate students at Dalhousie University for 2022-23

Traditional ResidencesTotal rates as per room type
Howe HallSingle: $8,925
Double: $7,883
Bunk Double: $5,590
Howe Hall, Fountain HouseSingle: $9,322
Double: $8,305
Mini ResSingle: $8,787
Shirreff HallSingle: $8,915
Double: $7,873
Risley HallSingle: $9,322
LeMarchant PlaceSingle room or room in any suite: $10,169

Q:   Does Dalhousie University require GRE for MS in CS?


 As such, for admission into the MS in Computer Science course at Dalhousie University, GRE is not required. But, note that this rule may be different for other graduate programs. In order to be considered for MS in CS at Dalhousie University, applicants must have the equivalent of a four-year undergraduate university degree, a minimum GPA of 3.0 and English language proficiency score. In addition, applicants are required to have a strong GPA in their technical courses.


Q:   How much is the Dalhousie University MS application fee?


In order to apply for graduate programs at Dalhousie University, students are required to pay CAD 115 as an application fee. Make sure to submit the application fee as without it the university will not consider your application. The university mentions that the payment of the application fee must be received before your application is processed. The payment methods are included in the online application.


Q:   How long is Masters in Dalhousie University?


 At Dalhousie University, there are two main types of master’s programs – course based and thesis-based. The thesis-based master’s programs takes more than one year to complete, whereas, the course-based master’s programs generally take between one and two years.


Q:   How long is a Bachelor of Science at Dalhousie?


BSc degree at Dalhousie University generally takes 3-5 years to complete with most students declaring a major at the end of their first year. To take admission into the BSc course at Dalhousie University, students must have completed class 12th and have a minimum overall average as per their preferred program, and must show their English language proficiency scores.


Q:   How do I get into the Bachelor of Science course at Dalhousie University?


For admission into the Bachelor of Science course at Dalhousie University,  you must have completed class 12th, have the minimum overall average in the subjects as mentioned, and a qualifying final grade in 12th class Academic English, with Pre-Calculus Math 12, and three additional academic subjects. For admission into BSc courses at Dalhousie University, it is advised to maintain the English language proficiency scores as given below:

  • IELTS: 6.5 & above
  • TOEFL: 90 & above
  • PTE: 61 & above

Q:   Is Dalhousie University good for Bachelor of Science course?


Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Science comprises award-winning Science professors who are committed to providing such education to students where the focus is put on experiential and hands-on learning experiences. The Faculty of Science at Dalhousie University is the largest faculty on campus with 4,000 undergraduate students. Some of the BSc courses offered at Dalhousie University are BSc in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Psychology, Earth Sciences, etc.


Q:   Is Dalhousie a good business school?


BBA course at Dalhousie University is known by the name of Bachelor of Management course. This programme is designed to be flexible and open for your creative and varied interests, but built on key management concepts like marketing, leadership, innovation, and organizational behavior. Recent Dalhousie graduates have chosen careers like educators, managers, and coordinators in fields like sports, entertainment, automotive, and consumer health.


Q:   How do I get into the BBA course of Dalhousie University?


To get admission into BBA course at Dalhousie University, the applicants must meet the below-given entry requirements:

  • Class 12th with 70%
  • Academic English 12
  • Academic Math 12
  • Three additional academic subjects
  • English language proficiency score

Q:   How much is the application fee for Dalhousie University BBA course?


In order to complete the undergraduate application at Dalhousie University, students are required to pay the application fee.

  • The application fee for undergraduate studies is CAD 70
  • The applicants can submit the application fee online

Before submitting the application fee, make sure to meet all the eligibility requirements and check the application deadline. Post submitting the application fees, submit the required documents (as applicable). 


Q:   How do I get into Dalhousie University PG Diploma course?


The application process for PG Diploma at Dalhousie University is given below:

  • Firstly, check the entry requirements
  • Then, check the application deadline and collect all the required documents that are required
  • Next, complete the online application form
  • Then, submit the supporting documents

Q:   What are the admission requirements for PG Diploma at Dalhousie University?


For admission into the PG Diploma of Dalhousie University, applicants must have a four-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 credit hours of study. Applicants are also required to fulfill English language proficiency requirement. Apart from this, applicants must submit the following with the application form:


Q:   What is University of Dalhousie acceptance rate?


According to unofficial sources,  Dalhousie University’s acceptance rate is around 60% - 70%. This means that the university is somewhat selective when it comes to admission. Dalhousie University itself specifies that admission to many undergraduate programs is competitive and meeting the minimum average does not guarantee admission. So, in order to take admission to Dalhousie University, make sure to meet all the general and program-specific requirements along with English language proficiency.


Q:   How long does the Dalhousie University admission process take?


After applying for admission to undergraduate courses, admissions teams at Dalhousie University usually take 4-6 weeks to review the applications. Note that admission decisions are sent to the email address that was provided by the applicants. Applicants can check their application status on Dal Online.


Q:   How do I get to know if I got accepted to Dalhousie?


 If applicants have applied to undergraduate courses at Dalhousie University, the university will keep them updated about their application status through Dal Online, which will specify any missing documents (if any) or outstanding fees. After checking the status, the applicants can plan their finances, book a campus tour, attend an online information session, and be in touch with the university to know about the updates.


Q:   What is the language of instruction at Dalhousie University?


At Dalhousie University, English is the language of study. Therefore, all applicants whose first language is not English must show their capacity to pursue an undergraduate or graduate programme in English before admission. For this, Dalhousie University accepts several English language proficiency test scores and the details for the same are given below: Minimum English Language Proficiency Scores for admission to Undergraduate Courses

TestsMinimum Scores
IELTSOverall 6.5 with 6.0 in bands
TOEFL90 overall
Duolingo115 overall, 95 subscores
Michigan English Test55
PTE61 overall; Communicative skills scores: 50
C1 Advanced / C2 Proficiency180 overall

Minimum English Language Proficiency Scores for admission to Graduate Courses

TestsMinimum Scores
METC1 level and 4-skills test needed 64 (with no skills area below 53)
CAEL70 with no band score below 60
PTE Academic65 with nothing below 54

Q:   Does Dalhousie University provide scholarships?


 More than 2,000 entrance awards are available through the General Entrance Award application of Dalhousie University. The Entrance Awards are offered to undergraduate students who are entering the Fall term. These scholarships are awarded according to leadership, academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service, financial need and cultural identity of students. Check more details about Dalhousie University scholarships here


Q:   How to improve English speaking for IELTS?


While speaking, try using a variety of grammatical structures in complex and simple sentences and also understand your own errors. To learn more tips visit IELTS Speaking


Q:   How can I strengthen my IELTS writing skills?


Use more synonyms, words, and phrases that are not repetitive and have the same meaning as the words in the question to get a higher score.To learn more, go to IELTS Writing.


Q:   How can I prepare for IELTS while applying to Dalhousie University?


IELTS preparation can be done either through self-study or by attending professional classes. Here are some IELTS preparation tips that will help you high individual band scores as well as overall score.

How can I prepare for IELTS for free?

For free preparation, join our free Shiksha online classes with our IELTS preparation expert Disha Wahi (TESOL Certified Trainer). Don’t forget to check out the Calendar for Free IELTS Live Practice Tests & Solutions.

How to prepare for the IELTS Reading section?

It takes a lot of preparation and concentration to tackle the IELTS Reading section as it can be the trickiest of all. Go through our IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks and prepare for this section comprehensively.

How can I prepare for the IELTS Listening section?

The IELTS Listening section is a high scoring section but requires concentration. Scoring high in this section will elevate your total IELTS score so it must not be taken lightly. Check out our IELTS Listening tips for boosting your chances of achieving high band scores.

How can I practice IELTS Speaking section at home?

The IELTS Speaking section is divided into three parts and chances of scoring well in this section are quite high as it is one of the highest scoring parts of the exam. Go through our IELTS6 Speaking Tips in order to achieve high band scores and enhance your overall score.

Is the IELTS Writing section very tough?

The IELTS Writing section can be the toughest section of the exam but with the correct preparation and strategy, high band scores can be obtained. Go through our specially curated IELTS Writing tips and prepare well to achieve your desired results.


Q:   Is it hard to get into Dalhousie University?


Yes, it may be challenging for international students to gain admission to Dalhousie University because the acceptance rate is roughly 60- 70%, with tiny variances each year. A student must also meet the basic admission standards as well as the program-specific requirements. It should be noted that achieving the eligibility conditions does not guarantee admission. According to Dalhousie University, entrance to many undergraduate programmes is competitive. So, before applying, carefully review the course requirements.


Q:   Is MS in CS good at Dalhousie University?


As a Master of Computer Science student at Dalhousie, students will have numerous possibilities to participate in research and the discovery of new knowledge.
Dalhousie University's Faculty of Computer Science is Atlantic Canada's foremost academic research university in information technology. Dalhousie's Faculty of Computer Science has developed research capabilities in four primary areas since its inception in 1997: Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Al; Human-Computer Interaction, Visualisation & Graphics; Systems, Networks & Security; and Algorithms & Bioinformatics. The Faculty of Computer Science also has prestigious research institutes and centres, such as the Institute for Big Data Analytics and Deep Sense. Dalhousie University's Master of Computer Science degree opens the door to a wide range of employment and opportunities, including pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Dalhousie


Q:   What are the admission requirements for MS in CS at Dalhousie University?


The admission requirements are as folloewd:

Graduation - CGPA - 3.4/4

  • Students who have an undergraduate degree in computer Science and a GPA of A- or better, may be accepted into the MCS program
  • Applicants must have a strong Grade Point Average (GPA) among their technical courses and a four-year undergraduate degree in computer Science or a related technical discipline. Applicants with a GPA at or below 3.4 generally need a connection with a faculty member or need relevant industry experience for their application to succeed
  • Applicants are expected to have a knowledge base equivalent to our third-year core computer science undergraduate curriculum
    • Social, Ethical and Professional issues in Computer Science
    • Software Engineering
    • Designing User Interfaces
    • Network Computing
    • Web-Centric Computing




Q:   How is Dalhousie University for a master's in Industrial Engineering?


Dalhousie University in Halifax offers an excellent Master's programme in Industrial Engineering. Dalhousie's Faculty of Engineering is well-known for its strong dedication to academic quality. It offers a comprehensive and creative Industrial Engineering programme. The excellent faculty members bring various knowledge to the table, contributing to a vibrant academic environment. With a focus on research and practical applications, students have access to cutting-edge equipment and laboratories that provide hands-on experiences critical to their professional development. Furthermore, the university's commitment to building industry linkages guarantees that students have numerous chances for internships, partnerships, and networking with experts in the subject. Prospective students selecting Dalhousie University for a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering should expect a lively and stimulating academic path that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical uses.





Q:   How good is Dalhousie university for computer science?


Dalhousie University's computer science department enjoys high acclaim. It provides a variety of courses and chances for students to obtain real-world experience. The institution offers students access to state-of-the-art tools and technology and has a significant emphasis on computer Science research. A large number of Dalhousie University's computer Science alumni have achieved professional success in their chosen fields. To make sure they complement your academic and professional objectives, it's a good idea to investigate the program's specific features, such as faculty expertise, research opportunities, and industry contacts.


Q:   Is the commerce programme at Dalhousie University good?


The commerce programme at Dalhousie University is highly renowned for its extensive curriculum and emphasis on hands-on learning. In addition to giving students opportunities for internships and cooperative experiences, the programme gives them a strong foundation in business fundamentals. Dalhousie University is renowned for its committed teachers and encouraging learning atmosphere as well. To be sure the programme will support your academic and professional objectives, it is wise to investigate certain features, such as industry partnerships, faculty knowledge, and alumni achievement.


Q:   What GPA do you need for Masters at Dalhousie University?


A student may not be admitted to all graduate programs at Dalhousie University if they do not meet the minimum requirements set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Some need a minimum GPA of 3.0 or above, the results of the GMAT or GRE, or a portfolio of applied work. Other then this there are various other requiremnets that needs to be fulfill by the applicants such as English Language requirements, GMAT, GRE, and SAT etc. 



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