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HEC Montreal records a placement rate of 90% for its MBA graduates of class of 2019-20. The average salary for HEC Montreal MBA graduates was recorded at USD 90,754 while the median salary was recorded at USD 83,750. An average salary increase after MBA from HEC Montreal for 2019-20 graduates was recorded at 14%. Consulting was the highest recruiting sector salary wise in terms of industry and job roles at HEC Montreal for MBA’ 19-20 graduates.  

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HEC Montreal MBA Placement Highlights 

Overall Placement Rate 


Average Annual Salary 

USD 90,754 

Median Annual Salary 

USD 83,750 

Global Compensation 

USD 101,490 

Response Rate 


Total Employers 


Total interviews conducted 


Internship Rate 


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HEC Montreal MBA Graduate Outcomes 2019-20 

As per the 68 responses from 107 students who graduated from HEC Montreal with an MBA degree in 2019-20 the following was recorded for graduate outcomes survey: 

  • Employment rate: 90% 
  • Higher education: 3% 
  • Volunteering or involved in non-profit activities: 3% 
  • Self employed or joined family business: 2% 
  • Not seeking employment: 2% 

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HEC Montreal MBA Class Profile 

In 2019-20, HEC Montreal admitted 107 students for its prestigious MBA program. Out of the total number of admitted students, 50% were females and 50% were male students. The following details were also noted for class profile data for MBA students of 2019-20: 

Academic Background 

  • Average age was 31 years  
  • Average work experience level was 7 years  
  • Average GMAT was 625  
  • Average TAGE/MAGE was 345  
  • Countries of origin were 26, from where the students came from 

Undergraduate Degree Background  

  • Engineering: 39%  
  • Business: 36%  
  • Social sciences: 13%  
  • Health sciences and pure and applied sciences: 12% 

Students Country of Origin: 

  • Europe: 38% 
  • Africa: 37% 
  • Asia: 13% 
  • Central & South America: 9% 
  • United States & Mexico: 2% 
  • Oceania: 1% 

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HEC Montreal MBA Top Employers 

There are usually 100+ employers that hire MBA graduates of HEC Montreal, in the year 2019-20, the MBA graduates were interviewed by over 150+ employers. The employers which hired maximum number of MBA graduates in 2019-20 were as follows: 

HEC Montreal MBA Employers 2019-20 


Chappuis Halder 







Morgan Stanley 

National Bank 


Rio Tinto 

Rogers Communications 


Air Canada 

Bank of Canada  

Bell Canada  

BMO Bank of Montreal 

Bombardier Aerospace  




CGI Group  

CIBC World Markets  

Cirque du Soleil 

Crédit Suisse  

Deutsche Bank 


Google Inc. 

IBM Canada 

Johnson & Johnson 


Pratt & Whitney  


Procter & Gamble 

Scotiabank/Scotia Capital  


SNC-Lavalin Investment  

Société Générale  

TD Canada Trust 


Toyota Canada  


World Bank 


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HEC Montreal MBA Top Job Roles 

After graduating from HEC Montreal with an MBA degree, the students were offered around 15 different types of job roles, some of the top job roles for MBA graduates of class of 2019-20 of HEC Montreal are as follows: 

  • Account and Program Manager  
  • Agile Scrum Master  
  • Business Development Manager  
  • Consultant  
  • Consultant senior  
  • Esports Manager  
  • Financial account  
  • Head of business development  
  • Head of finance  
  • International business analyst  
  • IT consultant  
  • Manager of surgical services  
  • Marketing associate  
  • President and Chief executive officer  
  • Product owner  
  • Project manager  
  • Venture manager 

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HEC Montreal MBA Salary Stats 

As per records, USD 90,754 was recorded to be the average annual base salary based on the responses from MBA graduates of class of 2019-20 of HEC Montreal. The salary data is divided for MBA graduates based on their job roles and industry wise hires, both sections are elaborated below: 

Professional Function wise Salary: 

Function wise job roles of Consulting sector bagged by MBA 2019-20 graduates of HEC Montreal recorded the maximum average annual salaries, the salary data for other job functions are summarised in the following table: 

Professional Function 

Average Annual Salary 

Median Annual Salary 


USD 106,125 

USD 95,000 

Project Management 

USD 94,938 

USD 87,000 

Marketing and Business Development 

USD 77,187 

USD 82,500 

Business Strategy 

USD 85,250 

USD 80,500 


USD 81,208 

USD 73,750 

Industry Wise Salary: 

Industry wise salaries also indicate that the Consulting sector records the highest salary range for MBA 2019-20. While for other industries, the following salaries were reported:  


Average Annual Salary 

Median Annual Salary 

Science and Technology 

USD 75,642 

USD 75,000 


USD 108,143 

USD 100,000 

Financial Services 

USD 88,000 

USD 88,000 


USD 88,569 

USD 90,000 

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HEC Montreal MBA Graduates’ New Job Positions 

The following positions were offered to MBA graduates of HEC Montreal, from their existing ones after they completed their MBA in 2019-20, the following is a list of these positions: 

  • From Product Manager to Digital Marketing Manager 
  • From HR Coach to HR Director 
  • From Trading Operator, Analyst to Finance Advisor 
  • From Director, Major Accounts to Head, Strategic Analysis and Consulting 
  • From IT Manager to Affiliated Consultant 
  • Finally, from Head Legal Officer to Director of Legal Affairs 

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HEC Montreal MBA Specific Career Services 

The following career services are offered specifically for MBA students studying at HEC Montreal so that they are able to land up in the right jobs through the correct medium: 

  • Designated person allocated to a student or a group of students, offering tailored advice and support related to career advising. 
  • Career management consulting on-campus through career services or through notable alumni. 
  • Preparing a job-search strategy before graduating and looking out for jobs. 
  • Workshops are conducted for designing a professional CV, learning to network, preparing for job interviews and understanding the preparation needed for recruitment. 
  • On-campus and off-campus recruitment events (in Montreal and Toronto) or career fairs. 

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HEC Montreal MBA Placement FAQs 

Q. Are MBA students offered on-campus internships while pursuing MBA at HEC Montreal?

A. MBA students at HEC Montreal are offered two options to either pursue an internship or pursue a project which requires the student’s expertise in his/her field of specialisation.  

Q. What kind of companies recruit MBA graduates from HEC Montreal?

A. There are both local and global companies in tie ups with HEC Montreal which hire MBA graduates each year.  

Q. Which types of MBA are offered at HEC Montreal?

A. There are three types of MBA offered at HEC Montreal - one is full time in French, second part time in French and the third one is full time in English.

Q. What is the highest salary increase recorded for MBA graduates after graduating from HEC Montreal?

A. Till date the highest salary increase has been recorded at almost 37% for MBA graduates after graduating from HEC Montreal with an MBA degree.  

Q. How many students can be enrolled at once for MBA programs at HEC Montreal?

A. There is scope for enrolling around 300 MBA students at once for one academic year for an MBA course at HEC Montreal.  

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