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UCalgary Acceptance Rate 2024

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UCalgary Admissions
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One of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities, the University of Calgary is a public research university located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is one of the best study abroad universities for international students as the University of Calgary ranking has been consistent among the top 200 global universities for more than a decade now.

Students across the globe apply for University of Calgary admissions. However, only a fraction of candidates secure an enrolment due to the competitive nature of the university.

University of Calgary Acceptance Rate 2024

Every year, University of Calgary receives a vast number of applications from potential undergraduate and graduate students. Out of every 100 applicants, the university accepts only about 10-20 of them. Thus, it can be concluded that with the University of Calgary acceptance rate of 10-20%, the university is extremely competitive to get into.

University of Calgary Acceptance Rate for International Students

The total student enrollment of the University of Calgary is recorded to be more than 37,000. Out of these, the undergraduate student count is more than 29,000 and the graduate student count is over 7,900. When it comes to the University of Calgary international students, the university has 12.9% undergraduates and 39% graduates hailing from 140 countries.

Particulars Headcount/Percentage
Total Enrollment 37,000+
Undergraduate Students 29,000+
International Undergraduate Students 12.9%
Graduate Students 7,900+
International Graduate Students 39%
Nationalities Represented 140

In terms of nationalities, most of the Calgary University international students are from India, China, Iran, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and more. It is interesting to note that India is the top-most international contributor of the Calgary University student body.

Country/Nation Percentage of International Students
India 22.3%
China 12%
Iran 9.3%
Bangladesh 6.7%
Nigeria 5.4%
Pakistan 5.3%
Egypt 2.6%
USA 2.4%
Vietnam 2.4%
Mexico 1.7%

University of Calgary Acceptance Rate Trends

Over the last few years, the University of Calgary international student count has observed a rise when it comes to enrollments of students. In the academic year 2020, the percentage of overseas candidates studying in the university stood at 10.9% for undergraduates and 28% for graduates. Whereas, in the latest academic year 2022, the percentage rose to 12.9% for undergraduates and 39% for graduates.

Given below is a comprehensive trend of the University of Calgary international student enrollment:

Academic Year

International Undergraduate Students

International Graduate Students










University of Calgary Admission Requirements for International Students

Calgary University accepts country-specific qualifications from their international students. Hence, in order to secure an admission, all the Indian applicants must fulfill certain University of Calgary admission requirements listed below:

  • Undergraduate Programs: All India Senior School Certificate OR Higher Secondary School Certificate OR Intermediate Certificate OR Indian School Certificate (12 year)
  • Graduate Programs: Four-year bachelor’s degree, with a first-class division OR 3-year bachelor’s degree + Master’s degree
  • Doctoral Programs: Master's degree, with a first-class division

University of Calgary accepts major English exam scores as a proof of proficiency in the language. Students can refer to the table below for minimum score requirements, as per the course level:


Minimum Score Requirements


6.5 or higher


86 or higher


UG: 115 or higher

PG: 125 or higher

University Average GPA & GMAT Scores

GPA is one of the major admission criterion for international students and it also helps them avail some University of Calgary scholarships. Also, in order to secure an enrollment in the university, students must appear for entrance exams like GMAT/GRE for postgraduate courses and secure the minimum scores as listed below:

Entrance Exams

Minimum Score Requirements


550 or higher in the GMAT exam; OR

515 or higher on the GMAT Focus Edition

(or an acceptable equivalent score on the GRE exam)


3.0 on a 4.0 scale

Tips to Get Selected in the University of Calgary

University of Calgary is one of the most competitive universities to get into and thus, students must submit exceptional academic grades as well as excel in co-curricular activities.

Fulfilling the required Grade Point Average is one of the major entry requirement at the university and international students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, in order to boost their chances of getting admitted in the university. Apart from fulfilling the academic qualifications, some of the best practices that students can follow include:

  • Apply early, as it increases the chances of getting admitted as well as obtaining a scholarship;
  • Apply for two course options;
  • Submit all the required documents within the deadline;
  • Meet/exceed the English language requirements, test scores, and more.

University of Calgary Acceptance Rate Vs York University Acceptance Rate

York University acceptance rate is around 59%, which makes it a moderately competitive university to get into. In comparison with the University of Calgary acceptance rate of merely 10-20%York University is considered to be lesser selective in their admission criteria.

Nonetheless, getting into York University is competitive. Hence, students must excel in academics in order to boost their chances. Apart from this, students who are outstanding in activities outside class also stand a good chance to secure an admission.

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Q:   Is University of Calgary hard to get into?


The University of Calgary for its rigorous academic standards. The University of Calgary acceptance rate is around 20% making it difficult to get into. The university is home to more than 1,000 Indian students. The University of Calgary is known for engaging students in leadership development in different areas from science, medicine, arts, business, engineering to volunteer work.


Q:   Is University of Calgary reputed?


The University of Calgary is one of the top public universities based in Calgary, Canada. UCalgary is also ranked fifth among Canada's top research universities in Research Infosource Inc's the latest top 50 research universities list released in 2022. It is basically the youngest research university to have reached the top 5 position.

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Q:   What are some useful tips for students starting their first semester in the University of Calgary?


University of Calgary is one of the best universities in Canada and students across the world desire to study here. Listed below are some helpful tips for students starting their first semester in Calgary University:

  • Join clubs and participate actively in co-curricular activities;
  • Build a schedule and stay organized;
  • Engage in part-time jobs on and off campus;
  • Enjoy the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta;
  • Do not procastinate studying; and
  • Find out a way to de-stress and engage in fun activities/events.

Q:   What is the eligibility criteria for University of Calgary?


Admission to the International Professional Programs at UCalgary requires the following:

  • A candidate must be 18 years or older
  • Candidate must meet the English language proficiency requirements asked by UCalgary
  • Candidate must have completed a post-secondary degree or Diploma (minimum 2 years in length) from a college or university

Q:   What is the GPA required by the University of Calgary?


When we look at the University of Calgary Admission - Selection Criteria then most of the honours programs have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.30 calculated over the most recent course work to a maximum of 60 units. Also, a GPA of at least 3.30 calculated for all Science courses. Students need to have a GPA of at least 3.30 which makes it one of the most selective higher education institutions in Canada. Students can check the complete admission related requirements and apply for admission here.


Q:   Is it difficult to get into the University of Calgary?


The university requires a minimum GPA of around 80-90%. Also, it depends on the programme where you are seeking admission as requirements for some programs are higher in comparison to others. With an acceptance rate of 10-20%, it is difficult to get into UCalgary.

Master's Minimum Admission Requirements

4-year Bachelor's Degree - First Class Division, or 8/10 (or 7.5/10 for IIT's only). Students with 3 year Bachelor's Degree must also hold a Master's Degree.

Doctoral Minimum Admission Requirements

Master's Degree - First Class Division, or 8/10 (or 7.5/10 for IIT's only)



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